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hi I'm in love with my friend and when I got grounded from my phone he sent me a package that was filled with memes he saw that reminded Him of me. I'm marrying this boy I swear.

omg that’s so cute yes please do marry him

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Jin wouldn’t be able to help himself from laughing, causing you to get really offended. Once he explained himself, however, you would blush, causing him to just laugh even more. 

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Yoongi would be so into what he was doing, but once you let out a moan, he would start laughing so hard that he would have to stop for a minute to catch his breath. He would apologize afterward, explaining the situation while trying not to laugh all over again. 

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“You’re so fucking cute,” Hoseok would say as he stopped everything he was doing, making you groan in frustration. “I swear to god Hobi…”

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Namjoon would wait until the two of you were finished and you were snuggled up against him to bring it up. “Your moans are the cutest things I’ve ever heard in my life,” he would say, laughing when you started blushing and buried your head into his chest. 

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“Aw that was so cute,” Jimin would say as he stopped what he was doing to stare down at you lovingly. “Jimin, if you don’t start moving again I swear to god- oh shit Jimin…”

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Taehyung would start giggling in the middle of what you two were doing, but he would try to hide it from you and would attempt to stop laughing so that you didn’t get mad at him. He would end up just making things worse and would completely kill the mood. 

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Jungkook would keep his composure until you two were done and things had calmed down and then he would start laughing really hard, making you stare at him like he was crazy. “I’m sorry, your moans are just too cute.”

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Im a kyungsoo fanboy! Seriously, ksoo totally bring the gay out of me, i swear! When i saw him for the first time, i was like, hes so cute? WTF! I thought im the only who think like that, but when i show my other male friend his pic, they also said hes so cute! [1]

And i ship kd too, at first i thought, look at the fangirls, pairing kd like that? So typical. But when i saw their moments, i was like mindblown, guys doesnt eye fucking ea like that? And their moments feel like its not a fanservice, it seems genuine. I think im totally too deep now, am i? Im gonna sail with this ship~ -kyungsoo’s fanboy- [2]

Hello Kyungsoo fanboy!! I remember I used to think in a similar way as you about kd, back in 2013. But, once you really notice their interactions in an open way, you can see how different they behave with other people and among other otps as well. 

In any case, let’s all continue to cheer up for those two~

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Hello! So I saw Les Mis in London the other day, i've seen it before, but i've never watched it from a tumblr POV - so, something I never noticed was the little Enj and R moment during Drjnk with me - and they do that little cute head thing, and a hug, and I SWEAR THEY WERE GONNA KISS I WAS FREAKING Out!!! needed to share this so badly!

YESSSSSSSS!! I absolutely love little staging details like this! It really makes the production unique! And I’m always here for some visual Enjoltaire! They’re doing a great ob at breaking my heart :’)

Thank you for sharing this with me ♥

a shit ton of times julian’s smile was the cutest thing ever || part 2 (requested)

idk what it is about this picture that makes me so happy?? 

life goal: have julian look at me like he looks at a burger

this picture makes me want pancakes and i hate pancakes

what’s better than the pics from the parade the answer is nothing look how CUTE HE LOOKS

also i love his outfit


i mean he’s not necessarily smiling in this picture BUT who tf looks good at this angle

this picture makes my heart melt look at this precious munchkin

remember Julian and Malcolm at the grammys? iconic

his cute little smirk gets me every time

i swear his smile gets 10x cuter when he has a beard

do i even need to caption this one???

okay he may not be smiling but i definitely am

LOOK AT HIM ARE YOU KIDDING ME i want an untagged version of this pic

i overuse the word munchkin but what else am i supposed to say he’s a munchkin my munchkin

moment of silence for his smile

moral of the text post: julian is a munchkin with a precious smile and he deserves nothing but happiness

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dude i just did a week of yoga (some school thing) and there were only girls and the prettiest girl ever was directlty infront of me and i swear a pretty girl with a great ass and slightly see-through yoga pants is torture. oh lord help how did i survive

Listen… I’m in this class that’s taught by a sophomore and she’s so cute and pretty and beautiful and I JUST listened to citrine before that class and oh my god…. The Gay is so much sometimes I can barely handle it….

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i swear to god EVERYTIME i see your art my heart melts a bit inside of me ITS SO CUTE I LOVE YOUR DRAWINGS AND YOUR STYLE! <3 I hope you have a nice day and a nice week and year and life! ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

aw man thank you that’s so nice….I hope you do too!!

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Why are ppl so bothered by grants relationship? The way ppl talk about them is really annoying. Like you don't have to follow them, they seem obsessed.

I really don’t get it. It’s honestly so fucking disturbing that people are making all of these accusations and throwing trashy names around about a girl who has done nothing but date a guy that they’re obsessed with. They’ll act like she’s trying to get attention when in any other situation, someone posting couples pics would be cute. I swear y’all Grant Gustin isn’t that fucking famous, he’s really not. But people are acting like she’s really trying to make it to the top on his back. Nah they like each other, it’s clear they like each other. People need to let them be, they’re cute and Grant seems happy. Internalized misogyny is never as potent as it is when a white fav gets a girlfriend, hoo man. 


movie dates! i love how all of these pairings have completely different dynamics, it’s ridiculous and beautiful