Puppy Eyes

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Kili and Fili x Reader

For @kittenwritesstuff

Even though being in love with a human was kind of a no-no in dwarven culture, Kili certainly had a crush on you. Fili found it quite amusing that he was too shy to say anything to you.

  “Kee, go talk to her. She won’t bite.” He said laughing.

Kili glared at him and continued to clean his bow and arrow, catching glances at you every now and then. He really was in love with you but just didn’t know how to express how he felt. Fili hatched a plan that would certainly, well hopefully, help Kili along.

Fili approached you with a mischievous smile. “Hey Y/N can I help you with the firewood?”

  “Sure!” You said excitedly. “It’s about time someone offered to help. I was starting to think you lot were a bunch of lazy dwarves.”

Kili watched from a distance and started to get jealous. She likes Fili. Now what? He thought to himself.

Fili whispered in your ear, “Make it look like you take an interest in me.”

  “But I don’t Fee. You’re just a friend.” You replied not taking the hint.

  “Just do it.”

You gave him a confused look, but started playing with his mustache and caressing the side of his arm.

Kili watched the whole thing unfold and stormed across camp to confront his brother.

  “Move over Fee. You know I love her!”

  “Of course I do. That’s why I faked flirting so you would finally confess in front of her.”

You blushed and laughed, “Oh that’s why you told me to flirt with you.”

Fili nodded and Kili gave you an adorable look.

  “Y/N, put me out of my misery and let me court you.” He said quickly.

You smiled tenderly. “How could I possibly resist those puppy eyes?” You wrapped your arms around his waist gently and hugged him. His puppy eyes were always your weakness.

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