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white women rappers

i don’t know what it is man but white women over the course of the past few years have been coming out of the woodwork and stealing my heart with every bar. i’m not against women in rap, obviously, but it’s crazy how they all seem to want to get hype at one time. i’m talking about

  • kitty
  • kreayshawn
  • lil debbie
  • k. flay
  • brooke candy
  • iggy azalea

there may be more (i don’t rep v-nasty outside of her guest verses on kreay and debbie’s songs), but those 6 are my main squeezes in the white women rap takeover. hopefully lady sovereign jumps back in the game, she was the original white girl rapper i was down with.

shouts out to snow tha product and chippy nonstop for holding it down for the latinas and the middle east, respectively.

don’t sleep on these women because you can’t sleep with these women.


: A b-b-b-belated Happy Valentines Day to you, Mimi ~ (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

you all write sadreel as this fucking monster of a ship that have rough sex and 

i don’t see it that way.

i see it was soft, gentle sex that leaves you aching for more. soft kisses and lots of just forehead touching. lots of just touching and exploring each other bodies

it’s like

sam and gads are healing each other

slow burn

soft touches

consent k i n  k