bandsaretakingoverme asked:

why I follow you: I started following you because of Lawson and then you said you also like 5sos and I was like "woooah, that's cool because I like them too" and then you said you also like simple plan and then we became friends and now I follow you because you post a lot of great stuff and you are so lovely to your followers! :)

yeah i was actually just on tumblr bc of Lawson and I liked Simple Plan and 5sos but not thaaaaaaaaaaat much (like really a lot just not as much as Lawson) and then we started talking about them more so I started liking them even more bc of you :D I actually started following you bc of your url bc it’s lawson-related and also your blog title at that time was “music is the best therapy” or sth like this? and i could relate to your blog so much and like stalked it a lot before we even talked :D (uhm yeah now you know… i’m a creeeeeeeepyy stalker)