elicchickenugget  asked:

Hello! I'm sorry for being this incovenient but, 20th december is my birthday and probably I won't be using internet starting from 14th until 24th december, so I wanted to ask you earlier, i love your fnaf:sl as kids design so... could you please draw everybody, as kids, watching Baby giving exotic butters to Ballora? (it's my otp i'm sorry askdjqoisa) also I love your cute artstyle. Thanks!

Awww happy Birthday in advance sweetie! And thank you very much~ :o:


everyone’s like: KYAHHH THEY’RE ALL SO HOT while meanwhile i just got the game because i was pretty curious about it since it showed up a lot on my dash. needless to say, i’d probably get a bad end for all of them.

  • Sirius: Sirius Lupin. Remus Black. They both sound so good.
  • Remus: Yeah, but I'm sure you'd be happier if I took-
  • Sirius: Why would I be-
  • Remus: It's fine, I'll be Remus Black. I love it.
  • Sirius: Remus-
  • Remus: We could even do Lupin-Black.
  • Sirius: Remus-
  • Remus: I don't care all tha-
  • Sirius: Remus. I want to take Lupin.
  • Remus: What
  • Sirius: I want to be Mr Remus Lupin
  • Remus: That's not really how that-
  • Sirius: I want on paper, Sirius Lupin, husband of Remus Lupin, Starwolf.
  • Remus: Starwolf?
  • Sirius: I have always been Star Black. Wolf Black. Whatever Black. But that's going end. Like all Blacks. We just weren't meant to last. So I won't die a Black and you sure as bloody hell won't either. I wanna die Lupin.