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brianfriedman: The wait is almost over! Tomorrow #Touch featuring all of your favorite dancers will be going live on @danceon! @littlemix#brianfriedmanchoreography#brianfriedman #bfreeglobal@jadebug98 @charlizey1@kaelynnharris @maddieziegler@kalanihilliker @kendallvertes@camrynbridges @kayceericeofficial@trinityinay @kerryntonjones@angelgibbs99 @larsenthompson@thejalenpreston & @evandebenedetto filmed by @ryanparma Choreo by yours truly! #TeamFriedman @ttalentc@mdcdance

The video of our girls doing Brian’s choreo will be posted tomorrow! :)

green-hell-zone  asked:

Do you have a top 10 favourite character list? You just mentioned that Amy is number 3, and you've made it pretty obvious that Sonic is number 1, but what about the others?


#1 - SONIC

Game, X, Boom, post-reboot Archie and OVA versions ONLY. I deeply dislike his pre-reboot Archie, Fleetway, Chronicles and post-2010 games portrayals. I think it’s abudantly clear on this blog why I love him so much :3 Portrayals that I especially adore are his Storybook game and Unleashed ones for absolutely nailing his personality. Amazing and fun to watch abilities, fallibility despite them, fascinating personality and an absolutely brilliant and timeless design are all factors in why he’s my fave fictional character period let along fave Sonic character.


Again, Game, X, Boom and OVA versions ONLY. SatAM!Robotnik is Robotnik in name only and Archie Eggman is a tad too fickle and extreme in his evil for my tastes. Hands down the series’ best villain and a deliciously evil and yet very amusing and dimensional character as well. Some of the coolest things that happened in this series were his doing. An absolutely irreplaceable classic of a character.


Horribly flanderized and obnoxious portrayals aside, I love this gal for her compassion, determination, fortitude and niceness….well, when she’s in a good mood XD She’s so genki and fun to watch.

#4 - TAILS

Horrid SLW portrayal aside, who doesn’t love Tails? He’s so cool and I just adore his brotherly dynamic with Sonic. And all those cool inventions :D Also fun to play as with his flying ability.


A compelling character who all too often is scapegoated for this series’ problems that aren’t even his fault specifically. Awesome powers, intriguing personality, great development and a genuinely cool design all make for a truly great character.

#6 - SALLY

When not treated with favoritism and shilled obnoxiously (Flynn), forced through chickification (Penders) or derailed into being a bitch for an agenda (Bollers) Sal is a great character who is unique as far as Sonic characters go for her realism regarding emotion and personality quirks. Which makes her quite relatable when written well. I also love her maternal side :)


Like Sal, relatable for the elements of realism to her character. Her dynamic with Sonic is also incredibly entertaining and she has a really pretty design.


Again, like Shahra, he has a genuinely entertaining character dynamic with Sonic that was genuinely funny and has a very unique personality as far as Sonic characters go, being very strict and uptight. Also voiced by SANJI (Hiroaki Hirata). Which is a bonus.

#9 - BLAZE

Has perhaps one of the most interesting bits of character development ever seen in this series. Also gets uniqueness points for being the only female character with a Super-like form. ALSO has a great dynamic with Sonic, being introverted compared to his extroversion and yet emotional and reactive when pushed. Which contrasts with Sonic’s calmness and rationality in the same kind of scenario.


They paired here because they work so well together and are the only characters that really benefit from Pontaff’s writing style. Orbot slightly edges-out Cubot as my fave especially for his Unleashed portrayal due to his utter fearlessness in calling-out Dr Eggman’s idiocy and laughing at his expense. Cubot can be pretty amusing too.

anonymous asked:

Hmm, you remember the bonus cutscenes in Unleashed with Sonic and Chip? I kinda want to see the same thing done with the extended cast and how they're fairing against Eggman's reign during Sonic's [supposed] absence or behind the scenes during the story.

That’d actually be pretty awesome.

You hearing this SEGA?


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