❖ TokioHotel365 - Day 6, January 6th, 2013 

»  Alien Heart Reblog Project



The early preparation to my Valentines to every Tokio Hotel fan on tumblr! All you have to do, is reblog/like and spread around this post to all the Aliens on tumblr. You’ll have up until February 2nd to do so, and then your url will be written down and folded into a small origami heart. I will also make up some master lists of everyone who reblogs as a promo post. 

AND FINALLY~ On February 14th, when all the hearts are made, it will be posted along with the Valentines Tokio Hotel Give-away I have put together, which will be a random draw from the hearts! 


  • You must be a Tokio Hotel fan to some extent*! (yes, sorry, this project is dedicated to all my Alien family on tumblr)
  • You don’t have to follow me to join, but I definitely wouldn’t hate you if you did.  
  • …lastly, love thy Alien neighbor. ♥

*some extent = You don’t have to be a hardcore fan, but you know what I mean!


❖ TokioHotel365 - Day 37, February 6th, 2013 

»  Fake Tokio Hotel Facts; Tom Kaulitz Edition

Do I gotta disclaimer this? Just incase, yes these facts are all fake, obvi. Just thought these would be more interesting than seeing old repeats of old facts. xD and making fun of Tom is fun.