modeoheim’s ‘Cloud’s Birthday Week 2k15′ Masterpost

Thank you, everyone, for all the support I got during this year’s challenge. Last year’s was a lot of fun too, but I met a lot of wonderful folks since then and made many friends on this site and others. It was so nice to have these fics reach some of you.  Lastly, a very very happy birthday to Cloud Strife.  :)

Day 1: Fax it Straight to His Heart -  Cloud Strife is a new intern at Shinra Electric and Power. It’s miserable. His duties include giving that one guy Heidegger from Marketing a back rub, running coffee, managing the company’s social media, and delivering sappy love letters between the heads of four of the main departments. Things get very bad, and then a whole lot better. ASGZC. [ffnet] / [AO3]

Day 2: Package Delivery Chapter 1 -  It starts when Angeal begins lusting over an underwear model in his boyfriend Genesis’ favorite fashion magazine. ASGZC. Twoshot. [ffnet] / [AO3]

Day 3: Elbow Grease and Enthusiasm Chapter 8 -  After the (sort of) tragic death of his motorcycle, Zack develops an interest in the slums mechanic he takes the bike to. Even though Cloud isn’t exactly the greatest fan of ShinRa, and older than Zack as well as his boyfriends, he isn’t deterred.  It’s the difficult stuff in life that’s worth all the effort anyways, if you asked him. [ffnet] / [AO3]

Day 4: Mix it UpThere are four Seventh Heaven regulars who may or may not be there all the time specifically to see bartender Cloud Strife. Cloud may or may not have developed some crushes in return. Tifa most certainly gets a kick out of all of it. [ffnet] / [AO3]

Day 5: Engine / Intravenous -  Engine: Cloud learns a bit about SOLDIER’s motorcycle program.  Intravenous: Angeal donates blood for the first time. His boyfriend Zack repeatedly assures him everything will be fine… but nobody can be unafraid of everything.  Think of the steak, Angeal. [link]

Day 6: Dear Red LeatherGenesis Rhapsodos is Red Leather, the writer behind ‘Gift of the Goddess,’ a popular advice column in Midgar University’s student paper The Megaphone. Red Leather effortlessly guides the student population through stressful midterms and relationships, but when things with his real-life friend group turn complicated, finding a solution is anything but easy. [ffnet] / [AO3]

Day 7: Water / Bruising -  Water: The fivesome spend some rare time together in one of the pools at a ShinRa base in Junon.  Bruising: Cloud spots bruising on one of his boyfriends. [link]

Day 8: Package Delivery Chapter 2 -  It starts when Angeal begins lusting over an underwear model in his boyfriend Genesis’ favorite fashion magazine. ASGZC. Twoshot. [ffnet] / [AO3]

Day 9: Front Page News (Bonus Chapter for It’s All Good News Now) -  Despite moving to Midgar Cloud still struggles reconciling traditional Nibelheim values with big-city urges. His virginity should be given to someone special, not a random hookup - but the only person who fits his criteria is his best friend, who is in a relationship of his own, no less. Friends with benefits turns out to be more complicated than anticipated. [ffnet] / [AO3]

AYYYYYYYYYY we got a new member of the community (if not already part of it!) Welcome @pixlpressplay , glad to see you here, best of luck to you in the future! I love your animations!! :D

IIIIii kinda have a message directed towards @therealjacksepticeye  because of the recent vlog, but it applies to Pixlpit/every youtuber as well!

So. I don’t know where to begin. Number one, thank you? Just? Thanks? For everything? I don’t know how to put it; thaaaaaaaaaank you for caring about your community and caring about the future and supporting others and being kind and keeping us updated and blajglkaobvkobp? I have never heard the words “Let me know in the comments!” from a youtuber. Ever. Thank you for caring so much about the community, and especially now that we have another talented youtuber by our side, the future seems great! None of us can thank you enough!

But on a more serious note, honestly, I teared up a bit when you mentioned yourself going on a run for the first time in a while. Youtube is weird, you can be so sucked into it you forget whats going on; we want you to be healthy and happy and enjoying what your doing! If you want to take a break, please do. If you’re having a rough day, relax!  Nothing would make us more happy is to see you comfortable and in an okay state, and not just to make more videos, but as you as a person! Same goes for Pixlpit; with your path in animation and editing videos, it can get stressful, make sure to stay happy and healthy!

That’s all I really have to say. I loved how I could type this out as if I was  talking to a friend or family member. Love y’all, have a nice day! ♥

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LAST — the most recently written two sentences of my current project

bless ♥

She sighed, surprising herself when it ended up more disappointed than relieved.

Most wars were not won in a day, she reminded her indecisive heart firmly, pushing herself up and over the back of the couch and approaching the pair.

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