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Are you going to upload BTS Bon Voyage 4??

It’s uploaded! Check the most recently reblogged master list on my blog ^^

Do you happen to know the song from BTS Bon Voyage EP 3 around the time where the guys are stepping off the train at the waterfall? It’s really faint so I can’t really tell what song it is.

Ah no, that one I really don’t know. It was playing so faintly I thought I was imagining it myself orz

Bless you for posting all the Bon voyage episodes for people like me who can’t afford to buy them ❤️❤️

No problem~

I’d like to request gifsets of 2 parts of bon voyage. First, when kookie and hobi were on the train? and kookie spots a tall man and says he’s jealous and jhope is like “you are tall”. Second, the part when suga lost his ipad and kookie pulls it out and starts playing with it and then starts laughing when suga realizes he has it.

I gifed part of the Suga losing his iPad moment in one of my sets ^^  I‘m probably going to be super busy the next few days because of work, but I’ll try to make those sets either tonight or by tomorrow ;;;

My Supergirl DVD came today! I’m uploading the gag reel (which is about 2 minutes longer than the clips we got the other day. all i have to say is oh my god chyler) and the deleted scenes, but its taking FOREVER to upload because there are around 15 minutes of deleted scenes. In the meantime I’m gifing everything I can.

A few titbits to tide you over until it uploads:

  • Alex lived in Kara’s apartment before it was Kara’s
  • Alex went to the University of National City
  • Kryptonian writing is very similar to Russian, according to Winn

(On a side note, the DVD menu screens and the discs look so bad, no effort was put into making them look nice at all.)

Please tell me that I wasn’t the only one who just died at the “when pizza’s on a bagel, you can have pizza anytime” line in last night’s Steven Universe. I haven’t even seen it gifed.

That ad was on during my entire childhood. You couldn’t escape it.