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Give me apartment hcs. I live for that shit. Give us all apartment hcs. Give the people what they want amalas

Hip Hop Au - Random Fact

Iwaizumi lives in a cheap 2 store apartment complex where he rents a little one room apartment at the ground floor

It’s a more poor neighborhood placed on the border to downtown and the city’s “China Town” (which is a more mixed than actually only Chinese district).
The apartment is small and cheap.

He doesn’t own much. Never had lots to bring with him from his uncle’s house when he moved out and never were able to afford many new things.
His place is small but he keeps it organized and well sorted. However it’s not a real nice place. Due being on the ground floor and not having many windows it’s more dark. The apartment block itself is worn down and not in the best condition. The floor of his apartment is some run down old linoleum and every once in a while the warm water of his shower is acting up.
At least the apartment complex has some washing machines and tumble dryers in the basement which he can use for some coins so he doesn’t have to go to a laundromat.

Oikawa’s living situation is different and way better.
He lives in an old but nice brick apartment house where he rents a cozy 2 bedroom apartment.

The neighborhood is to be gentrified in the future but for now still authentic, diverse and not really expensive. It’s an old blue-collar worker area with lots of brick houses and small shops and pubs and a more early industrial look.
Slowly more students and artists move close to the area as they love the mix of affordable rents and nice old buildings.

Oikawa has a bedroom and a spare room which he uses as a living room/music room. The kitchen is small but cozy and the bathroom doesn’t have a shower but an old bathtub with a shower head.
The rooms (not kitchen and bathroom) have old timber floor board. They are a bit worn down and could use some sanding but they still add to a nice and cozy atmosphere.

Although Oikawa doesn’t own a washing machine so he has to spend time at the laundromat or just drops by at the youth center and bugs Kuroo to use the washing machine there.

Oikawa’s apartment is about 48 m² so really a nice amount of space for him where as Iwa’s apartment is only about 28 m².                                

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oh OFCOURSE Cez-senpai…(sorry if it took long)

oh…. which reminds me…. which little bean?

this innocent little bean?

or this other cute little bean?


Yeeeeeep no regrets on asking that question… =)

PT!tale is by YOU XD

TH!Palette is by @starlumen

Goth is by @nekophy

Pallete is by @angexci

ask-cosplayer-tae ----> daily-namseok

Hey guys! I’ve got a fuckton of news so take a seat if you feel like reading it. I’m not going to continue on as an ask blog anymore, which I get some people won’t want to continue following me to which I say, go on. Because in all honesty I can’t keep up with asks ;;. However! I’m restarting this blog to be a more silly and cute place for doodles and my favorite underappreciated ship namseok. The premise takes a lot of inspiration from @daily-chishimondo in the sense of everyday I’ll choose a prompt or theme out of my inbox and draw it for these two. You can also send in stuff for either one, its honestly just to play around with stuff! I hope you guys like it and continue to support me. Thank you all so much!!


Small Bond

This makes me feel nice draws Goth and Palette. I better give them a nickname… But, I dunno what I am gonna calls them. Currently I needed this XD Anger and Nekophy is my inspiration this is why Goth and Palette’s new AU has born, now I am their mother ~ for now on they going to babysit their ORIGINAL, while I am working on the their stories <3 

EDIT: also I am going to draw a portrait TH!Goth’s parents and TH!palette’s with them.

TH!Goth and TH!Palette belongs to me

Goth belongs to @nekophy

Palette belongs to @angexci

Clues To My Heart - Jughead x Reader

Here you go! It’s slightly longer than usual!
I tried my best to make it as sweet as possible without it being overly sappy for someone like Jughead :)

“Jughead,” you seeth, eyes ablaze, “Get the hell out of my sight,”

He rolls his eyes and shakes his head in what looks like to be disappointment, his eyes filled with hurt and anger, but turns around and leaves anyway. You deflate a little, the argument that just happened sapping the energy out of you and you collapse onto a nearby park bench. It started innocently enough but it somehow just grew out of proportion, and into one of the worse fights you’ve ever had before. Tears prick at the corner of your eyes and you stubbornly wipe them away, unwilling to let your emotions get the best of you as the words he said to you echoes in your head.

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BTS Scenario: Obey

Kim Namjoon X Park Jimin X Reader (Threesome)

Genres: Smut, threesome, dom and sub play

Summary: You and Namjoon had been dating for a quiet a while, although you both knew that Jimin had also had his eye on you. Through much convincing, Namjoon finally agrees to let Jimin have you for one night, one on condition: he gets to watch. 

Word Count: 3.0k

A/N: This might be the kinkiest thing I’ve ever written (man, I’m not even Christian and I think I need Jesus after writing this), seriously I got super into it. This one-shot is SUPER kinky, so read at your own discretion~ 

***Thank you to anon for the request!***

***I do not own the gif***

“C’mon hyung, just this once,” Jimin begged for what seemed like the hundredth time. Your boyfriend, Namjoon, sighed as he rubbed at his temples, deep in thought. You sat on the couch across from the two of them, your hands folded gently in your lap as you listened to the two boys discuss Jimin’s proposal back and forth. Namjoon glanced at you as you sat back casually awaiting the verdict; a look of uncertainty crossed face for a moment before he sighed once more and turned back towards Jimin.

“Okay. Fine, you win.” He stated as Jimin sat back in his chair, grinning triumphantly. “Well, Y/N, what do you think?” Namjoon asked; both of the boys turned to look at you expectantly awaiting your response.

“I’m up for it.” You nodded at the both of them as Jimin sat back, a smile of excitement playing on his face. His eyes, filled with lust, narrowed as he looked you up and down, his tongue swiping across his lower lip.

“Then it’s settled, I get Y/N for one night?” Jimin asked avidly. This was something he had been wanting ever since the two of you met. You and Namjoon had immediately hit it off when you met the boys a few months back, but you knew that he wasn’t the only one who had eyes for you. Jimin had continued to express his interest even after you began dating Namjoon, constantly giving you suggestive looks and staring at your ass. There had been countless occurrences where he’d been standing all too close to you, even letting his fingers grace your thighs when he thought you wouldn’t notice. As subtle as he tried to keep it, you and Namjoon were well aware of his desire for you.

You weren’t exactly sure how you had arrived at the present situation where Jimin had at last convinced Namjoon to allow him a one-night-stand with you. You loved your boyfriend but you certainly couldn’t deny that you were attracted to Jimin as much as he was to you. After all, how could you resist the way he danced during all those practices you had attended, watching him grind the air with his hips and biting down on his lip when he got into the movements. You had no complaints against Jimin’s proposition so as long as Namjoon was comfortable with it.

“Yeah…wait. One more condition.” Namjoon spoke up abruptly before you or Jimin could move. “You can have her for the night, but I get to be there to watch it. Do we have an agreement?” Jimin silently cocked an eyebrow before speaking up.

“Sure, why not? It’s a deal.” He smirked as he eyes drew back towards you. He stood up and slowly made his way over to you.

“Ready to go?” Jimin whispered. He slipped a hand under your chin to tilt your face up to look at him, moving his thumb to rub against your bottom lip. You stared at him through your lashes and nodded, giving him a shy smile. A grin played at his lips as he reached down to grab your hand, pulling you off the couch and leading you toward the stairs with Namjoon following closely behind.


Upstairs, the door shut behind you and you watched as Namjoon made his way over to the arm chair across from the bed; he sat down as Jimin advanced over towards you. Jimin brought both of his hands to hold your face, bringing it up to look at him once more, making sure you were looking him in the eyes before he spoke up.

“Now, you’re going to obey everything I ask you to do. Is that understood?” He spoke in a low voice, his warm breath washing over you. His eyes shined with greedy desire as he moved one hand to begin roaming down your back. You nodded silently, feeling intimidated yet extremely exhilarated at his dominant tone over you.

“Good girl. Now, sit down.” He ordered, pointing towards the bed as he stepped back. You sunk down onto the mattress, staring up at Jimin as he towered above you; his eyes were filled with fire and lust. He briefly glanced across where Namjoon was seated before looking back down at you, bending down to grab hold of your jaw and bringing your face inches from his. Jimin smashed his lips against yours, taking your bottom lip between his teeth and tugging lightly. He stepped closer, grabbing your shoulders to push you to lay back on the mattress as he straddled you. Jimin sat up, pulling off his t-shirt in one swift movement before diving back down towards your neck where he sucked lightly on your collarbone, causing a breathy sigh to escape from your lips. His hands moved to grip your thighs, rubbing them up and down as his fingers pressed roughly into your skin. You could feel a wetness begin to pool between your legs as his hands disappeared underneath your skirt to grab a hold of your ass. You let out a breathless moan as he toyed with the waistband of your panties, his cool fingers running over your skin.

Jimin lifted himself up; he continued to stay in his straddled position over you as he hooked his fingers around the top of your skirt and pulled it off. He tossed it behind him before doing the same with your top, leaving you nearly stripped below him. He admired your bare skin below him as his fingers trailed over you, feeling your warmth. Jimin climbed off of you before repositioning himself on the bed and pulled you up to sit on his lap.

“I want you to grind yourself on me,” Jimin said, positioning one hand on your waist as the other moved to push your legs apart until you were straddling his thigh. “Ride me, babe.”

He reached behind you and fumbled with the clasp on your bra as you began to grind his thigh, increasing the hot wetness between your legs. Jimin squeezed your breasts, tweaking your nipples until they were hard as he dragged his lips across your neck and nibbled slightly at your collarbones. You glanced behind Jimin where your boyfriend was seated; he smirked at you, biting down on his lip as he watched you pleasure yourself on Jimin. Your eyes fluttered shut as you increased your pace to gain friction and began to moan softly before Jimin grasped your hips, forcing you to stop.

“That’s enough, don’t want you coming too soon, now do we?” He laughed darkly as he pushed you off of him and back down onto the mattress.

“Ah, look what you’ve done Y/N,” Jimin gestured towards his thighs; you looked down to where you had left a wet mess on his jeans. “This won’t do at all.” He said, smirking as he unbuttoned his jeans and shook them off.

“Turn around and get on your knees.” He commanded, lifting a hand to gesture for you to move. You obeyed and turned away from Jimin, locking your eyes with Namjoon as you rose to your hands and knees. Namjoon remained silent and you could see the growing bump in his own jeans as he shifted in his chair slightly. The bed creaked with Jimin’s weight as he crawled up behind you; his hands suddenly grasping the waistband of your panties as he yanked them down. He brought them around your ankles before his hand slipped between your slicked thighs, parting them slightly. Then, without warning, Jimin brought his other hand to crack down firmly on your ass. You screwed your eyes shut and let out a mixed cry of pain and pleasure as your skin began to sting in the aftermath of Jimin’s spanking. He smacked his hand down a few more times until your skin began to burn hot, your moans getting louder with each slap. By now, your legs were practically soaked, your wetness dripping down your thighs and onto the sheets. Your core ached for more as you grinded the air, sticking your ass out towards Jimin.

“Do you like being spanked like that, baby?” Jimin asked, reaching around to cup your breast as he whispered into your ear. You couldn’t find your voice to answer him, so you nodded in between moans. “And what do you say? Can you say ‘thank you’?”

“Th-thank you.” You managed, still trembling from the scorching sensation.

“Good girl.” Jimin slid his hand down from your ass to rest just between the tops of your inner thighs, his fingers instantly covered in your wetness. Jimin glided his digits along your slit before slipping one inside of you, slowly stretching you out before adding another. He worked you in and out, slowly pumping his fingers as you thrust your hips back in an attempt to quicken the pace.

“Don’t be too eager, kitten.” You received another sharp spank as he laughed darkly from behind you. He curved his fingers as he hit the right spot, sending you into bliss as your knees buckled underneath of you and a loud moan escaped your lips. Jimin removed his fingers from inside of you before reaching around to you once more.

“Taste yourself, babe.” He cooed, shoving slicked his fingers into your open mouth. Your eyes fluttered shut as you sucked on his fingers before he pushed you over to lay on your back. Without warning, Jimin dove down to slide his fingers back into you. This time, he brought his lips to close around your clit, his tongue swirling on the swollen bud as his fingers quickened their pace which made you quake with pleasure. You bucked your hips as you brought your hands to clutch as his hair, holding his head in place as he worked on you. His other hand moved towards his boxer briefs where he began to palm himself through his underwear. Jimin looked up at you through his hair and you could feel yourself getting closer to your climax as he flicked his tongue on your clit.

“Fuck, Jimin. I’m gonna-.” You spoke breathlessly as you arched your back. Suddenly, you felt Jimin lift his head and remove his fingers from inside of you. He hummed lightly to himself as he licked the wetness off of his fingers, keeping his eyes locked with yours.

“No, I don’t want you coming just yet.” He said, pulling you up and bringing your hand towards his boxers to cup his erection. He hissed as you pushed your hand against his member, lightly kneading it through the fabric of his underwear. You subconsciously slid your hand towards your slit as your core ached for Jimin, but you felt Jimin jerk your hand back before you could reach it.

“Don’t you dare touch yourself. That’s only for me to do.” He growled, keeping a tight grip on your wrist as he grinded himself against your other hand on his length. The air was filled with the scent of sex, intoxicating you. You whined, biting down on your bottom lip as you looked up at Jimin. His head was thrown back slightly and he swallowed hard as a throaty moan escaped from his plump lips.

“Fuck, baby, I need you right now.” He growled, pushing your hand away before reaching to tug his boxers off. “Turn around.”

You returned to your hands and knees, turning around to stick your ass out at Jimin before he lightly spanked it once more and pushed his erection against you. The feeling of his member pressed against your skin caused you to swish your hips hungrily towards him as he moved his hands to grip them, leaning close to your ear.

“Do you want this cock, baby?” He purred into your ear, teasing you as his length pushed further between your thighs. You nodded and whined wantonly as you attempted to grind yourself against him.

“Beg for it.” Jimin commanded as he clamped one hand around your ass. “Tell me how bad you want it.”

“P-please, Jimin,” you pleaded, “Please fuck me, I want your cock so bad.”

“Now you’ll only be allowed to come when I tell you to. Is that understood?” You nodded vigorously, desperate to feel him inside of you as the heat between your legs increased. “Good girl.”

Jimin positioned himself directly outside of your opening before grabbing a fistful of your hair in both of his hands, tugging on the strands as he slowly pushed in.

“Fuck, baby, you feel so good.” Jimin rasped, quickening his pace until he fell into a rhythm. Your eyes fluttered shut as you became light headed from the feeling of your walls clenching around Jimin’s length. He groaned throatily as he began to pound into you, his hips snapping against your ass with each thrust. Your entire body quaked as you moaned, echoing throughout the room.

Your eyes blinked open as you heard the squeak of a chair and hurrying footsteps towards you. You looked up to see Namjoon towering over you, his hands quickly reaching to unbuckle his jeans before sloppily shaking them off.

“I can’t take it just sitting there watching you get fucked like that, baby. I need you too.” He rasped, releasing his erection from his boxer briefs. Namjoon bent down to plant a kiss on your lips as he worked on himself. Jimin dug his fingertips into your hips, holding you down as he continued to slam into you. He pulled on your hair tightly with one hand, causing you to cry out in between moans. Namjoon reached down to grab one of your hands, bringing it to his member and hissing upon your touch. You closed your hand around his cock, gently working your hand up and down to the rhythm which Jimin was pounding you from behind.

“Let me have a taste of you, princess.” Namjoon stepped back, walking around behind you as Jimin removed himself from you. You whined at the emptiness between your legs, begging to be filled up again as you shoved your hips backward towards the two boys. Jimin came around you to replace Namjoon’s spot as Namjoon stepped forward, his fingers briefly dipping in between your legs. A moment later, you felt his lips close around your swollen clit, sucking lightly as his fingers toyed inside of you.

“You taste so good, baby.” He groaned, standing back up to position himself in front of your entrance. Without warning, he thrust in, filling you to the brim and sending a shockwave of pleasure through you. Your knees nearly collapsed with the feeling as he immediately quickened his pace to roughly slam his hips against you.

“You like it when I fuck you like that?” He growled as his hand cracked down on your ass. You cried out, screwing your eyes shut as an intense wave washed over you. “Moan as loud as you can, I want to hear you scream my name.”

“Fuck, Namjoon! That feels so good.” You groans echoed throughout the room, mixed with the grunts of the two boys before and behind you. Jimin worked on himself as you looked up at him through your lashes. His forehead was slicked with sweat and his eyes were closed as he pumped his cock through his fist. You reached up to touch his length, taking it in your hand as his eyes fluttered open to look down at you.

The room was filled with the scent of sex and sweat; it swirled around you, making you feel on a high. Despite Jimin previously ordering that you would only be allowed to come when you were told to, you could feel your orgasm coming on as Namjoon continued to pound inside of you. Jimin seemed to notice as your moans became breathier, your fingers and toes curling at the overwhelming sensation. You could tell that he had become close as well, his hand quickening its pace on his length as he watched you lurch back and forth.

Jimin leaned down, using one hand to grip your jaw as he sloppily crushed his lips against yours. “Come for us, babe.” He whispered hoarsely while nibbling on your jaw. His command caused a pooling of fire in your abdomen and you shut your eyes tight. Your moans became quieter before you went completely still as Namjoon continued to thrust, slapping his hips against you. Your walls clenched around his cock as you exploded into your orgasm; your arms collapsed underneath you as you writhed around, shaking with pleasure. Your entire body felt numb as it pulsed in burning hot waves coursing through every inch of you.

“Fuck, Y/N, I’m gonna-” Namjoon let out a string of curses before his breathing hitched. You began to come down from your high as Namjoon removed himself from you, reaching his hand up to vigorously pump his length alongside Jimin. You whimpered below them, staring up through your sweat-slicked hair. The two boys grunted in time together, echoing throughout the heavy-aired room before going into release. The room went silent for a split second before Namjoon and Jimin burst into orgasm one after the other, releasing onto your back. Jimin lifted his hand to grip your ass as he finished himself off.

You turned to face them a moment later, shifting to sit down on the bed and look up at them as they towered over you, slowing their pace as they came down from their own high. Namjoon placed a hand under your chin, tilting your head up to look at him as he let go of his member, Jimin following suit soon after.

“Fuck, baby, you did such a good job for us.” Namjoon grinned, leaning down to plant a kiss on your lips. He moved around you to pull his jeans back on as Jimin stepped into your view, bending down to bring himself to your level.

“You were such a good girl for us, Y/N. I think we’ll have to convince hyung to let us do this again sometime. What do you think?” He ran his fingers through your hair, tucking a few strands behind your ear as he looked into your eyes with his own lust filled ones. You shook your head yes as Jimin licked his lips before pressing them against yours, his tongue swiping your bottom lip.He broke the kiss, pressing his sweat covered forehead to yours as he whispered.

“I love it when you obey.”

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