ok but when Maggie joins the Superfriends

  • Kara is her bestie and they bond over teasing Alex and their love of food. Maggie loves cooking when Kara is around because she never has to worry about leftovers and the way to a young Kryptonian woman’s heart is through her stomach and now Maggie can do no wrong. like she is an official Danvers sister the first time Kara has her wold famous lasagna
  • Winn reminds her of her little brother and she lovingly teases him all. the. time. and she kicks his ass at every single game they play. like every one. but Winn is relentless and is always making a game out of the dumbest things and challenging her because “it’ll happen one day Sawyer”
  • James is like the older sibling she wishes she had growing up. he’s the one she always turns to for advice. and James is always going to her to fix up his motorcycle after it gets jacked up from his Guardian shenanigans and instead of telling him she would have to be an idiot not to know she plays dumb and pretends to believe all of his lame over-thought excuses

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th only thng keeping me Okay rn is knowing in a couple of weeks (or less!!) my bff is gonna come home frm Princeton and not only will it be fun to see her and hear ab whats up with her but when she tells me whacky stories itll be like hearing fairytales ab what life is like outside ths trash city fsdghsfgdkhj….i bet its Fun