“Look, Penny, I just… don’t think this is going to work out. It’s not you, it’s me.”
“Is it the kids thing? When I said ‘let’s have kids’, I meant for dinner.”
“Please don’t make this harder than it has to be.”

OK I BORROWED @coulsart ‘s PENNY ONE MORE TIME I’M SORRY I HAD TO. We were talking about “It” at work and I mentioned my fear and this came into my head and I HAD TO.
Nevermind we started talking about It because I was obsessively drawing her Penny all over scrap papers ok.

You Came Back? (Requested with Derek)

can u do Derek Hale season 6b (the reader is scotts twin sister)

A/N: Hi! I hope you enjoy :) ♥

Warnings: Violence, a swear or two, and incoming angst. But don’t worry, there’s some cute fluff at the end, I promise.


We can never seem to catch a break, you think bitterly.

They came out of nowhere, trucks packed with hunters pulling up to surround you. And then the shooting started. You all scatter for cover under the overpass, the sound of the guns cracking like firecrackers in the air. One of the trucks has a mounted spotlight, shining into the darkness so that you’re easier to see, structural pillars casting shadows across the expanse underneath the overpass like prison bars. Fitting, you think again more cynically, considering they had you trapped like animals. There were at least seven of them, maybe more, all equipped with heavy duty firepower. 

You look for your friends, and see that Lydia has ducked behind a pillar with her hands clamped around her ears, next to a beat up blue dumpster which Malia is crouching behind. Column stone is breaking off around them, puffs of dust hanging in the air. Your brother, Scott, has found cover at the other end of the underpass from you, trying to peer out from around a column to assess the situation. But he’s forced back into hiding by a spray of bullets every time.

You catch sight of Deucalion, dragging himself across the pavement for cover as he bleeds out. You take a steadying breath, crinkling your nose at the strong scent of blood, and follow Peter, darting across the open space. He ducks behind a metal barrel, and you manage to throw yourself behind another pillar across from Lydia and Malia. When there’s a break in the gunfire you drop to your knees, crawling out from cover to get to Deucalion, pointedly ignoring the look of admonishment Peter sends you. 

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hi, just wondering if you had made your online shop yet?

Hello there! Not yet,I have the account ready but I just need to upload stuff. I wanna make 10 more sticker sets,some cute notebooks for stationery lovers and more t-shirts and hoodies. 

I know it’s taking a while but please be patient. I swear I’m working really really hard to give you guys tons of options to choose from :D

Halloween Stuff Starters

01.  ❝ Let’s go egg his house. ❞
02.  ❝ Didn’t even try to decorate, huh? ❞
03.  ❝ If you wear the same thing again this year, I swear to god ❞
04.  ❝ Stop crying! It was just some dude wearing a mask! ❞
05.  ❝ Wow, you sure put too much effort into this holiday. ❞
06.  ❝ They didn’t have any candy left, so I asked for weed. ❞
07.  ❝ Don’t give the kids alcoholic candy!!
08.  ❝ Every time I sit down, more kids show up. I hate Halloween. ❞
09.  ❝ No more candy. Sorry. Bye. ❞
10.  ❝ How cute. You look like you raided a dumpster. ❞
11.  ❝ That costume is so culturally insensitive. ❞
12.  ❝ Apparently she’s dressed as a witchbut I don’t see the difference.
13.  ❝ Aren’t we too old for trick-or-treating?
14.  ❝ I really don’t think you need all that sugar.
15.  ❝ Bobbing for apples is gross. Saliva sharing to the extreme. ❞
16.  ❝ Kind of makes me wish something interesting would happen, likea murder. ❞
17.  ❝ No! NO ouija boards!! ❞
18.  ❝ We’re going to a graveyard? What are you, thirteen?
19.  ❝ I’ve seen scarier Hot Topic cashiers.
20.  ❝ This isn’t right. Where are the slutty male costumes?
21.  ❝ This party sucks. I’d rather be out getting candy.
22.  ❝ Yeah, because getting arrested for trespassing sounds so fun! ❞
23.  ❝ Okay, just hit the door bell and run! ❞
24.  ❝ It’s just a couple of eggs. They can wash the car later. Come on.
25.  ❝ No way! People who hook up at parties die on Halloween. Haven’t you seen any scary movies?

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Why did Georgia put cute little hearts on her #metoo post? This is a serious subject, not something to get cutesy about. I swear she is so inappropriate at times.

because she’s a fucking moron.

so i’ve seen things here and there about other adults as campers and,,,,,, i have no self control

i didn’t do david and jasper for obvious reasons, and daniel bc he’s just a recolor (i did jen bc gwen didn’t have a camper design)