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dustin the care you have for jaune is astounding. you've come up with very unique headcanons for him and honestly i love them, just as i love the verses that you've given him and the insight you've given us to his family and his inner feelings through your writing. he feels more real when read through your posts, and it's always wonderful to see what you've come up with in regards to his character. in all keep doing what you do, and do it wonderfully.

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Begins wheezing. Th is i S REALLY REALLY NICE?? I’m… a nk… y o u…..I have a no hug rule b UT I AM MAKING AN EXCEPTION AND YOU ARE GETTING MY VIRTUAL HUGGING LOVE.

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On top of that, all the strap-ons are vibrating one as well, and you have to deal with one pumping into you while the other make you eat them out, but, I feel like every single one of them is going to want to kiss and bite your neck, or one of them is gonna force you to be blindfolded during everything. Hell, chances are that they're gonna be satisfied with just one round each, and they'd probably switch up after each round~ could you handle that xlthy?~ being fucked by all of them?~



My friends made me watch Haruchika and I really really like it a lot! However, I don’t ship Haruta or Chika with their teacher bc that’s gross.

Tbh this is prob an unpopular opinion, but I like Haru and Chika together. I think the childhood friends thing, the fact that they both have a crush on their teacher, their friendly rivalry, all that mess makes me want them as the endgame since nEITHER OF THEM CAN DATE THEIR 26 YEAR OLD T E A C H E R. I hope it turns out that the teacher has a s/o or something in the end lmao. And then they’re both like “oh well we both lost so let’s just date each other since we both wanted him anyway tbh”

THIS is a hot tub that Pyrrha and Erza would both go down on you in. Just think all the ways they could go down on you~ strap-ons~, metal dildos~, or even just all fingers, making you cum countless times in this hot tub. Aww, the endless possibilities ~


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F U C K ING H   E   L L

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star star star star star i cant actually do the symbol on mobile

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★ Lao Eun Soo aka Lu’s Goddess (PIRATES): ok but Lao secretly might like sparring, and is thankful on Jun’s visits because that gives her a reason to do it. She won’t say it but she sure as hell loves it. I guess it’s in that warrior Soo blood. But other than that, no. Unless like… the crew(s) are in danger or somethn then she’ll probably do this when Jun’s around. 

★ Leona Kaiser (TF2/VP): Very few people know it, but Leona is actually half German! German from her fathers side, and French from her mothers. She can also speak a little French, but not much. 

★ Cosmos/Nobuo Amai (VP): Nobuo gets his alias mostly to do with his powers, but he thought the English term for “Cosmos” sounded cool, so another reason as to why he went with it. If not that it would have been Mr. Kabuki Mask or some Japanese name. 

★ Celine Otto (PIRATES): Otto was use to being pushed around growing up, and quite literally. He’s received black eyes far too many times, and this is what gets him into the habit of covering his eyes with those long bangs.

★ Umpkin (DBZ): Umpkin was blessed with very short height, and it does piss her off to very extreme levels if you make fun of her for it. Pls do not enrage the smol she will crush u. And like what we’ve seen with Saiyans, yes, she does eat a shit ton.