euphrasiefauchelevent asked:

15, 29, 30!!

15. five most influential books over your lifetime.

omg ok

  • les miserables, i would be nowhere without it
  • richard siken’s crush, i wouldn’t be Gay without it
  • the picture of dorian gray, i am basil hallward
  • bright lights, big city, i’m literally the unnamed protagonist
  • the glass menagerie, i want to be tom

29. three songs that you connect with right now.

  • telephone wire - fun home
  • icarus - bastille
  • every lun tha song from king & i because conrad’s voice can Kick My Ass

30. pick one of your favorite quotes.

  • “an affection is a conviction” i h8 grantaire and i h8 les mis, that’s me

“If I could recelect before my hood dayz 
I’d sit and reminisce, nigga and bliss on the good dayz i stop and stare at the younger, my heart goes to'em. They tested, it was stressed that they under. In our days, things changed

 Everyone’s ashamed to the youth cuz the truth looks strange 

And for me it’s reversed, we left them a world that’s cursed, and it hurts 
cause any day they’ll push the button 
and yall condemned like Malcolm x and Bobby Hunton, died for nothing.”


Mary J Kills on Good Love

So give that, give me that, give me that good love.
Cause baby you’re what I’m looking for and every time you smile I want some more… (ohh)
So give that, give me that, give me that good love.
Now don’t you tell me no, just come here and give me that good love

Then Tha King come in

You see a sucka lookin’ at you tell him man up.
So he bought a drink, tell’em and what.
That don’t mean he got the right to keep you handcuffed

Whether you got your real hair or a weave on.
Whether you got some Frankie beads or some beads on.
From the a-cup to the d-cup.
To the Kiki’s, Nikki’s and Tameka’

Cliff of Death 2 - Deniro Ferrar (Prod. Young God of BSBD)

The tape that started it all has been rebirthed* for the disciples of the cult leader, Deniro Farrar. The tape largely encompasses the themes of the original: the struggle for success and the determination to get there, never backing down, putting on for your city and family. Farrar has a masterful way of telling his story of street life, of riding strapped, selling drugs, and parenthood. Same Ole Shit loops the struggle of all underrepresented people, “It’s a brand new day, same ole shit, just another hood ni**a trynna get rich. Everybody hurting…”. The tape communicates pain and struggle and evokes anger in the listener; complacency is non-existent. In a war, battles can last a day, but the war can last years and we must withstand the pain. The sound of heavy breathing on Farrar’s last track, So Long, acts as a reminder that the journey to the top is long but we must keep pushing, and Deniro Farrar is leading the charge. 

The 7 song tape features a friend of both Deniro Farrar and BSBD, Nacho Picasso, who always brings his own intensity. Mack Shine and Duruthaking are also featured on the tape. 

*The original tape and Farrar’s live performance with BSBD inspired this blog, and the new tape has brought me out of hibernation to make this post. So go show your support and pick up the tape! 


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