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Top 10 times Louis took your breath away please?

What a lovely ask! Ok then, bring out your tissues all right? Here we go!!

(I put them in random order because seriously, how could I ever chose between them…??)

10. Performing at RTL Late Night, Dec 2014: Unreal Tomlinson…. 

9. Story of my life - best part of the whole video if you ask me…..

8. The AMAS 2013 - I just can’t stop looking at this gif….. 

7. Santiago, May 2014: My all time favorite stage gif of him. There is some major light porn going on here and his long hair looks just like a halo. Real life angel… 

6. Sydney, February 2015: Sex on legs….. What else can I say?? 

5. New Jersey, August 2014: Like a moth to a flame…
I can watch this gif all day… 

4. This just fucks me up every time and if there aren’t fics written about this clip alone I am deleting….. Seriously! 

3. TIU pc 2013: The red scoop neck shirt of doom… The way he undresses while locking his eyes with the journalists is just…..

2. Edinburgh, June 2014: So majestic on stage. The way he just watches the audience and seems to love just being there, taking it all in. I feel like this is still a huge deal for him and I love him for that. He is still so grateful to be given the opportunity….

1. Four Hangout, November 2014: Crafted by the Gods is an understatement..






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parts; (one)

summary: you’re a world-famous pop star which everyone learned to either love or hate. when a video of you making out with 5 seconds of summer’s bassist leaks, your management decides to make it seem like you’re dating calum.

word count: 988

warnings: none?? idk!11!!

author’s note: this is just a filler honestly lmao school is stressing me out!!1! the next part will be better than this ok + thank u for reading this even though its definitely not my best haha

Today was Thursday. And today, you were being driven to a radio station that you forgot the name of for an interview that will probably bring up the video-make-out-scandal. You were going to make your relationship public today and that made you nervous than anything else. Nervous, because one, it was live, which meant thousands were going to hear you say, ‘Yeah, totally, he’s my boyfriend but we’re keeping it low-key since, you know, he’s an asshole.’ Okay, maybe you weren’t going to say that, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t true (the asshole part). And two, you were ultimately going to get hate from his fans. You knew they weren’t fond of you since the video leaked. You were famous (God, you hated describing yourself that) and getting hate was inevitable, but the death threats were probably the worst things anyone has ever said to you.

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[3/16/17 Tweet Translation]

Good work todayyyayyy ( ´ ▽ ` )✨
From tomorrow on, I’ll do my best at the performances (☝︎ ՞ਊ ՞)☝︎

Please! Look! Forward! To! It!!!!! 💓💓💓💓💓💓

To those coming on the first day:
Don’t hold back during the concert parts, get super fired up!!
Don’t hold back during the play itself, laugh a lot!!


[Video Translation] - (not 100% correct since he’s talking fast, please correct me)

Today’s dress rehearsal ended, yayyy! Tomorrow is the first day, I’ll do my best ✌ Everyone, please come and watch [he really said come and play, but that sounds weird]. To the people coming to see it, please cheer me on (?). Take good care of me! [Idk this part ???] I’ll do my best! Ok then, see you soon - bye bye!

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For the song rec rate thing: Little Mix How Ya Doin a Capella live on Ryan Seacrest

couldn’t listen all the way through | not my thing | it’s okay | kinda catchy | ok i really like this | downloading immediately | already in my library

Oh fuck yeah man. Acapella is hella impressive but honestly hands down the best part of the video was the guitar player in the back watching them sing just JAZZIn’ he was so fucking into it like “KILL IT GIRLS WTF” ladies got killed voices. when it comes to purely vocal music im not a fan of scatting, but despite the fact that it had some i was just really impressed with their voices. totally killer


What I learned today

Steven universe edition. 

based on the “what I learned today” video series

 Season 1:

 Gem Glow: don’t rush puberty. It sucks.

 Laser Light Cannon: ..Eh, I can’t remember. Something about pork chops and hot dogs.

 Cheeseburger Backpack: Remember to double check your luggage before going on a trip. 

Together Breakfast: Breakfast is the most important (and deadly) meal of the day! 

Frybo: Using dangerous magical items to skip out on work usually ends in murder. 


Bubble Buddies: the best way to make new friends is by trapping yourself with them in a bubble at the bottom of the ocean. 

Serious Steven: That Indiana Jones stuff looks so much easier to do on the big screen…

 Tiger Millionaire: WRESTLING IS AWESOME! 

Steven’s Lion: Bringing strange, wild animals home and keeping them is totally ok.

 Arcade Mania: Video games are addictive… 

 Giant Woman: Learn to get along or your baby will get eaten by a giant bird 

So Many Birthdays: growing up SUCKS.

 Lars and the Cool Kids: PAY ATTENTION TO POLICE TAPE. IT’S THERE FOR A REASON. (also being a jerk isn’t cool)

 Onion Trade: Play with onion or he will destroy the city.

 Steven the Sword Fighter: Swords are dangerous. 

Lion 2: the Movie: Lions are horrible navigators 

Beach Party: be nice to your neighbors, even if you never intend on speaking with them again. 

Rose’s Room: don’t mess with semi-sentient buildings

 Coach Steven: there’s such a thing as too much Nicki Minaj

 Joking Victim: if someone cheats on/uses you, SET THEIR THROATS ON FIRE!!!! 

Steven and the Stevens: duplicating yourself by time travel or any other means is always a bad idea. 

Monster Buddies: The best way to tame wild animals is with junk food.

 An Indirect Kiss: don’t play near cliffs, even if you are a semi-immortal space rock. 


 Ocean Gem: Stealing the ocean and attempting to drown innocent children is apparently ok so long as you have a reason. 

House Guest: Faking sick is bad. 

Space Race: Kidnapping someone in a homemade rocket is also bad.

 Secret Team: Don’t go behind Garnet’s back…OR ELSE. 

Island Adventure: Trapping someone on a deserted island with a rampaging invisible monster on the loose to get close to them does NOT count as a surprise vacation.

 Keep Beach City Weird: Letting someone be a danger to themselves and others is ok so long as they’re happy I guess. 

Fusion Cuisine: Do not try to merge your multiple female guardians into one being to fit into societal norms.

 Garnet’s Universe: Square mom is best mom. 

Watermelon Steven: Plants aren’t sentient for a reason. make sure it stays that way. 

Lion 3: Straight to Video: Lions are apparently timelords!…also something about appreciating your mom or whatever.


Alone Together: Square mom is still best mom.

 The Test: don’t doubt yourself because you failed.

 Future Vision: We all die eventually, so there’s no point in worrying about it now. 

On the Run: Your origins don’t define you. also, running away from home is a really dangerous idea.


 Winter Forecast: Don’t drive in a snowstorm. no seriously it’s really dangerous. 

Maximum Capacity: Let it gooooo! let it-*shot*

 Marble Madness: Do not go with strange balls, even if they offer you candy.

 Rose’s Scabbard: just because she’s your best friend/crush doesn’t mean you need to know every single detail about her life. 

The Message: Don’t look down on people. They might just be the only ones able to decipher an otherwise indecipherable message. 

Political Power: Power outages suck, especially for politicians.

 The Return: Don’t break Peridots things or she’ll come back with a giant hand ship and a Cheeto with a grudge against you mom to kill you. 

Jail Break: Gay love solves everything.


Imagine #58 Just your house cleaner (Part 5)

PS: Tell me if you think is good and if you like how is the story going


You were at home and decided to call your best friend so you would get your mind away from Neymar and the thing that were happening.

“(y/n)! How are you?” You best friend showed up in the video call.

“Hey, I’m fine. You? Everything ok?” You asked forcing yourself not to show your sadness.

“All good. We just finished watching the game of Barca and now everyone left. You watched it?”

“Yeah, I did.”

“Neymar was so good! Now that you live in Barcelona do you ever see them?” She asked excited.

“Well…” You didn’t know what to say, you hated lying to her, but you didn’t want her to know either.

“Omg! What?”

“I saw some of them, but just from far away. Anyway, boys?” You forced a smile changing the subject.

Then she started talking about the boys she likes and she didn’t stop for a while and even though she was telling you everything your mind couldn’t let the thought of Neymar go. When you ended the call, you decided not to go working the next day.

The only way to forget about Neymar was to ignore him, to get away from him. You called your director, lied that you got sick, and couldn’t go to work. Then you also asked if there were any other clients you could work for, but he got mad and told you that there wasn’t any and that you have to work for Neymar.

*next day*

When you woke up you, remembered you could stay home today. Even if you were free for the day, you couldn’t leave the house so no one could see you outside, since you said you got sick. You knew you had just one day to stay home, but one day away from Neymar to clear your head was better than none.

You were watching TV the entire day. It was nice to be a little bit by yourself, but at the same time, you missed your friends and family, your best friend and also Neymar. You wanted to know if he was confused about the fact that you got sick or something, you wanted to know what was going on with Bruna, but the answers scared you.

It was already 7om and someone knocked at the door. You were confused, because no one knew you here and you didn’t have any friends here. You walked to the door and asked who it is before opening the door.

 “Neymar” You heard his voice and immediately your heart started beating fast.

You opened the door and he was standing there in front of you, with a serious face and a shopping bag.

“What are you doing here?” You asked quietly still not letting him walk inside.

“I heard you got sick.” He said as he smiled and took out of the bag a pocket of tea.

“I’m fine.” You said seriously, because you didn’t want him come inside. You knew he would find out you lied. You were mad because you did it just to avoid him, but he came to your house ruining your plan. Last of all, you were embarrassed, because your house was big like his kitchen.

“It’s time that I take care of you.” He smiled as he stepped closer wanting to get inside.

“I think Bruna is probably waiting for you,” You said not even realizing how jealous you sounded. Of course, he noticed it and a grin appeared on his face, “Jealous?”

“Wha-what? No!” You said in panic, of course everyone could see that you were jealous about it and it made Neymar laugh. He walked inside while you were shocked at his question.

“So is this your house?” He asked as he put the bag on the small table you had and looked around.

“If you call this a house, you live in a castell.” You said as you closed the door.

He laughed at you comment and walked closer to you. He was just a step away from you and then his hand was on your forehead as he tried to see if you were feverish. You blushed and stared at him.

“Seems all right.” He said with a smile and then he leaned closer putting his face so close you could touch each other’s nose, “So where does it hurt?” he wasn’t smiling he was provoking you once again.

“I said I’m fine.” You moved away from him and walked to the sofa, as he stood there proud of himself.

“So you’re just jealous?

“I’m really not.” You said ignoring him as you looked for other channels on TV not even knowing what you were looking for.

“Really?” He asked as he sit, of course your sofa was so small you two were close to each other.

“Yeah really. I have no reason to be jealous.”

“Oh, and what about Bruna?”

“I don’t care about your private life. All I care about is to do my work good.” You said getting mad at him for playing with you like that.

“I know you care,” He said whispering in your ear making you go in panic, but you didn’t say anything. He confused you.

“Just so you know… We’re not together.” He continued and then got up leaving you sit there alone in silence.

“Well, got to go now. Hope I’ll see you tomorrow (y/n)” He said and walked out of the house.

You were so confused. All this thought and feelings you had were making you go crazy. You got up and started talking to yourself how stupid he is and how full of himself he is, but you were happy that he didn’t date Bruna even though you pretended you didn’t care about it.

“Who does he think he is? Coming in MY house as if he is this celebrity and I am his poor maid that can’t afford anything. Acting like he has me around his finger, thinking I will be following him and cry for him? Oh hell no! I don’t care if he is even dating her! Well, maybe I do, but I don’t!” You keep on talking to yourself, because you had to put out all of that rage you had.

Your boss told you that you could get just one day to recover from the “sickness” you had, so you had to go to Neymar’s house if you wanted or not. You were still mad at him and you decided not to be kind as always.

As he got up and he had his breakfast on his table you noticed him smiling happily, because you were back and he knew he could play with your feelings again. At least that was what you thought.

“Feeling better I see” Neymar smiled as he sit to eat.

“Yes.” You said and walked out of the kitchen leaving him alone. You were walking around the house looking for something to clean as suddenly he was in the same room as you.

“Lucky for you, I don’t have training today” he winked and walked in the bathroom.

“Can he be even more annoying? Why? Why does he have to be free today, what did I do to deserve this. Who is this? He is not the nice and sweet Neymar anymore, he is a monster!” You thought to yourself while swiping around mad.

When he walked out, he had just a towel around his hip like he was doing it on purpose to embarrass you. He walked to you and because you were at the end of the corridor, you couldn’t walk away or move.

You moved your face away from you, but with just his finger he moved your chin back to him and smiled, he got closer and closer like he was trying to kiss you so you closed your eyes in fear of what was going to happen, but nothing.

You just hear a giggle so you opened your eyes and noticed Neymar moved away and laughed at you and then walked away.

You were so furious, you hated him. You hated him more than anything, you regretted showing him your feeling. You wanted to punch him in the face for playing with your feelings. He was not the Neymar from a few days ago, but you wanted to know which one was the real Neymar. 

We need to stop joking around with stalking YouTubers.

We need to be respectful of their boundaries and conduct appropriate behavior. I have seen far too many people finding the fact that Jack being stalked is humorous. If you are in the “stalk Sean squad”, I highly encourage you to watch Markiplier’s video: “The Forest: Part 7”. In this episode, Jack and Mark discuss their discomfort with fans showing up at their houses.

Whether you guys are joking or not, what you are doing and saying on social media is not ok. I have tried my best to guide you in the right direction and was met with blatant refusal. There’s not much else that can be done, except that if anyone sees these people on social media doing something harmful you need to report the account immediately. Trolls or not, there should be no humor in the fact that Jack is being stalked in real life.

This community is extremely reliable, loving, and caring. And it is our job to keep the community a welcoming and positive place for people to hang out and talk. Jack’s privacy is as precious as our own and we need to respect his wishes, no matter what the circumstance.

Ok. So, I’m a YouTube partner. I make money when people watch my dumb videos. Someone put a copyright claim on one of my videos, and started receiving the money for my video because I supposedly used their song. YouTube doesn’t check to see if the claims are accurate, you can just start taking someone else’s money whenever you feel like it! It makes me sick that some random person was making money off a video that I worked hard on.
The best part is that I MADE THE SONG MYSELF. I made my own music so I wouldn’t have to worry about copyrights. I made the video private and I honestly don’t want to dispute it because I know it will be a nightmare.