I got a tattoo of the winter soldier on my leg and I asked Sebastian to sign next to it, so I can get his autograph tattooed as well. His reaction was amazing and pretty priceless actually. The best part was probably later when I went to get my photo op with him; he saw me come into the room and his eyes lit up and he goes “YES, I WAS WAITING FOR YOU! I wanted to take a picture of your tattoo!” And that’s when his assistant/whoever(?) took the picture. For my Mackie/Stan photo, Seb was like “she has the best tattoo! Show him!” And I showed him and Anthony said “that’s not real” in a joking tone and then they took the photo and Seb was rubbing my back the whole time (!!!!) and said “you’re the best” then Anthony asked “when are you gonna get and falcon on there?” And I just laughed cuz I dunno what to say to that????


What I love about this scene is how it shows how much Chief cares for Cortana. He’s literally spent the most part of his life following orders from his superiors - doing everything they say, making sure they were content with his work and his outcome. He’s always done his best - not necessarily wanting to please but wanting to get the job done. He was built to follow orders and do his job - taught from a young age that that was the way of life and the only way. But when Cortana’s life comes into the question, those years of sticking to the regulations and saying, “Yes, ma'am/sir” every single time he’s given an order goes out the window. Cortana is more important to him than his whole purpose in life.

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Top 10 times Louis took your breath away please?

What a lovely ask! Ok then, bring out your tissues all right? Here we go!!

(I put them in random order because seriously, how could I ever chose between them…??)

10. Performing at RTL Late Night, Dec 2014: Unreal Tomlinson…. 

9. Story of my life - best part of the whole video if you ask me…..

8. The AMAS 2013 - I just can’t stop looking at this gif….. 

7. Santiago, May 2014: My all time favorite stage gif of him. There is some major light porn going on here and his long hair looks just like a halo. Real life angel… 

6. Sydney, February 2015: Sex on legs….. What else can I say?? 

5. New Jersey, August 2014: Like a moth to a flame…
I can watch this gif all day… 

4. This just fucks me up every time and if there aren’t fics written about this clip alone I am deleting….. Seriously! 

3. TIU pc 2013: The red scoop neck shirt of doom… The way he undresses while locking his eyes with the journalists is just…..

2. Edinburgh, June 2014: So majestic on stage. The way he just watches the audience and seems to love just being there, taking it all in. I feel like this is still a huge deal for him and I love him for that. He is still so grateful to be given the opportunity….

1. Four Hangout, November 2014: Crafted by the Gods is an understatement..


things prentiss is gonna do as chief:

  • transform hotchs old file cabinet into a tropical themed mini bar
  • play her emo to the extremo music over the intercoms in the morning
  • use her official FBI Computer to do professional things like sending garcia 3984 cute animal videos she found on youtube
  • mandate that every agent wears a tequila smuggling cardigan as part of the uniform in case they bust someone and they got that top shelf stuff
  • strauss comes back from the grave bc prentiss answers her phone by saying ‘hello, youve reached the boss’ office of badassery’
  • make a rule that the mere mortal fbi agents have to bow down to her and adress her as ‘your majesty’
  • getting an official fbi cat
  • it does nothing
  • it just literally lives in the office
  • its just gonna be the best chaos ok


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Ok, I did the thing.
Please don’t mind my bad English/pronunciation and remember that I’m not a makeup artist, I’m just a kid who likes to dress up as her favourite cartoon characters :)
Few things I didn’t mention/show you in this video: take care of your skin and clean your contact lenses!
Before doing your makeup for a Con I suggest you to use a good primer and most of all HAVE FUN, because it’s the best part of this hobby! :3

For those who are wondering these are my contact lenses (Eos New Adult Green), but PLEASE ask your oculist before wearing them!

I don’t own the music, all credits go to Jeremy Zuckerman.

Oh and thank you Marco (mynerdybedroom) for editing this, I would be nothing without your endless support :)


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parts; (one)

summary: you’re a world-famous pop star which everyone learned to either love or hate. when a video of you making out with 5 seconds of summer’s bassist leaks, your management decides to make it seem like you’re dating calum.

word count: 988

warnings: none?? idk!11!!

author’s note: this is just a filler honestly lmao school is stressing me out!!1! the next part will be better than this ok + thank u for reading this even though its definitely not my best haha

Today was Thursday. And today, you were being driven to a radio station that you forgot the name of for an interview that will probably bring up the video-make-out-scandal. You were going to make your relationship public today and that made you nervous than anything else. Nervous, because one, it was live, which meant thousands were going to hear you say, ‘Yeah, totally, he’s my boyfriend but we’re keeping it low-key since, you know, he’s an asshole.’ Okay, maybe you weren’t going to say that, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t true (the asshole part). And two, you were ultimately going to get hate from his fans. You knew they weren’t fond of you since the video leaked. You were famous (God, you hated describing yourself that) and getting hate was inevitable, but the death threats were probably the worst things anyone has ever said to you.

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Let The Flames Begin + Part II, MONUMENTOUR Toronto

Ok, people, here it is. My video of LTFB / Part II. I got my good camera back finally, so I’ll probably be taking more videos similar to this (and my past ones) from now on. It took HOURS to upload this to YouTube in 1080 (idk why, usually it’s quicker). I did my best to keep it steady and move around just enough and avoid the people (I was in the pit). I hope y'all enjoy it. :)

[Just a warning: this video is Hayley-centric. It’s just way easier when you’re zoomed at all on a huge stage like this to stay focused on a single person than move it around a lot. I hope no one is too annoyed by that.]

Teens react reaction/rant

Ok so honestly the video wasn’t that bad.. Yeah some parts were cringey, but that’s just because the people in the video aren’t a part of the phandom and aren’t like us. The teens didn’t do anything wrong, or do anything that should upset us or Dan and Phil.

Most of those people don’t watch Dan and Phil like we do so they just assumed we watch them because they’re British and attractive. Yes they have the best personalities, they make us feel better, they’re relatable, they care about us, and they have a great sense of humor, but THE TEENS DIDN’T KNOW ANY BETTER, so we shouldn’t attack them.

Also THOSE TEENS DO NOT DESERVE FOR YOU TO TELL THEM TO KILL THEMSELVES, SEND THEM DEATH THREATS, OR CALL THEM NAMES AND INSULT THE WAY THEY LOOK. You wouldn’t want someone to do it to you for reacting to something you don’t know about.

You should be proud of Dan and Phil for being so successful, and for being popular enough for there to be a reaction video in the first place, instead of being selfish.

That’s all I have to say, but I don’t think Dan and Phil would want us to act the way some people are.

From UNIQ The Best Debut eps 02 ! I love this scene XD You can find the video in Youtube, uploaded by UNIQ Engsub & subbed by Five Shades of God.

Yibo this little brat!


Please try to reblog instead of reposting~ You may use any part of the pic as dp or anything, but please do not print them! Not for commercial use and/or trading. Thank you~

What I learned today

Steven universe edition. 

based on the “what I learned today” video series

 Season 1:

 Gem Glow: don’t rush puberty. It sucks.

 Laser Light Cannon: ..Eh, I can’t remember. Something about pork chops and hot dogs.

 Cheeseburger Backpack: Remember to double check your luggage before going on a trip. 

Together Breakfast: Breakfast is the most important (and deadly) meal of the day! 

Frybo: Using dangerous magical items to skip out on work usually ends in murder. 


Bubble Buddies: the best way to make new friends is by trapping yourself with them in a bubble at the bottom of the ocean. 

Serious Steven: That Indiana Jones stuff looks so much easier to do on the big screen…

 Tiger Millionaire: WRESTLING IS AWESOME! 

Steven’s Lion: Bringing strange, wild animals home and keeping them is totally ok.

 Arcade Mania: Video games are addictive… 

 Giant Woman: Learn to get along or your baby will get eaten by a giant bird 

So Many Birthdays: growing up SUCKS.

 Lars and the Cool Kids: PAY ATTENTION TO POLICE TAPE. IT’S THERE FOR A REASON. (also being a jerk isn’t cool)

 Onion Trade: Play with onion or he will destroy the city.

 Steven the Sword Fighter: Swords are dangerous. 

Lion 2: the Movie: Lions are horrible navigators 

Beach Party: be nice to your neighbors, even if you never intend on speaking with them again. 

Rose’s Room: don’t mess with semi-sentient buildings

 Coach Steven: there’s such a thing as too much Nicki Minaj

 Joking Victim: if someone cheats on/uses you, SET THEIR THROATS ON FIRE!!!! 

Steven and the Stevens: duplicating yourself by time travel or any other means is always a bad idea. 

Monster Buddies: The best way to tame wild animals is with junk food.

 An Indirect Kiss: don’t play near cliffs, even if you are a semi-immortal space rock. 


 Ocean Gem: Stealing the ocean and attempting to drown innocent children is apparently ok so long as you have a reason. 

House Guest: Faking sick is bad. 

Space Race: Kidnapping someone in a homemade rocket is also bad.

 Secret Team: Don’t go behind Garnet’s back…OR ELSE. 

Island Adventure: Trapping someone on a deserted island with a rampaging invisible monster on the loose to get close to them does NOT count as a surprise vacation.

 Keep Beach City Weird: Letting someone be a danger to themselves and others is ok so long as they’re happy I guess. 

Fusion Cuisine: Do not try to merge your multiple female guardians into one being to fit into societal norms.

 Garnet’s Universe: Square mom is best mom. 

Watermelon Steven: Plants aren’t sentient for a reason. make sure it stays that way. 

Lion 3: Straight to Video: Lions are apparently timelords!…also something about appreciating your mom or whatever.


Alone Together: Square mom is still best mom.

 The Test: don’t doubt yourself because you failed.

 Future Vision: We all die eventually, so there’s no point in worrying about it now. 

On the Run: Your origins don’t define you. also, running away from home is a really dangerous idea.


 Winter Forecast: Don’t drive in a snowstorm. no seriously it’s really dangerous. 

Maximum Capacity: Let it gooooo! let it-*shot*

 Marble Madness: Do not go with strange balls, even if they offer you candy.

 Rose’s Scabbard: just because she’s your best friend/crush doesn’t mean you need to know every single detail about her life. 

The Message: Don’t look down on people. They might just be the only ones able to decipher an otherwise indecipherable message. 

Political Power: Power outages suck, especially for politicians.

 The Return: Don’t break Peridots things or she’ll come back with a giant hand ship and a Cheeto with a grudge against you mom to kill you. 

Jail Break: Gay love solves everything.

Very basic gif tutorial

Ok so I haven’t made a gif in ages so bare with me.

1) Open photoshop, I’m using CC and it’s on mac. Go ‘Import’ then 'Video frame to layers’

2) Choose your video file, make sure it works with ps, best to use mp4

3) Then your screen should look like this. Choose the bit of the video you want to gif, make sure the settings are as shown because they will be different. When you first open it, it will be “from beginning to end”, you don’t want that. Make sure it’s ticked how it is in the picture (ignore GD’s weird face)

4) Press ok (very easy step wow)

5) THEN it should look like this, excuse random bits of the video because photoshop kept closing on me.

6)Right, so delete the parts you don’t give a shit about, even if we love Daesung ok. For mac it’s hold down shift and select the ones you don’t need and I’m sure its the same for windows.

7)and same on this side as well and then click the bin thingy

8) Now that’s done reselect the gifs on the timeline and click on the small arrow next to '0.03 sec’ and change it to '0.1’ seconds, this makes the gif move better, changing it to other speeds makes it painfully slow or fast


9)OK, this is optional but seriously do it ok it will save lives. You see the thing next to the fx the one that looks like a camera? will click on it and then it should come up like this, make sure you’re on the last layer of your gif ok

10) THAT SHIT MAKES YOUR GIF LOOK PRETTY AND YOU CAN DO IT HOWEVER YOU WANT. I don’t know why it adds another frame idek but yea click in one of the adjustment things, I use curves and play with it

11) CRUCIAL, you don’t want your gifs stolen or reposted so you add a water mark. press the camera thing again and this time we go to the text box on the left hand side

then we add the text box to where we want in the gif

then click the tick and we done

11) We go back up to the file and go to 'save for web’ here you must make sure the setting is to gif, the gif is under 2mb and the width etc thing is 500

Then press save and this is the final product

(don’t steal or I will cut your wifi off) (the gif didnt save properly so I made this to make up for it) remember kids, editing nicely is crucial

but no seriously if you want proper help then go here