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as a younger fan at first i was put off by Trixie's joke bc i am gay and drag is so important to me ! but then i realized that 1. She's probably talking about cishet teens girls & 2. She's just speaking her truth! Y'all need to realize that drag is an art and everyone has a reason for doing it- and trixie doesn't do drag to hang out with you karen jfc

thaaaaaaaaaaaank u!! that’s what i’m trying to say! it’s always the cishet girls doing shit to make the queens uncomfortable like fucking reading fanfiction to them after they begged her not to. and most of them are only here because they 1. find the queens hot out of drag or 2. ship the queen with someone else. its gross and they need to leave.

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hi :) first i love your imagines decond can you make a smut one with harry including your daughter darcy? not that she is in the same room when you have sex. thanks xx

Hey there! Thanks so much, you’re a sweetie! I’m gonna combine this request with this one since they’re similar: 

Hiii! Could you write a blurb where Harry and the girl are parents of a 5-year-old little girl and a baby? The children are taking a nap and they have so time off for themsleves! He’s been extremely horny all day and when the children fall asleep he goes for it… and she gives in! Thaaaaaaaaaaaanks :)

Major domestic dad!Harry feels in this one, so be prepared! Hope you guys like it <3


“Darcy, shh! Your sister’s sleeping!” You try your best to quietly shush your daughter up, all the while helping her struggling limbs into a new shirt and leggings after having spilled juice all over her previous outfit. 

“But I don’t like this shirt, Mummy!” Your daughter’s voice gets high pitched and whiny, curly hair bouncing as she twists out of your grasp and tugs at her top. “It’s itchy!” Sighing, you gently tug her back into your lap.

“You used to love this shirt, honey, when did it start getting itchy?” Darcy gives you a fierce pout.

“Four minutes ago. Four.” She holds up four tiny little fingers in your face. You smile with exasperation as you stand, hoisting her up into your arms and carrying her eternally frustrated self to her bedroom.

“Four minutes ago, huh? Well, that’s a shame.” You pat her back as you deposit her onto her bed, helping her clamber under the covers. “Good thing it’s nap time then, you can sleep through all the itchies. And besides, Mr. Muffins will make sure you’re okay, won’t he?” You hold out Darcy’s most beloved toy, an adorable stuffed dog that Harry had bought for her a couple of years ago, and she immediately snatches the thing up against her chest.

“Mr. Muffins always keeps me safe, Mummy. Jus’ like Daddy said.” Your daughter lies down against her pillows, watching you with big eyes so reminiscent of her father’s, before she lets out a big yawn. 

“That’s right. Get some sleep, baby.” You kiss her forehead and wait for her to turn onto her side, nestling comfortably under her blankets with her arms wrapped tight around her toy. As her breathing evens out, you kiss her head one last time before tiptoeing from the room. Right across the hall is the nursery, and you take a quick peek in at your six month old Madeline, the newest addition to your family, seeing her still sleeping peacefully (thank God), sprawled on her back in her crib.

As you quietly shut the door halfway behind you, you hear the sound of Harry’s keys at the door.

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Right - So I feel I’ve probably made a terrible mistake in coming here, considering I embarrass myself enough as it is without being recorded twenty four hours a day, but I suppose I’ll just cross that bridge when I get there - and I certainly will get there. …-Alright, moving on. I’m Dan. 

I swear that I had not realized this until now! . Wow, thank you very much. I’m not good to express my feelings in written words, so I want to thanks ALL that you have done for me. For those beautiful people I’ve met here. You are fucking amazing. Thanks to Enna, Paloma, Zussie, Elena … I Forgot some name? God! I cant thank all you have done. My followers are fucking awesome . I love you! <3

Thanks again for everything.


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hi hi i just wanted to say that i found and followed your blog recently and that i really really really love your art a lot! it's so cute and really good and just adorable and ahhvjkfdsv and i think you're super adorable too and your personality is really cute.c: and also the drawing or derek, stiles, and scott, and the one with scott and stiles looking at the moon are so cute and gave me feels and they're just so cute and i'm sorry if this was weird!o: but i hope you have a lovely day/night!<3

Here is more of them :D

Thaaaaaaaaaaaank you for your kind words! And its not weird at all! I like reading that my art is liked (that’s why i read the tags lol) :D

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