th is is not ok

have you ever been like /so/ embarrassed for someone

i’m working a concert and keep in mind that i work at my schools student center ok so it’s a concert but it’s like at th student center. and it’s a shitshow right now cause they just closed th bathrooms ok th floor level because some girl threw up so much that it’s taking thm over half an hour to clean it. and one of the guys i worked with like put on gloves and went in with an emt to try to help her out and when they opened the door she was butt ass naked sitting in her own puke

like HOW do you manage to get so incredibly drunk that you put an entire bathroom out of order and lose all of your clothes at a public academic building


in which gabe is a Good Dad ™ and backgrounds are not real

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SG: Jhope and Jungkook are really close to each other. Whenever Jungkook cried, especially when they were trainees Jhope would always comfort him.