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dare to show ur beautiful face without makeup and wigs? cuz i would love to see dat

//HEre u have this ugly ass hobo in low quality lm a o 

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sorry it's the g&th anon again sorry 4 spamming ur inbox but nobody i like/follow even knows who she is so can i just ask what ur favorite & least favorite songs of hers

NO ITS OK lmao i love g&th youre good….im not so sure abt my least favorite SONG (my least fave album would be moenie and kitchi i think tho) but my fave song would probably be for the best

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I just wanted to let you know that your works are one of the few works that I don't comment asking for an update or for the next chapter. And it's all because anyone can see how invested you are in them and the reason for the long periods of time in between chapters is only because you care so much about what you do to the story and its characters. IDK IM SO EMOTIONAL ABOUT THS FOR NO REASON . i love you and your writing ok? Ok.

I appreciate that you like my writing and my stories but, I have to be honest, the first part of your message really rubs me the wrong way. I’m glad that you don’t ask me to update or when the next chapter of Mr. Min will be out but please do not ask other writers either. Every one of us sacrifice time and energy that we could be putting into other things, often times more important endeavors, in order to write and post our stories. Just because you might not see the value in someone else’s work (which it seems like when you say things like “because you care so much about what you do to the story and its characters”) doesn’t mean that there isn’t value there. There isn’t a single writer on this site, regardless of quality, that deserves to be hounded for updates.

a soft boy

you know what i love. i love platonic marichat. not even to drag romantic marichat just platonic marichat by itself is so good.

  • video games. chat’s claws make it hard to handle the controller. they wager cookies and marinette lets him win sometimes.
  • sometimes chat has bad days and sneaks out to see marinette at night because she always gives the best pep talks and lets him have sugary food too
  • the fashion??? he’s so interested in her designs and models half-finished clothes for her. they stay up way too late working on hats.
  • crushes. chat noir won’t shut the fuck up about ladybug until marinette starts talking about her crush on a boy in her class. he makes not a peep.
  • he has to see those photos of himself in her room too like cmon
  • “hey do you wanna play a video game”
    “yeah let me turn on the computer”
    “oh my god is that me”
  • jsut let me
  • have

som super early tazboys designs……………i’’’m got so much work to do refining them (esp outfit wise lord Jesus)

i cant believe our favorite trans boy is now a pink zombie and he’s best friends with the best big cat, who is also a pink zombie,