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Im constantly suffering thinking of the years spock lived without jim because he outlived him old married spirk becomes sad so quickly when i think about spock alone without his th'y'la for 50 years

not even 50. it’s 98 or 99 years. i calculated that for myself just yesterday using Memory Alpha’s dates and i literally almost cried because they honestly mean so much to me, as a gay person, as a science-fiction lover, and as a fanfic writer too, and i wanted them to have a happy ending.

But, also yesterday, I thought up what might happen when they finally do reunite in whatever the Star Trek universe’s afterlife is.

Jim gives Spock the best hug he’s ever gotten, and they’re roughly the same age as they were on the Enterprise and they’re wearing their horrible uniforms again and Spock’s a science officer and Jim is an ordinary captain and they just. hold each other. for the longest time.

Jim says, “I love you.” And then he says, with that smile we all love, “You took your time, didn’t you? I’ve been waiting here since 2293.” And Spock starts crying, they both start crying, and then they spend the rest of their afterlives stalking their AOS counterparts invisibly and yelling at them to just kiss already

spocks contact name for jim: Ashayam 💫 (jim convinced him to put the star even though “that is not a correct rendering of a star captain” but spock secretly likes it anyways)

jim’s contact name for spock: spock💕✨🚀🍆 (“th'y'la i do not understand the significance of the…. eggplant” “tonight you will” “please stop blinking one eye at me” “you know what winking is spock”)

okay so spock prime probably accidentally got flashes of jims thoughts in that mind meld and like ……. him realizing that spock and uhura are together in this universe and he’s just like “uhm??? oh my god someones gotta tell this boy he’s gay……… his th'y'la is right there in front of him…….. please free him from the clutches of heteronormativity”

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Vulcans mate for life. It terrifies him, because how could he ever find someone who would want him forever? Until he meets Jim. Jim whose kisses burn, who tastes of coffee and makes him giddy. He explains, terrified, that it has to be a lifelong thing after Jim pushes him against the mattress and works off his pants. It takes a month for him to think it over, and when he does, he holds Spocks hand and slides a silver ring onto his finger. "For life." He promises, kissing him tenderly.

yes pls

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So I've always imagined the th'y'la bond to work in a way that its an open path between the two minds, so one could peer into the others thoughts if the path isn't closed. So imagine one day Spock is busy working on something in the science labs(1/2)

(cont) and Jim peers into his mind from their room and sees Spock’s thoughts and how quickly he’s able to solve things and piece information together and Jim finds Spock’s intellect and seeing him work insanely hot and Jim starts thinking naughty and let’s just say Spock gets distracted by Jim’s thoughts and heads back to him and he makes sure that next time he needs something to really get done that he keeps an eye on Jim so he doesn’t get distracted again lol

imagine jim having one of those days where theres a song stuck in his head and for the life of him, he can’t get it out

so he leans over to spock and mentions off hand that he’s got a song in his head 

spock leans over, eyes blood shot, hand gripping the table, and hisses ‘I KNOW

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Okay so when Bones and Spock first get together they decide to not have sex for the first week, in order to not overwhelm each other. But it becomes a game of consent and asking for things. Asking for everything except what they really want. "Spock may I kiss you?" "yes Th'y'la"; "Leonard may I engage in the terran act of cuddlin?" "Yeah darlin'."; "Spock may I touch you?" "Yes." And then, on the last day, "Leonard, may I--." "Yes god yes', you may."

my heart just exploded

because bones is such a proper southern gent and spock is such a good guy like that they would so do this wouldnt they????

imagine years down the road tho, and theyre still asking each other these questions every day cause its their little game

imagine bones telling spock ‘i have a question’ and spock just kinda smiling and raising an eyebrow

imagine spocks face when the question is 'will you marry me?’