i don’t know, i don’t like the idea that ares is only this angry, hateful person.

because yeah, he’s a warrior. and there’s a lot of hate in that. but there’s got to be love, too, right? you don’t spend your whole life fighting if you don’t have something to fight for. 

things ares loves:

- everyone who has a battle to win; be it physical, mental, emotional. he sees them, and he protects them, and he understands. 

- aphrodite. 

- hephaestus, too, in time. 

- catching his breath after running a marathon, after winning (or losing) a boxing match, after watching the sunrise.  

- sinking into a hot tub and letting the water wash away the soreness of his bruises, of his overworked muscles. 

- the feeling of wet grass beneath his bare feet while he’s doing his morning stretches in the yard. 

just give me some good, soft ares once in a while. let him rest a while. 

OK SO. I am on board the Min Hyuk x Do Bong Soon ship. I know they have a long way to go (it’s only been 2 episodes like? Anything could happen), but my GOD the potential!!!! THE POTENTIAL.

You have Do Bong Soon, who is physically powerful which already wins points because powerful woman? Say what? But guess what makes this even better? She’s still super feminine, and crushes on a boy, and jumps up and down when shes excited, and she EATS and it’s normal. And she’s not sexualised, and her strength isn’t looked down upon. It’s not made into this “ohhh woman is stronger than a man? SHOCKER!!!!” in a way that turns it into a joke and emphasises that it’s so wrong for a woman to be stronger than a man? (At least that’s the vibes i’m getting). She’s capable and fights back when needed, but I also like that she doesn’t always go head first saving people. She’s no superhero, and while that’s very much something she could do, she helps in smaller ways when the situation calls for it too. Bong Soon knows to hold back and uses her strength as a last resort.

SIDE NOTE: I like how this emphasises and shows you just how much people *cough* men, look down on women and treat women. Because they always underestimate her and think she’s weak and frail, until she proves them completely wrong.

Then you have Min Hyuk. He sees her strength and while he is amazed by it, it’s also no big deal? Like woah, girl with supernatural strength? I WANT HER AS MY BODY GUARD. And what’s even better is HE ENJOYS seeing her show off her strength AND helps her out at the police station no question. He doesn’t get all pissy and feel less of a man or emasculated(? Is that the right word)?. He relies on her, is sensitive, admits when he is scared, isn’t afraid to admit he needs her, and still instinctively wants to protect her despite knowing she is physically capable. He treats her like a girl/woman, without playing down her strength to make him feel manly/himself feel better.

They have this rhythm when they interact and I really like what they bring out in each other so far.

EDIT: did I also mention that she is a gamer? Bong Soon literally breaks every barrier. She’s physically strong, feminine, a GAMER and wants to develop games. Like!!!!! Her physical strength doesn’t mean she’s necessarily cut out to be a hero or that she can’t be both strong AND feminine. What are gender roles. Do they exist on this show? Nope? Good.

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Ok I've find that tag .. but you actually read it? You can find it interesting ;) (aaand, Teleporno is Quenya name of Celeborn. I know that it's a ridicolous name but what this means? that that version isn't valid?). btw for the Akallabeth it's a too long question, BUT. The fact that somebody could find intriguing the fact that there is a character that dared to challenge the Valar... I'm always weak for tragic characters (Feanor is my fave) but seems that nobody could like grey characters ...

You’re very right, Anon. Ar-Parazon is a complex character who makes very difficult choices and dares to ask the important questions (like ‘is it right to burn these people alive as part of my quest for immortality?’) Certainly, characters that are willing to defy the Valar are few and far between and I think I myself and, indeed, this fandom as a whole are far too willing to dismiss these morally grey characters out of hand.

I really am sorry for not giving Tolkien’s tragic characters the attention they deserve. 

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Hi Ms. Lizzie!! What are some trinkets/natural thingies that would be a good idea to gift to Ares?

You can give Ares any offerings really. If it’s something you like and think is nice, then you can give it to Him as an offering. 

Ares’ common attributes include:

  • Helmet
  • The Golden Fleece
  • Spear
  • Sword
  • Boars

And His sacred animals include:

  • Vultures
  • Owls
  • Snakes 
  • Horses 

He’s considered one of The Theoi Polemikoi, or deities of war, and along with Athene is considered to lead the Theoi Polemikoi. He’s also associated with gymnasiums. So, you’ve got a fair amount of symbolism to work with, but not a lot of it is nature things. You could use wool, feathers, snake skins and the like as representations/offerings. You can also use pictures or figurines of those animals He holds sacred. And you can use medals, trophies, awards, prizes, war memorabilia (like one of my cousins has an army patch that belonged to our great-grandfather), sports memorabilia, ect…. But pretty much, if it reminds you of Him or you think He’ll like it, go for it.

Personally, I have my shrine to Ares set up in my home gym, along with Apollon and Hermes. Specifically for Ares there’s my sisters black belt in there and a bullet casing from when I was doing long range target shooting with a rifle.


Ares is ready for his new home!

Ares was born back in August as part of a 25% Rufescens sandboa litter from Sausage and Egg. He and his littermates began as very selective and picky eaters, who preferred to sleep through winter rather than eat.

As of today, Ares weighs 17 grams and has taken 11 meals, 4 consecutively, and is eating 2 f/t pinky mice at a time.

Ares is handleable, but needs some work. He can be fast and a little nervous. Ares is a high black tiger phase, a Rufescens trait, and we had intended him a holdback. He has just a few gray belly scales. 

Ares is available for 50$.

We are willing to ship Ares once the weather has warmed up. We are happy to deliver him for free to the March Tinley Park NARBC show. We will also deliver for free to any Midwest Reptile Show in Indianapolis, IN, or the Kalamazoo Reptile Show in Kalamazoo, MI.

Contact us for more details.

The Ars Goetia

** - Concerning Goetia - **
The Gods of humanity were openly referred to as Demons in the ancient times, always described as beneficial and benevolent beings. Only upon the onset of the Abrahamic religions, were Demons bastardised. Part of this paradigm is the practice of the Goetia. The Gods are presented as twisted beasts in the Goetia, which has bled into popular culture for Jewish motives - to keep Gentile humanity from truly connecting with their Gods.
The term “Goetia” comes from the Greek “Goetis/Gois” which actually means “He of Magickal Beauty”/“He who Associates with the Gods”/“The Magician”. The Greek word “Γοης”[Go-ees] is related, it is the origin of the (today) slanderous word “Goy”, it’s ancient meaning is “Magician of the Gods/Demons”. In ancient times, the word Goetes was used to signify those who have relationships with the Gods. The Goetes were Pagans, teachers of Orpheus (Greek/Orphic mysteries) from the East, and were incredibly powerful mages. The word was derived into Hebrew and the meaning became “unaware beasts”/“stupid animal”, which shows what the Jews think of even the best of us.
The Ars Goetia is an abusive, enemy Jewish Grimoire. It is full of lies about the Gentile/Pagan Gods and explains techniques for binding and abusing the Demons. The book is full of Jewish magick and using the techniques in it, is asking for disaster. To summon a God/Demon using the methods in the book, one would have to call upon the multiple names of the Jewish “God”, praise the Jewish “God”. Then, you would need to curse the God/Demon you are tring to summon, and demand the God/Demon appear “in the name of” the Jewish “God”. The Ars Goetia is where techniques like 9-foot circles, requiring a God/Demon to have a “license to depart,” and sealing Demons in a vessel of brass originate from.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The methods of the Ars Goetia have CEASED to be effective, as the Demons were freed more then a decade ago. Using these methods will get you in contact with impostor beings that are only looking to enslave you.

I’m like 99% sure I haven’t posted this yet?? (no pun intended) So I’ll do that now!

Made this around when MP100 S1 was ending, I’m not terribly happy with it now, but I put a lot of work into it and people seemed to like it when I sold it! (back during the mini-comics expo at SCAD) so why not share the finished thing here?