I can only explain the similarities between our!Kaneki and fake!Kaneki because the imposter has his face surgically changed to Kaneki’s. Without his control, of course. Wouldn’t surprise if it’s Kanou, who has an obessission with his prototype, who managed to make his face almost identical to Kaneki’s. That says more about Kanou than Furuta to be honest…

We will probably never know who exactly he was and how he ended up in Furuta’s “care” in the first place, but the pain and fear he felt was really intense that it made me actually quite depressed. 

And it goes without saying that this whole ordeal was scripted, just like Imposter’s reluctance to answer immediately, so Furuta give the audience a more dramatic show. This whole scene is getting even more disturbing if we consider that these investigators are not only indirectly cheering for the executions for their own collegues and citizens they actually should protect, but also that none of these investigators actually objected to these children, who have their eyes hidden with a cloth, doing the deed or even noticing that Furuta is using child soldiers. 

All in all, what I am saying is probably not something interesting, but this is so incredibly scary to me because Furuta literally treats this all as a freakshow and the investigators welcome it in their desperation. For the first time in my life I can actually sympathise Furuta’s enjoyment of hypocrisy. He must really get off to the fact that they indirectly stripped off their last remnants of humanity and compassion in favour of self-assurance and conquest of power.

And I am really glad that Urie as well as Ui witnessed this and were utterly disgusted. Urie, with his superiority complex and powergrasping, can’t even take a look at it. Although I am not sure if it’s just disgust, but also the possibility that it hit him pretty early that this ain’t Sasaki in the first place. But that his mouth wasn’t drawn shows to me that there is a great inner conflict, which I appreciate to be honest, even it could also indicate that he, for now, doesn’t intend to share his inner thoughts with anyone, or at least publically so to speak. But I won’t deny that there has been great character development with him in the first place, because there definitely was quite a lot of it prior to that scene.

And Ui, who is recognizing, no, admitting, the situation for what it is (although it is not the fist time that he anticipated that the CCG won’t last) and realises that the CCG is lost for good. Well, I would want to also have a realisation on his part that it was all illusion in the first place and that his mentality was never reconcilable with this organisation in the first place, but I am definitely satisfied for now. Although… the “weak” analogy was quite interesting, too. I am not quite sure if he is just referring to the physical stuff, as most investigators are not very strong in general, or if these people are weak because they are defying Ui’s mentality of what an investigator is supposed to act.

And I also wonder if he is shocked because he did some self-reflection in the process, too. 

And what I didn’t see being pointed out yet is Suzuya’s expression. Not only is he witnessing a demonstration of said freakshow he had to partake in himself throughout his childhood and thought to have abandoned it for good, only to discover that it’s practically dominating his own home. 

No, he also knows that his own collegues and the people he, they, swore to protect actually were killed by the protectors of mankind in front of them. 

He could not do a single thing about it. Did he think of Shinohara this time, too? What would he have said to this? 

Does he still intend to stick with the CCG? Or has his mistrust of Furuta reached its peak and thus is going to fight against Furuta’s new system?

I really hope Ui is going to drag Saiko’s, Urie’s and Suzuya’s assess out of there as soon as possible. 


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