#Avin Theory Pt. 2

Of COURSE I had to talk about this beautiful moment in time. This hilarious moment (gifed by mirandaarenee I think) is at the end of this weeks PTXperience when Scott is being weird and talking about how whipping his hair back and forth, doesn’t mess it up.

The sister gif of Kevin here is gifed by rikkadear.

Now, after rewatching this moment, far too many times (because Kevin) I realized that the face Avi is making is very similar to the face my mother makes when I’m being super weird and my dad is around. My guess is that my father has made my mother feel the same way I was making him feel in that moment and it was a form of payback for her. She was watching him reacting to the same kind of shit she has to deal with.

That being said, Avi is having that same payback feel with Kevin and Scott. In my previous theory I stated that I think of Kevin and Avi as the mom and dad and this is what I mean. Kevin is always being kinda weird (Think “fifty dollars for a rap verse…. man I must be poor”) and Avi has to deal with that almost all of the time, so when Kevin thinks something else is weird, Avi relishes in the moment. He’s so proud of himself. He’s proud of Scotty for being the weird payback he needs after dealing with that giant doofus for so long.

It’s a happy kind of payback. It’s lovely.

1-2 yıl önce felan, ''1 YIL SONRA ÇOK ŞEY DEĞİŞECEK.'' yazılı bir gif görmüştüm. Ve ben o gife bakıp aynen şöyle dedim, ''Nah değişir amk, ne değişebilir ki?''. Haksızmışım, gerçekten çok şey değişti. Hemde baya bi.

was there anything even worth GIFing in that game? if you want me to GIF something please tell the exact time. Cause i ain’t watching whatever that was again just to find a moment.