Tree House, 1st Kiss // 1st Kiss Re-Write

Alec was at the grand age of thirteen. While most thirteen year olds living in the ‘10s were scrunched up on the couch with their fingers tapping away at the computer keyboard for hours on end, Alec and his best friend, were taught to be active and enjoy what the world has given you. Also, it was a plus to live in a town that had the water right by your feet and your parents awesome enough to have built you a tree-house. At least, Carter’s parents were awesome enough to do so.  Alec didn’t complain about it, though.  He would and has spent days on end at Carter’s house and tree house and being officially in his teen years did not make any difference.

At the current moment, the blonde was going on and going about his gymnastic team. He loved the team and all his team members but the new teacher assistant did not know a thing about what they were capable of! Alec does not complain easily, but when he does, you know it’s something that has been bugging him for a long time. While it is probably a better choice to have asked to speak to Olivia or Piper of this matter, he had just come back for a meet and Carter was begging him for a night at the tree house. So Alec couldn’t say no but he also couldn’t get away with not sharing his frustration with someone until the next morning. He just had to let it out and Carter would have to deal for the night.