what signs to check in posts

I’ve gotten a few asks about what signs you should check in certain posts, so here we go! Also, please note that you can always check your Dominant sign for all posts.

For posts about social situations, being with friends, basic traits, and initial reactions, check your Sun sign.

For posts about family, security, emotions, how you feel when something happens, how you act when emotional, and your inner self, check your Moon sign.

For posts about first impressions, meeting new people, style, fashion, and beauty, check your Rising sign.

For posts about communication, reactions, speaking, writing, solving problems, thinking, and thoughts you have, check your Mercury sign.

For posts about love, showing affection, receiving affection, acting in a relationship, relationships in general, and aesthetics, check your Venus sign.

For posts about energy, sex, anger, revenge, instincts, stress, and determination, check your Mars sign.

For posts about luck, fate, spirituality, abstract thoughts, and passions, check your Jupiter sign.

For posts about work, challenges, limitations, restrictions, maturity, and fears, check your Saturn sign.

For posts about change, rebellion, progression, revolution, and originality, check your Uranus sign.

For posts about dreams, imagination, fantasies, understanding, spiritual understanding, and intuition, check your Neptune sign.

For posts about transformation, change in life, new beginnings, life advice, and wanting to change, check your Pluto sign.

For posts about careers, reputation, social situations, professional environments, and your place in life, check your Midheaven sign.

If you don’t know what sign you have in a certain planet, calculate your birth chart here!