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Destiel "Cas what the hell are you wearing?" Lol I'm in a fluffy room :) Go nuts!

Welp I went nuts. and then Word FROZE on me and i almost lost it all! Meep!

Also, i failed again. this is 400 words exactly even after tons of editing. I’ll be able to do it eventually, right? I’m assuming also you meant fluffy mood?

Okay, so, I was originally thinking beach themed, but I’m watching Eureka and Zane just had 19 boxes filled with lingerie delivered to Lupo so…my brain went there instead.


Dean stumbled to a halt in the entrance of the map room. He blinked. Then blinked again. The vision before him didn’t change.

“Cas, what the hell are you wearing?” Cas looked up and gave Dean a gummy smile.

“Do you like it, Dean?” Cas asked proudly.

“I…I…” Dean’s face turned red and he averted his eyes, “But…why…why are you wearing that?” his voice was strangled.

“I found something similar in one of those magazines you keep in your room. You like this sort of thing, don’t you Dean?” Cas stood, approaching Dean, his head tilted in confusion, hypnotizing blue eyes hopeful.

Dean tried to look away from Cas but his eyes kept dragging back to the angel, unable to stop looking him up and down and barely holding back the whimper. “Th-those…m-magazines are, they’re uh…guys don’t um…”

“Oh, not Busty Asian Beauties, Dean. I mean the other ones.” Cas stepped closer and this time Dean couldn’t hold back that whimper, his gaze drawn down. “The ones with the men wearing the same styles. Do you like it?” Castiel looked down and fingered the fabric and then looked back up at him without moving his head, “It was hard to find something similar in my size. If I were Gabriel, I could have just snapped it into existence, but…”

“L-looks good, Cas,” Dean gulped.

“Yeah?” Cas’s hopeful smile was happy and he took another step closer. Dean’s hand twitched out to stop him, his palm landing on Cas’s chest, the warmth of the skin beneath thin, silky, lacy material sending a thrill through him.

“C-cas…it’s just…you don’t…wear stuff like that in public.” Dean tried.

“We’re not exactly in public, Dean,” Cas grinned at him.

“Yeah, b-but Sam could walk in any minute now…”

“Already did, guys. Scarred for life. I swear to Chuck,” Sam pushed past them where they stood in the doorway, duffle slung over his shoulder. “I’m outta here.”

They remained rooted there as his footsteps echoed up the stairs, the heavy door creaking open and shut again, leaving them in silence.

“Can I kiss you now, Dean?”

“Oh fuck, yeah,” Dean breathed out.

He wasn’t even mad that Cas found his secret stash. Because obviously, Cas felt the same way about Dean that he’d been feeling for years and Dean was done hiding his feelings.

Right now, Dean had a sexy angel to kiss.

So he did.


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