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here are some nice colored things from the past month, since i wanted to do the fatesona 30 day challenge. i can only do snippets at a time, so lord knows if ill do any more. but at least i designed her original troubadour outfit, and her advanced maid class dress. here’s a little info:

age: 21
sex: female
affiliation: corrins army (previously nohr)
starting class: troubadour
personal skill: healing intuition (rosamund can equip rods and staves regardless of her current class)

rosamund was born into nobility in nohr. from a young age she was pressured to develop her physical skills and become a knight, but she found her talents were of greater use in the medical field. she eventually became a doctor to the royal family, and was deployed to the front lines many times during nohrs campaigns. she dislikes battle and conflict, but attaches herself easily to people, forming bonds that make her very protective. she joins fights in order to heal and protect those she cares about.

off the battlefield, rosamund is very polite and will often stick to formalities. though kind, she is also very serious. it is very hard for her to be naturally relaxed. she feels as though she needs to constantly contribute to corrins cause, lest she be branded as lazy. she is gullible, and will often not understand sarcasm.

though she is not a retainer to any of the royal siblings, she is fiercely devoted to lord leo, as she was usually deployed alongside him as his medic in nohrian campaigns.

her best friends are mozu, benny, arthur, felicia, camilla, and odin. her potential love interests are ignatius, laslow, shura, and niles.

A prompt list for everybody who wishes to share their current views and thoughts on Digimon Adventure tri.!

Now at least three movies out of six have officially been released it’s a good time to ponder what the new series have offered us so far and what is most likely ahead of us for the next movies.

It’s fun to think the answer to several of these questions is subject to change in the future. Since we’ll have to wait another 4 months until “Loss”, why not play with the odds a little? ;)

I suggest we start on November 1st 2016! The tag is #30daysoftri. But feel absolutely free to handle it as you please, especially if you find this later on! 

A big shoutout to everybody who helped come up with the list above and that includes @firstagent, @whatthehell-is-a-gigawatt, @nekoharuko@motomiyadiesuke, @iam-artist, @amaitapioca​ and @adventure-hearts!

Be cool, have a nice debate and have fun!


so grateful for the overwhelming love for rosamund already !!! wow you guys are sweet ❤️❤️💕❤️💕💕❤️💕

also yes i love to read tags

rosamund as a different class: probably a dark mage. her magic, skill, and luck stats are her greatest assets, so it’s best to make her a mage or some kind of assassin. hypothetically if she ever became an adventurer she would insist on using a shining bow > <
i might map out all her possible re classes later. this whole fatesona thing is damn fun 👍