God Damn Hills Race

Shawn Mendes
Words; 440 
Not really, but sippingchai at(ed) me so here ya go! 
Note; Not the best, but it’s pretty good considering it took me 5 minutes to write. I think this is the quickest I’ve ever wrote something 😄   

“How did you fail so badly,” I giggled, slipping my phone into my back pocket. Pouting, Shawn’s head hung low as he shuffled over to me, “You didn’t even manage half of it.”

“It was my shoes, I swear!” He wrapped his arms around my waist, bending down slightly to bury his reddening face against my neck, little tuffs of his hair tickling my chin, only making me laugh harder.

I kissed his cheek, at least that made him smile, “Sure, whatever you say.”

God, he was such a sore loser and it was fucking hilarious. We walked as the guys skidded back down the hill, each one taking their turn to pat Shawn on the back and congratulate him on his ‘attempt’. The whole time he stood there, red faced, trying to convince them it was in fact his shoes that was the problem and not his inability to climb the small hill.

“Okay then,” Geoff smirked, “Swap shoes with me.”

Shawn didn’t even think twice before kicking off his boots and slipping on Geoff’s. The guys all lined up again. Andrew was about to count down when I interrupted him.

“Wait, I want to join!” I passed my phone over to one of the crew members. Shawn and Geoff groaned as I ran to line up next to them, the other crew members looked confused, not knowing just how badly I was going to ruin them.

I didn’t even hear Andrew’s count down, just a loud GO and we were off up the hill. Geoff’s foot slipped at the start, causing him to fall behind. For the most part, Shawn and I were head to head with just a couple of inches between us. But Shawn started struggling about a foot from the top as he lost his momentum a bit, letting me take the lead.

I quickly grabbed hold of the concrete ledge, hoisting myself over it. Jumping up, I verified my spot in first place. Shawn followed a few seconds later, only just beating one of the other guys.

“See! It was the shoes!” He exclaimed, still out of breath from his mini workout.

“Yeah, but I still beat ya.” I teased, smiling at him sweetly as I kissed his cheek.

His hands grabbed my waist before I would pull away, mumbling a quiet whatever before drawing me in for a quick kiss.

“Seriously?” Geoff panted, finally flopped over the edge, “You guys can’t stop making out for three minutes?”

“No one asked your opinion.” Shawn jokingly pocked his mate’s cheek with his shoe. Geoff rolled his eyes and grabbed Shawn’s foot, tugging him to the floor in a heap of laughter.

Seventeen: Early Mornings (Performance Unit)

• He likes to hold you to his chest
• Cute Puffy Faces
• Being loud in general
• Okay but he like loves cuddling like absolutely L O V E S it
• Always wants to cook for you, but you won’t let him
• “Babe, you are going to burn down the house.” “Y/n, I swear I won’t.” “No.”
• So you just order take out before you ever get out of bed

• Fairytale Mornings
• Like snuggling close together w/ his arms wrapped around your torso
• Waking up to the light seeping through the the curtains
• What a prince tbh
• He likes to play with your hair a lot
• Lots of “I love you"s. Giving and recieveing of course
• “What a cutie.” “Y/n…” “You’re a cutie, tho.”

• We all know Minghao is the cutest cutie
• You like to play with his ears a lot
• Lots of Chinese bc “it’s too early to translate shit”
• Fighting over the blanket
• He gets really cold really easily
• “You look like a fairy.” “Y/n-” “Shhhh, fairy boy.”
• Idk just really cute

• Cute Innocent Boi™
• Still blushes when you kiss him good morning
• Tells you how much he loves you every single morning without fail
• Lil’ spoon
• He’s got the bright morning glow
• Grumpy tho
• Love Love Love (I live for Lee Chan)

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oh no, I am so sorry what I mean is not the NSFW!! Please let me restate it. Can I have a scenario where sidon and his s/o is going to have their first kiss ( you know the NOT NSFW thing..) and s/o is very nervous about it. I am so sorry, I swear it didn't notice I didn't type "not". I ask similar question on other blog and I didn't check if my question is type properly, I am sorry ;; please believe me!!!

Quite alright!! Just wanted to make sure, sorry if I seemed rude! Typos are sons of bitches, eh?

And now, for cute stuff with the best friend!

The sound of the river flowing was nothing compared to the pounding of their chest, staring into the stunning yellow orbs that belonged to none other than Prince Sidon, who they had managed to catch the romantic attention of.

Prince Sidon, who had just politely asked if he could kiss them and was now awaiting their answer.

“It’s alright to refuse, (Name). I won’t force you.” he speaks up, smiling gently, “I will not be disappointed.”

“N-no, I want to.” they reply, “I’m…. nervous? I guess?? Um.. I-I’d like to kiss you.”

His smile grows warmer as the answer reaches his ears.

“I’ll let you initiate when you are comfortable, then.”

Thank Hylia, they think, for letting me fall in love with this man. Now, just give me the strength, just once, to do this.

One minute seems like twenty, but they calm, and lean forward, slowly, feeling a blush crawl up their face. But their eyes slide closed as they feel Sidon respond in suit, heart leaping all the while.

Of course, it isn’t some amazing romance movie first kiss, far from it, it being the first, yet it sweeps them off their feet all the same. They’re even slightly disappointed as his lips pull away, but the bashful look on his face is all worth it.

“Thank you, my dear..”

Pride is Beautiful / So are you xx















i got sick and decided to make a thing so here the thing is. i don’t really know what this is. i guess i just wanted to say that all kinds of humans are good and nature is good also so why not make them be good together. hope you enjoyed the thing. 

p.s. sorry for not including every pride flag, there are just so freaking many and tbh I’m still learning. Also sorry sorry sorry if any of these titles are wrong. my bad. i do not want to offend anyone i swear, just thought this was a cute idea!!! 

k bye. xxx \(’ o’)/

That time my dog disappeared into Carrie Fisher's house

From reddit user: /u/AinsleyIscariot

Someone recommended I make a post out of a comment that I made elsewhere so here it is! True story and still cringe inside whenever I tell it.

One of the most awkward moments of my life was meeting Carrie. I live in London and walk my dog because he needs to shit every now and then- usually when I get back to my road I let him off the lead and he will run to the house. He will, that is, unless there is ANYTHING else of interest within a 1 mile radius of the house. One day he just ran straight through someone’s open door and I was there on the doorstep tentatively calling after him while I could hear him sprinting around the house. Then there’s lots of barking and I realise there’s another dog there and sure enough my dog comes sprinting out the house being chased by a small dog that seemingly wanted to play with him. Anyway this American woman comes to the door, hearing all the commotion and I make my apologies and we have the usual dog conversation. She then invited me in for a coffee, I thought why not and so we started chatting, and she explained she was renting the house for a month while she was in London. I asked what she did for a living and she told me movies, I asked “Anything I would know?” Slight pause “Star Wars?” “Oh right what did you do in it were you on the crew or an actress?” “An actress” “Oh great who did you play” “Princess Leia?” I swear to fuck I stood there with my mouth open, feeling as if I’d somehow just shat down my own throat. (This was before the franchise reboot so the image of her in my head was the Carrie Fisher in her twenties) She, however, thought it was really cute and laughed it off. Absolutely lovely woman with one crazy fucking dog named Gary.

TLDR: I had a twenty minute conversation with a woman who had been on the receiving end of my dog’s home invasion and didn’t realise it was Carrie Fisher until she told me.


Domestic Feysand part whatever
  • Rhys: Look, Feyre! I got you a puppy!
  • Feyre: Oh my god! Rhys!
  • Feyre: *talking to puppy* oh my gosh you're so cute!!
  • Rhys: *mumbling* well,
  • Feyre: *to puppy* Who's the most handsome boy? You are! Yes, you are!
  • Rhys: *louder* Feyre darling, I'M your mate-
  • Feyre: *not noticing Rhys* YOU ARE MY FAVOURITE LITTLE BOY IN THE
  • Rhys: *snatching the puppy away* Yes, I think I better take him back now.