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can you rec me some taekook fics lmao thanks

i’m pretty sure you’ve read these already, but here you go!!

all my bookmarks are taegi/yoonkook/vmin (and yoonjin). i swear i read more taekook fanfics but i rarely bookmark something. so, here are fanfics i added to my “read later” but that i haven’t read yet:



We have done everything together, like Jill said, partners in crime. I was probably not the best influence on you when we were really young.
Because I would always come up with the bad ideas and be like: “Why don´t you follow me and like we´re gonna go and colour on the kitchen cabinets.
I remember that was one of the big, big things that we did. Permanent markers, Mum was gone… But I know that once you started to get a little bit older, you really encouraged me to do the right thing.
And I remember thinking: Man, if I could just be a little bit better, just be a little more like Jinger. Even though you were younger than me I always thought you were one of my greatest role models and so… *starts crying*

That was such a cute moment between the two. I maybe even shed a tiny tear but I swear somebody was cutting onions right next to me. (Annie)

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Oh Subaru-kun… *blows Subaru a kiss* You're so cute! But seriously, you, me, and Kou would make the best trio! The three amigos! Right, Kou cutie? And Ruki, make M-chan some soup and make her happy!

Subaru: I’M NOT CU-

Subaru: -te…

Kou: I agree with you, Neko-chan~

Kou: Ne ne, Subaru-kun, don’t be so mean~

Subaru: *swearing*

Ruki: But I am making her happy. Right, Poultry?

[MTK: …]

Ruki: Poultry.

[MTK: Yes sir. °v°’’’]

Boueibu characters as the new horrible Tumblr emoticons
  • Yumoto: The Love Shower you swear is animated but isn't (WHAT IS THE POINT)
  • En: That goddamn jellyfish (maybe one of those bubbles lol)
  • Atsushi: Ugly-ass alien
  • Io: Stack of money (or the igloo i guess)
  • Ryuu: Pink af cupcake
  • Kinshirou: Weird blue teapot (or that white hair with a 'do i've yet to understand)
  • Ibushi: Random-ass leaf (or the question mark I'm not sure)
  • Akoya: Pretty ribbon (istg it's pretty much the only pretty thing in this list)
  • Akihiko: Ugly-ass corgi
  • Haruhiko: Ugly-ass cat
  • Goura: Ramen bowl I guess
  • Wombat: Shoujo-ass eyes
  • Zundar: IS THAT A FRICKING BREADSTICK that's it zundar is an outdated meme
  • Dadacha: Miku-wannabe twintails
  • Hireashi: Trash can
  • Hashibiro: One of those cringey af Vaporwave graphics we'll never use
Vikkstar123 Imagine: Y/N Who?!

Summary: Vik and Y/N have been seeing each other in secret, so when he accidentally spills it out in front of the rest of the Sidemen house. Vik gets very angry (very rare - ik) at them all and leaves to go to his room. Little does he know, she’s sat on his bed with something behind her back…

Warnings: just pure cuteness, ANGRY VIK (ik rare right?) & swearing.. I think that’s it?

Requested: Nope…

Rating: 12+ (swearing)

A/N: Hey, yes I will be doing an Ethan Imagine soon do not panic, I’m just struggling for ideas again. Just a quick notice: I don’t watch Vik as much as the other Sidemen so if anything isn’t like Vik, I apologize in advance . I’m aware that he has a girlfriend - called Kay if you didn’t know. She’s lovely and she really loves her fans. Anyways I hope you enjoy <3 (sorry it’s short)

~Beth <3


/-/-/ Vik’s P.O.V /-/-/

“Hey Vik, what do you wanna do for tea?” Josh calls. “JJ and Simon have voted for Nandos and I’ve voted TGI’s, you’ve got the last vote before we ask Ethan”.

“Sorry Josh, it’s gotta be Nandos let’s be realistic.“ you reply, laughing with Simon and JJ.

"Hey Simon, how’s your girlfriend doing?” Josh asked, sniggering.

“Uh well at least I have a chance, I actually leave my room, unlike some people *cough* Vik *cough*.” He laughed.

“Yes I do, Y/N is the best–” You stopped, seeing everyone’s wide eyes stare at you.


“Oh come on JJ do you really think I would let a stripper come here when you’re here? I bet she’s not even real. She’s probably like a 12 year old from Minecraft” Simon said laughing.

“I’m pretty sure it’s against the law” Josh said laughing himself.

“Shut the fuck up guys! See this is why I never tell you anything. Knowing JJ he’s going to post it all over twitter. So thank you all, you sons of a bitches!” Everyone stopped laughing, even JJ. You felt the heat rise in your cheeks. You quickly walked out of the room to your own.

/-/-/ Your P.O.V /-/-/

You heard the loud noise of someone’s laughter - you think it was JJ’s if you remember correctly from what Vik was saying about his housemates. You looked around his dimly lit room to see his YouTuber plaques but all a sudden you hear a shout. Was that Vik? “YOU SONS OF BITCHES!” You jumped. It was Vik. As you heard someone running upstairs, you quickly sat on the bed and put the test in your hands and hid it behind your back, making sure whoever came into the room couldn’t see it.

/-/-/ Vik’s P.O.V /-/-/

You opened your door and quickly shut it, placing your head on it. “Oh for fuck sake, I can’t believe–”

“Ahem” you turn around to see your beautiful girlfriend, sat on your bed with her hands behind her back. “I can explain” you said, quietly. “Enlighten me then Vikram Barn. What was all of that? I thought we would keep it on the down low? Not to mention the shouting from you” She looked like she was on the verge of tears. “Wait, did you hear everything what was said?” You asked quietly. She nodded. She removed her arms from behind her back to reveal a small, smartly wrapped box. “I came here to give you this” she handed it carefully to your open hands. She got it up as you started to open the box. You open it up to see a.. “OH MY GOD Y/N!” you jump up and down. “I’m going to be a dad?!” you exclaimed, with tears in your eyes. You saw her face lit up. “Hey, it’s okay. We can tell the rest of them when you are ready. I love you.” She said as she hugged you.

/-/-/ Final Note From Me /-/-/

Hi, like I said, I don’t watch Vik as often as the rest of the Sidemen so please forgive me if anything is kinda wrong. Thank you all for the amount of support I have received these past couple of months. I love each and every single one of you.

~Beth <3


so i’ve been wanting to upload these scans from bsd wan but i had no time because of- *coughs* college. anyways most of them are my favorite panels especially the port mafia ones >:-) i might scan and upload another so..enjoy!

[nb: it would be good if you dont repost them but it’s alright as you dont claim my scans as yours thank you!]


reference for anyone who wanted another look at maui’s tattoo of moana over his heart

oh and here’s mini-maui waving goodbye to moana for that extra bit of heart-stomping feels. now go forth all of you and draw mini-moana being cutes with mini-maui.