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delivery boy || jjk (f)

Additional details: ‘’pls let it be a cute delivery boy’’

❀ genre/warnings: fluff, drabble.
❀ word count: 800+

bangtan delivery boy series:
jjk | kth | pjm | knj | jhs | myn | ksj

Additional details: ‘’pls let it be a cute delivery boy’’


It was just a joke. You weren’t thinking anything of it and just expected the good old same dude, who delivered you your pizza every time you ordered one. Just that middle aged man with apparently no wife or kids, greasy hair and a rude attitude. But shit, you never thought your wish would come true. You opened the door with lidded eyes, not putting effort in you looks today and rubbed your neck. But as soon as your eyes glided upwards to the delivery boy’s face, you slightly gasped. This was definitely not the person you expected to stand in front of you. The boy showed of small dimples with a smile.

‘’Hi,’’ he simply said and the smile he showed you reminded you of a bunny, although that was just a random thought popping up into your mind. And in that very moment, you just wished you had put on some decent clothes rather than just an oversized hoodie and sweatpants. He handed the box to you as you cleared your throat.

‘’Hey,’’ you slowly accepted the pizza box and couldn’t help but stare at him. His ruffled, brown hair was put under a cap which he just readjusted as he wore the usual delivery boy clothes; a bomber jacket in the colours of his company, the cap and some black ripped jeans with dirty sneakers.

An awkward silence fell upon you two, as you were still staring at him like a creep while he couldn’t help but smile. It was his first day at work and getting stared at by such a beautiful girl gave his ego some kind of boost already.

With your cheeks all red and warm, you realised you were supposed to give him the money and dug into the pocket of your sweatpants, trying to find some money. Then the pockets of your hoodie followed and your heart skipped a beat as you didn’t feel any money.

‘’Hold up,’’ you said and sprinted back into your home, trying to remember where you had some money left. You definitely weren’t prepared for this once again. While you let the delivery boy wait, you fished some money from the kitchen counter and dashed back to the front door. Trying to act all cool, you saw he had his phone pulled out and was scrolling through his feed.

A relieved sigh rolled over your lips as you came to stand in front of him again.

‘’S-Sorry,’’ you apologised, but you didn’t even know yourself why you said that. For taking so long? For staring so much a couple of moments ago?

‘’It’s okay,’’ he chuckled, putting his phone back and he reached out for your hand with the money, your hands slightly touching as he took the money. He hastily zipped the little fanny bag on his wait open and searched for some change to give to you. ‘’So, you asked for a cute delivery boy?’’

You let out a soft squeal, surprised by him knowing about your additional detail thingy, as you put your hands in front of your face shortly, before moving them to the side so they rested on your red cheeks. ‘’I-I don’t know why I did, and I didn’t e-expect them to seriously send one either.’’

“You think I’m cute?’’ he said with a cheeky undertone, his warm smile growing into a sly smirk as he leaned against the doorpost. He handed you some change and the receipt –although you never asked for it. Your hand left your cheek to get it.

“Eh, isn’t that the reason why they send you?” you asked him, tilting your head slightly. You gave him a puzzled look and put the money aside while holding on to the receipt. ‘’I-I mean, I don’t know…’’

The boy laughed and licked his lips wet, to which your stomach tightened a bit. ‘’I’m their only delivery boy, the other dude got tired of the job and quit.’’

A look of realisation flashed across your face as you remembered the old man telling you that the last time you ordered a pizza. Your mouth was agape by now and you became speechless.

‘’Cat got your tongue?’’ the boy chuckled as he pushed his body away from the doorpost. ‘’Anyways, I better go now. Deliver some more pizzas. I’ll see you around!’’

“Th-thanks!” you called out to him, watching him walk away. As he almost walked around the corridor, you quickly called out again: ‘’Wait! What do you mean by seeing me again?’’

But he was gone already, and a soft sigh left your mouth again; in all honesty you wished for him to stay longer and talk a bit more. He had this vibe which made him approachable and it was something you liked. Despite the fact he made your blush and stutter like crazy, he was still very patient and nice with you.

You looked down at your receipt and was about to crumple it into a small ball, but stopped midway your action when you saw ten digits written at the bottom of the paper.

‘’Text me ;)’’

this is gonna be a mini series, so i’ll also turn the rest of bangtan into some cute ass pizza delivery boys soon ;)

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Betrayal Leads To Secrets - Part 1

Request from anon:like can i ask u to pls write some avengers x reader where she is part of the team but one day goverment come for her with overwhelming evidences that she is a traitor or a killer? the avengers are shocked, even more so when reader just get along, let herself handcuffed ready to be put in jail. she asked for the avengers to leave it alone. of course none of them listen n tried to prove her innocent. whats going on? thats up to you. pls do this if ur in a mood to write.

Note:  I knew this was probably going to end up being more than a one shot as it’s a fab idea that can have a lot transpiring from it; however, because I have other series going on it will probably only be a small one.

Avengers x Reader

Words: 1,701

Warnings: Drinking, mild language, mentions of torture….think that is all. Let me know if I have missed anything!

Disclaimer: The first GIF is mine, any others used are not so all credit goes to their creators <3

As you found yourself sat at the bar for the third night in a row you were beginning to think that Tony really did throw far too many parties….there wasn’t even a reason for this one! He had just walked into the briefing room, announced that there would be a party, and then walked back out again in true Stark fashion. By now you had stopped asking for the reason behind the party and just went along with it.

You weren’t a heavy drinker, never had been, but you enjoyed the presence of the rest of the team enough to stay for the whole party.

“[y/n]!” A familiar voice broke through your thoughts and you turned to face the dark haired Avenger that was heading towards you. “What are you doing sitting here all on your own? Me and Nat have been waiting for you!”

Wanda and Nat were your girls, had been since you arrived at the tower, so when Wanda approached you a smile soon lit up your face as you jumped down from your stool and pulled her into a hug.

“Hey! I’m sorry…..I’m just not in a very sociable mood tonight but you know what Tony gets like if you don’t turn up to one of his parties. I wouldn’t hear the end of it.”

“That’s true.” She said with a pout as she pulled away from the embrace. “Once he’s had a few drinks down him you may be able to sneak out you know. Once intoxicated I have noticed that Tony’s mind is only on himself…no one else so he probably won’t even notice that you’ve gone.”

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ML Fluffmas: Marichat #30 Snowed In

Fluffmas Writing Prompts – Accepting until the end of December

Requested by: @miraculouslb97

Sorry for the late answers been busy with school and christmas travels!

When the snow started it came down softly barely sticking to any spot it landed to but it soon became heavy and shortly it was near blizzard conditions. Chat Noir had picked the wrong day to venture out on his own at night and was now paying the price quite dearly. He wasn’t too far from home but with the way the wind was blowing the thick snow around him he wasn’t sure he would be able to last much longer. The snow was so thick he had trouble seeing the next building he was jumping too. Finally Chat decided it was too risky to make the trek home. That being said it was much too cold for him to wait out the storm on a random rooftop and his suit wasn’t exactly meant for these conditions. Chat’s teeth were chattering uncontrollably and his body shook violently. He needed to find shelter and a warm fire place as soon as possible. He searched the area around him not sure where to go to hide and having trouble seeing too far in front of him finally he spotted one glowing building close enough to make the next jump and as luck would have it the glowing building happened to be the home of a friend of his, Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

Chat landed on her balcony with a thud, his legs having given out from beneath him. He rapped desperately at her trap door praying that she was home. To his relief the trap door opened up a gust of warm air coming up to greet him. Chat didn’t wait to be invited in he simply slunk in through the trap door and collapsed onto her bed shivering. Marinette quickly shut the trap door and stared at him in shock.

“E-evening P-P-Purrincess. M-m-mind if I w-wait out the s-s-storm here?” Chat chattered.

“Chat Noir! What were you doing out in that storm?” Marinette fretted as she bound over to a corner of her room gathering blankets up in her arms.

“W-w-w-wasn’t th-that b-b-bad earlier,” Chat stuttered. Marinette rushed over to him wrapping him in blanket after blanket. Chat’s body felt numb but her warm hands brushing against him practically burned with warmth. It took what little willpower Chat had left not to pull her to him. Marinette gently touched his face her eyes full of concern.

“Chat you’re freezing! How long were you out there?” Marinette worried.

“A f-f-few hours I-I th-think. I-I-It’s hard t-to rem-me-member,” Chat’s speech was slurred and broken up. Marinette wasn’t sure if the suits could come off without detransforming but she tried unclipping his glove and to her surprise it came off easily in her hands. Chat’s hands were like ice and were an unhealthy shade of white. Chat’s teeth continued to chatter through blue tinted lips. Marinette worried about how cold he was. Chat’s eyes drooped. His breathing was shallow. Marinette knew the signs of hypothermia and although Chat’s condition wasn’t mild if he didn’t warm up fast he would be in trouble.

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It’s Cold and You’re Warm P. 1

Summary: Over time, Marinette finds herself to be more and more affected by the cold of winter. Her and Chat decide that revealing their identities would prove more beneficial than not.

A/N:  I know it’s a little overdone but I really love LB having Ladybug tendencies and her getting really cold/tired when it’s winter. So have a fluffy identity reveal that also involves some tendencies!


Winter was Marinette’s favorite time of year. Keyword being ‘was.’ Ever since she’d accepted her miraculous, ever since she became Ladybug, well… the winters grew harder and harder to bear.

The first time she transformed, and the year of transformations that followed it, she felt almost no difference. The cold was a bit more nippy, but it hadn’t been anything an extra scarf, mittens, and earmuffs couldn’t solve.

The year after that, she wore a heavier jacket, and the year next, a second pair of pants with thick socks and a hat.

The years following those became tougher, and she couldn’t keep the cold from penetrating her garments and seeping down into her bones. She could still fight well, but her stamina lessened. And it continued to do so the longer she bonded with her miraculous.

One night in particular, when she was cuddling up to Chat for warmth, as had become habit between them, she brought up doubts that had plagued her when the cold began to affect their work together.

“Wh-what if I-I can’t make it to a fi-ight? It affects m-me in my civilian id-dentity too. T-Tikki says that I’ll st-start to get tired too this y-year. L-ladybugs hibern-nate you know,” she told him, shivering as she buried herself further into his chest.

His arms wrapped around her, and she felt him rest his chin on top of her head. She felt when he opened his mouth to speak, and when he shut it to think of a response first. That happened multiple times until he actually followed through with voicing his own thoughts.

“Bug, I’m about to say something I don’t think you’l particularly enjoy, but hear me out, okay?” he asked. When she gave what he guessed was a nod, he continued, “I know we decided back at the beginning to keep our identities a secret. I completely understand why, and I know secret identities are important, but I think- I think the more your similarities to actual ladybugs come out, the more we should know who each other are.”

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Dream Sweet in Sea Major 2

When considering traditional standards of beauty or masculine charm, the features that made Yagura recognizable were not often considered. A notable scar below the one eye, irises colored bleeding pink, and a diminished stature that confused him with children if viewed from behind. No, Yagura was not what tradition would call beautiful, but he was other things.

Among those things he was old, considerably old, and in all the years of his long existence he had learned how to be. He knew what angles worked for him, what lighting suited his features, and how to lower his tenor to a velvet edged voice that could turn razor sharp in a second.  He knew how to hold himself, how to dress himself, how to carry himself. He knew his worth and his worth was pretty damn high. The world was meant for him and was his. He acted as haughty as he pleased and the world slid right into his palm.

It gave him no little delight to be proven time and time again that the world was his to manipulate and take from as he pleased. The woman in the doorway seemed to do nothing more than stoke his already engorged ego.

There was blood across the floor and a dead hand under the toe of his designer shoes. Yagura leaned his head to the side and lowered his lids before lifting a rolled cigarette to his lips and cupping the end. A small burn of red and the end caught and began to smoke.  

With the toe of his shoe he poked under the dead hand and kicked it up so it flopped back down onto the face of the corpse just as he took a long drag to exhale in semi dramatic fashion. The woman in the doorway didn’t move, and her eyes were still glued in appreciation to his figure even though half the other employees were scared and hiding.

“That’s enough for now,” he said to the other boys, turning away so the tail ends of his jacket flapped like a cape behind him. It made his walk all the more purposeful as he walked past the hungry woman and left her wanting. He didn’t even glance her way as he called out to the boys behind him.

“I think they got the message here. We’ll be back in the hour though if they step into our turf again.”

“You think we needed to leave so few alive?” Haku asked in a clear voice that reminded Yagura of the ice.

“Ao?” Yagura grunted before exhaling smoke again.

Ao came up behind Hake and purposefully stopped to turn and look behind them before pulling his gun out from the front breast pocket of his gray pinstripe. He aimed in less than a second and recoiled only slightly when the shot rang out and sank into the woman in the doorway’s forehead.

Slowly, purposefully, Ao put his gun away and reached for his hat instead. The rack had all their hats, as well as a few others that would never be worn by their owners again.

Yagura fit his fedora and pulled the front down low over his eyes before stepping out. A thin mist had settled and every so often the rain would come and wet the world further. It was perfect weather and the Mizu boys were all the stronger for it.

Haku begrudgingly followed his betters out and kept his head down, least his questions lead to more avoidable bloodshed. One woman was too risky to leave alive if she sported a handgun in the belt on her thigh? Apparently.

Ao drove, but Yagura rode from the backseat and was the real directioner for their group. If he didn’t want to go back to Mei’s place than they didn’t have to. She was technically their boss and really the only person that could handle Yagura enough to boss him into doing things for her.

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@your-heroes-imagined here you go! thank you so much for your support (and for requesting iida, it made this a lot easier than i expected it would be, haha)!! this ended up being much longer than i thought it would (sorry!), so i’ll put it under a cut. i hope you’re having a great day! take care!

iida’s firsts (confession, date, kiss) headcanons:

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Character List

Welcome to the supernatural home of the damaged and the lost, the home for those who prayed for help and thankfully got it. Those who live here were all saved by the angel Taeyong who made it his duty to help all of those who were suffering. He did just that and so created N City, somewhere hidden so well that it’s not even known to exist to mankind, however that all changed when Taeyong received a prayer from a young human who needed desperate assistance…


H A N S O L - Werewolf

Hansol used to be a part of Jisung’s, Johnny’s and Jeno’s pack, he was even meant to be alpha and take over after his father had died. He refused the offer and decided to be his own pack, a lone wolf. Taeyong found him yet he refused his help too, but when he heard that some of his pack members were residing with Taeyong he became a wanderer. He visited the home for a while to check up on them yet still refused to stay there permanently.

T A E I L - Siren

Siren’s are almost always female and are wired to do nothing but evil, Taeil was an exception. Due to him being a male and using his honey voice for nothing but good he was seen as an outcast, he was tortured by the other sirens and so he prayed for someone, anyone, to save him from his personal hell. Taeyong heard his prayers loud and clear and rescued him, Taeil was the first to live with Taeyong in N City and he helps put those who cannot sleep to rest.

J O H N N Y - Werewolf

When Hansol’s father died and then Hansol himself refused the title as alpha everyone turned to Johnny. He didn’t know how to run a pack and soon everyone lost faith, leaving the pack to find another one. The only ones who stood by Johnny were two pups, Jeno and Jisung, they followed him wherever he went, even when they faced danger. However when an enemy pack stood before them he was ready to fight to the death for the two pups, luckily he didn’t need to as Taeyong came and took them to their now home, N City.

T A E Y O N G - Angel

The leader and savior that everyone looks up to. He was sent down to Earth by the powers above and was given clear instructions: ‘those who need help, give it. Every prayer you get you must answer, create a haven for all those who need it and protect them at all costs.’ He was given those powers that whenever anyone cried out for help in a prayer then he could hear it loud and clear, he would be able to teleport directly to those who require help and take them back to N City where they’ll live until feeling the need to leave.

Y U T A - Demon 

It was unlikely for a demon like Yuta to call out to an angel for help, but he needed it. He saw who his father really was and what he expected out of him, he couldn’t bring himself to do it. He may be a demon and he may still have his evil side but at deep down he’s kind hearted and shouldn’t be mistaken as pure evil at all. It took a while for the current residents to get used to having a demon around but once they saw what Taeyong meant they were able to get close to him. However they couldn’t get too close as 5 seconds of physical contact with him would lead to their unfortunate death.

D O Y O U N G - Wizard

Is really confident with his magical abilities and actually came across N City by accident. He was messing around with a teleportation spell, cue a series of fizzes and loud banging noises and Doyoung had went and got himself teleported right in front of Taeyong himself. After a grand tour of the City he decided to stay and work on his magic there, when others ask how he got into N City he leaves out the bit where it was completely by accident and he made a spell on purpose. No one believes him anyway since he can’t even summon his familiar yet.

T E N - Djinn

Is the defender of the Natural Realm so was actually summoned by Taeyong to help protect N City and it’s current residents. He happily agreed too and everyone found it super easy to get close with Ten, especially Johnny they have a special bromance going on. Ten and Yuta tend to have a lot of misunderstandings, a majority of the time they just avoid each other since Ten is supposed to protect against demons so it’s taking him much longer to get to grasps with the situation.

J A E H Y U N - Fairy

He was someone else who was reached out by Taeyong to come help with N City. His ability to be able to control emotions and easily calm someone down just by looking at them comes in handy when you have a mansion full of supernaturals. Not only that but he has powerful magic powers that would allow him to protect N City if it ever came to it. He’s an all rounder which is why Taeyong came to him instead of any other fairy.

W I N W I N - Nephalem

He was found by Taeyong all lost and confused, he was still pretty young and out of his back was one white wing and one black. He was sitting in a crater that he had caused and wasn’t sure what he was feeling inside, sometimes he gets evil surges running through him yet he knows that they’re wrong. Taeyong helped him control it and he is more pure than evil now except being around Yuta is making things all the more harder for him. It’s as if there’s a quiet battle going on between Yuta and Taeyong that no one else can see but he can see it all too well.

M A R K - Phoenix

Mark was sitting at his desk one day at school, he was unaware of his powers and as far as he knew he was perfectly human. He was struggling on a test and was beginning to get super stressed, the next thing he new the paper and desk had erupted into flames. Not only that but his hands were surrounded with fire and he could feel a burning sensation in his back, he ran to the bathroom and saw wings made of fire protruding from his back. He sat there confused as to why this has happened to him, that’s when taeyong took him into care and helped him with his power.

R E N J U N - Vampire

He was once a part of a clan full of vicious vampires who killed humans just for the fun of it. Renjun knew this was wrong and refused to drink anything, this was slowly killing him to the point his clan forced the blood down his throat. He had no choice but to drink and later that night he called upon Taeyong’s help to save him from these people he had to call family. He was taken to N City and instead of drinking the blood of humans he drank that of animals instead. But he never once hunted for himself, Johnny took him under his wing and brought home something for him to drink every night. Renjun had now found his new family that he was proud of.

J E N O - Werewolf

Even though Johnny is the alpha Jeno is the one who’s stuck in the middle and has the most stress, not only does he look over Jisung as though his life depended on it but he’s also super worried for his Alpha. Johnny got this threw onto him and was doubted, Jeno can sense when other’s are feeling down and he hates that his Alpha feels that way and so he makes sure Johnny is taking care of his health and gives him support. At a young age his pack fell a part and he lost his family who had no longer had faith in the pack, yet he was brought up to always stay loyal to the pack through everything. Which is exactly what he did. He still hasn’t forgiven Hansol for leaving and so refuses to see him if he visits.

H A E C H A N - Shape Shifter

No one knows Haechan’s story, not even Taeyong as he refused to tell anyone. Mark was out on patrol one night when he saw a wolf lying near N City, he was badly injured and everyone had thought he was a werewolf. That  was until when his wounds healed he shifted back into his human form, then into a bird, then into a hyena and back into his human form once more. Loud yells were heard as everyone had to deal with the sound of bones constantly cracking and then Haechan standing there with everything on show. He set a great first impression lets just keep it like that but thankfully Taeil found a towel to throw at him.

J A E M I N - Shape Shifter

A shape Shifter yes, a very good one? Nope. Jaemin was found near the same place as Haechan yet he was much younger and was found clutching onto his dead mother’s corpse. As far as everyone knows Jaemin’s parents were killed in a massive attack, his father was killed long before his mother and she escaped briefly to get Jaemin as close to N City as possible since they knew of its existence. Jaemin grew up scared of the outside world and stayed close by to the people closer to his age, mainly Jeno and Haechan. He doesn’t know how to use his ability that well at all so Haechan teaches him with a little assistance from the wolves since it’s kind of the same thing.

C H E N L E - Banshee

Banshees are usually feared creatures with a desire to kill, yet not this Banshee. He’d much rather go off and have fun and so he ran away to go see what other things there were to do out in the world. When on his adventures he heard of a place called N City and thought it sounded like fun and so he went. He decided to never leave since he had made a lot of close friends, one of those being Jisung, plus he was babied quite a bit since he was one of the youngest and loved the attention. Although sometimes he can’t control himself and the windows have had to be replaced quite a few times due to his high pitched scream.

J I S U N G - Werewolf

The youngest of the lot and definitely the most babied, back when the pack was a whole he was the smallest wolf and was seen as the runt. No one knows much about Jisung’s pack life as he seems unwilling to talk about it whereas Jeno and Johnny talk about it all the time. When around Hansol he’s wary and always has his guard up which confuses others yet they decide not to question it. He’s great at playing pranks on the others but usually keeps it within the pack since he feels closer to them, as if it’s a brother bond.

** Yes I know Hansol isn’t apart of NCT but all will become clear when I actually decide to post!


K U N - Amateur Wizard

Not yet a part of N City but it’s believed he’s currently studying in the same school Doyoung once did.

J U N G W O O - Familiar (Doyoung’s)

Doyoung doesn’t currently have the ability to summon his familiar nor is he sure what type of familiar he has.

L U C A S - Nephilim

Not yet a part of N City but there’s a rumor that he’s on the run yet isn’t willing to seek help.

Girl Crush

Right okay so this took forever but it includes the first three femslash feb prompts and is also a late birthday gift to @starscrumbling :D EDIT: I forgot a read more lol woops

Summary: After not having spoke for a little while, Alya decides to call Marinette, only to run into her in an unlikely place.


Snow fell over the city, wrapping it in a blanket of cool cleanliness as lights shut off and many Parisians went to sleep. The sky was dark but the city glowed softly still, and with its silence, very few would find it perfect to be outside just then.

Alya was not one of those few. Sure, sometimes the quiet could be nice, and being alone could be a gift, but there was always such a thing as too much. While she trekked through the snow, the quiet began to bug her, and it didn’t take long for her to think of a solution. Removing her hands from the warmth of her pockets, she took her phone out and began scrolling through her contacts.

“Wow,” she breathed, feeling a little guilty when she finally got to the one she wanted. “I… haven’t talked to her in so long.” She tapped the contact, and her thumb hovered over the call button. She didn’t notice she’d paused in the middle of the park, and her brows drew together as she considered what the consequences of calling so late could be.

On the one hand, they could catch up and the quiet of the city could be drowned out by their talking. On the other, Alya could be cursed out for waking her up. Deciding that even being cursed at was better than the lonely feeling she had, and before she could talk herself out of it, she hit the call button and put her phone to her ear.

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Humanformer Hickeys (BumblebeexSmokescreen)

Title: Humanformer Hickeys
Word Count: 886
Summary: Smokescreen and Bumblebee still don’t really get human biology.
Warnings: M/M, sexual situations, secondhand embarrassment

A/N: first transformers fic yeeahea. it’s in an au where bee and smokey are humanformers. don’t question, go with it. 
please enjoy and send me prompts <3

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AN: Because I’ve been needing to write some Ava’s Demon fanfiction, and Flaming Arrow is cute.


“You’re about our size,” Raven smiled, “so I’ll lend you a pair of my pajamas—”

“—And you can have one of my old outfits,” Crow finished.

Ava accepted both sets of clothes gratefully.  Her own dress was falling apart, she only managed to stay decent with the help of Odin’s jacket.

“The bathroom’s through here.”  Crow hit a button on the wall, opening the door to a comfortably small shower and toilet.  “The water processors work, everyone is allowed one shower a day.  We usually soak in the hot springs, but you’re probably pretty tired.”

Hot springs?  Real hot springs sounded fascinating, but Ava agreed that she was exhausted.  Peeking into the bathroom, she managed a soft, “Thank you both…”

“Oh!”  Raven suddenly piped up in realization.  “We still need to get you a toothbrush, razors and soap!”

Ava blinked at this, having noticed the very things Raven had mentioned were already in the shower with some gratitude and curiosity.  “Um…”

“We’ll bring a toothbrush later,” Crow sighed, “but you’ll have to use Odin’s shampoo and razor for now.”

“Odin?”  Ava blinked at the older Arrow’s name.  “Was this his room before?”

The twins stopped, their purple eyes glancing from Ava, to each other, and back again.  Together, they answered, “This is Odin’s room right now.”

That sent the redhead’s heart—wherever it was now—racing like a rabbit’s.  Her face glowed warm with confusion and embarrassment.  “Wait, why-why am I staying in Odin’s room?”

“Because he brought you here,” Crow answered.

Raven nodded, “You’re his responsibility.”

Ava felt her face grow hotter, and not just from embarrassment.  The suggestion of being anybody’s responsibility, as if she were a child—or worse, a pet—was infuriating.  It must have shown, because the twins started to look nervous.

“Didn’t Odin explain it to you?”  Raven asked meekly.

“No, he didn’t,” Ava sighed, trying to cool down.  “Why don’t you explain it to me now?”

“It’s how we do things with newcomers,” Crow told her, trying not to sound hasty with the explanation.  “Though, really, everyone rooms together.  There’s only so much space between everyone here, and we use every inch of it to conserve what can before we before we decide to set up a new hovel.”

The sudden understanding that there was only a small table in one corner, a desk in the other, and a queen-sized bed against the middle of one wall suddenly served to flare Ava up more. 

“Right!  So!  Just holler if you need anything, Ava!”  The sisters hurried out before the fiery teen could stop them.

Alone, Ava stared at the only bed in the room.  Curious.  Accusing.  Terrified.


After he was given a stern lecture by Olai and the others, Odin was looking forward to a well-deserved sleep.  He was ready to forgo dinner with the siren song of his pillows and blankets beckoning him back to the sanctuary that was his room.

Needless to say, he wasn’t expecting to find a particular redhead sitting at his desk at the far end of the room, clutching one of his pillows to her front, glaring at him like an angry lava rabbit.

“Um…hi?”  Odin blinked.  “What-what are y-you do-doing here?”

“You tell me,” Ava growled.  She looked refreshed from a recent shower—her hair still damp, dressed in Raven’s old night clothes—and less than pleased.  “Apparently, I’m your responsibility.”

Odin was confused at first.  Then he remembered and hid his face in one hand with a loud groan.  He had expected Ava to stay with Gil and Maggie in one of the older units, but he could guess that Raven and Crow had intercepted and brought the redhead to his room instead.

“Dammit, I d-didn’t…!”  Sighing, his violet eyes reluctantly met Ava’s red.  “S-sorry, the girls j-just…misunderstood.”

“What, exactly?”  Ava pried darkly.

Odin rubbed the back of his neck nervously, glancing back out his open door in the hopes that someone else might come and explain things for him.  Neither of them were going to enjoy this particular conversation.

“O-okay, s-so.  There are o-only a few families h-here, m-mostly all re-related by now,” he told her, moving to stand near his small dining table.  “Usually, when s-s-singles bring someone b-back, it’s to…” Odin trailed off with a nervous cough.  “N-newcomers are…u-usually the…n-new husbands o-or wives of-of the s-singles who brought th-them here.  S-so the rules ha-have them room t-together…”

Ava had no spoken or moved throughout Odin’s explanation.  But her grip was slowly burning the pillow, showing his words had done the opposite of soothe the girl’s feelings.

“I’m not your wife,” Ava finally said through clenched teeth.  Sharp, clenched teeth.

“No, you’re not,” Odin sighed.

“Which is stupid,” Crow piped up from the doorway.  “You’re way better than his first pic—”

“Crow!  D-Don’t eavesdrop!”  Odin jumped up.

Crow shoved a small tray of food into his stomach.  “First, I was bringing Ava some dinner.  Second, close the damn door if you don’t want people to hear your conversations.  Third—”

Odin took the tray, shutting and locking the door in his sister’s face before she could carry it any further.  Setting the food down on his table, he once again looked back at the redhead with some amount of reluctance, unsure of just how he could go about easing her discomfort.  He was surprised to find her fiery complexion had dimmed somewhat, her grip relaxing and leaving the lightly singed pillow in her lap.

“So…” She finally spoke, soft and oddly sad.  “So, originally, Maggie was supposed to room with you…”

It wasn’t a question.  Odin flinched only slightly, but his insides made a horribly unpleasant lurch at the observation he couldn’t bring himself to answer.

Accepting his silence, Ava stood up and dropped her pillow to the floor before kneeling down.  She settled herself with her back to Odin and the bed.

Blinking, he asked, “Wh-what are you doing?”

“Going to sleep, I’m tired,” she answered flatly, refusing to meet his eyes.

“Y-you can take the bed,” he told her as he moved the food tray more securely on the table.  It was fine the way it was, he just wanted some sort of diversion, no matter how brief or weak.  “I’ll s-sleep on th-the floor.”

“This is fine,” the redhead sighed.

Seeing she was set on this, Odin took the remaining pillow before pulling off the top blanket.  Once it was freed from the mattress, he tossed it away to land on Ava.  She sat up immediately, flailing somewhat to escape the blanket’s clutches.  She got her head free just in time to see the lights go out and Odin drop down to the floor on the other side of the bed.

“Why aren’t you sleeping on the bed?”  Ava asked, peering over the mattress, just barely catching sight of the older boy’s shoulder in the dark.

“Wh-what kind of l-loser sleeps in a b-bed, when th-there’s a girl sl-sleeping on the fl-floor?”  Odin waved.  “Good night.”


Ava stared through the shadows at him while longer.  Odin’s breathing slowed as he relaxed, though she doubted he was asleep that fast.  But after a while, she laid back down on the pillow and bundled up in the blanket, deciding to try and sleep.

The blanket, like his jacket, smelled like smoke, pine trees and whatever it was he smoked.  It was a nice, soothing smell, but she found she couldn’t relax.  It was impossible, knowing there was someone else in the room.  What’s more, a boy, whom she was supposed to share this room with until further notice.  She could just imagine what Maggie would say, how Gil would look at her.  Neither would be very nice.

But as uncomfortable as the situation was, she was just too tired to fight sleep the whole night.  Eventually, though it was a long time, Ava drifted off.


Small-shiny-dark space.


Couldn’t breathe.

Couldn’t scream.

Couldn’t feel anything.  Not even the cold.

There were pieces of the girl at her feet.

She didn’t want to look up.  Didn’t want to see.

But she knew, she knew her own face was falling right off her bones.

She saw what little of herself existed fall to the floor.


Ava pulled her voice from that faraway place it had been stolen to and screamed.  She screamed until her ears hurt.  Suddenly, it wasn’t dark anymore.  Her eyes hurt at the abrupt change, and her voice gradually died as she woke up a second time.  She heard someone calling her name.  She felt someone’s hands on her shoulders.


She was shaken once more as her vision started to clear.  The dark blur in front of her took shape of the dark boy and his bedroom.  Unfamiliar, but very much alive.  TITAN HQ had been cold and sterile.  The container-machine she had been trapped inside was even more so.  But this place was alive, safe.

Ava hastily felt her face for the incisions that rendered flesh and bone from nerve, and was relieved when she could feel her skin, smooth and whole.  But the sudden realization of hot tears trailing down her cheeks woke her up the rest of the way.

Odin still held her arms in an almost painful grip, concern and something like terror written across his sharp features.  Ava then noted the orangey-red glow to his otherwise pale skin, and looked at her hands to find she was glowing again.  But more than just glowing, she realized that the blanket she held in a near-death grip was actually burning ferociously.

“Ah!”  She hastily let go of the heavy fabric, shaking her hands out of instinctive panic upon releasing the small blaze.  No wonder Odin woke up.  Her screaming aside, she was surprised she hadn’t set off a fire alarm.

Seeing that she was herself again, Odin hurried to the table to grab the glass of whatever Crow had brought with Ava’s dinner earlier and threw it on the fire.  An oddly wretched hiss marked the death of the flames and the room was filled with smoke.  Coughing, he then opened his windows to allow the vapors to escape and pleasant night breeze to enter.

“Wh-what was that?”  Odin turned to look back her, his panic still fresh as he tried to catch his breath.

Ava had always had the occasional night terror, thanks to Wrathia.  Back at school, she had been given her own room at the dormitory because, after a while, no one could stand rooming with her and her inconstant fits.  Because of her Pact with Wrathia, Ava had assumed she couldn’t have nightmares anymore, since the two could meet while she was asleep.  But there was brand new fuel to throw on the fire of her screwed up psyche now.  And she was certain Odin wouldn’t want anything more to do with her after this lovely mess.

Swallowing, choking, hiccupping, Ava used the sleeve of her borrowed pajamas to try and dry her face.  But her tears wouldn’t stop.  Hot, salty water just kept flowing.  Certain she was annoying Odin with her antics, as well as her failure to answer, she took a hard breath.

“S-s-sor-s-sorry!”  She finally managed to throw out amidst her trembling and choking.  “I’m sorry!  I didn’t mean to!  I’ll be quiet now!  I’m sorry!”

Ava started to roll over to hide under her soaked, burnt blanket, hoping that they could just turn the lights off and go back to sleep.  But Odin caught her hand as she grabbed the covers and pulled her back.  She braced herself for the blow or shouting that usually followed one of her normal nightmares, knowing that this was going to be worse.

So there was only incredible astonishment when Odin sat her down on the bed beside him and set a bottle of water from his personal stash in her hands.  While the plastic container wasn’t ice-cold, the cooler feel of it in her trembling fingers was enough to shock her into relative stillness.  With tearful eyes, she just stared at it for a long while, before slowly turning to look up at Odin.

The older, dark-haired boy looked less frantic than before.  Sitting beside her, while still somewhat uncertain, he was the picture of patience.  He didn’t poke or prod.  He just sat there.  Waiting.

Before, all of her previous dorm-mates had gotten mad at her for waking them up, thrown things or yelled at her.  This was the first time anyone had allowed her the space and consideration to collect herself.  That was enough to send her crying again.  While not as hysterically as before, she felt some ball of messed up feelings unwind at his silence and concern.

“It-it was…supposed to be me!”  She sobbed.  “It was going to be me!  But because she was in there, I was saved! I can’t die but-but she—There were pieces of her everywhere!  There was nothing left!  And then—then—”

Odin didn’t ask what she meant.  He didn’t really have to.  He didn’t really want to. 

“I didn’t even know her name…!” She hid her face against the bottle in her hands as she struggled to stop her crying.  “I’m sorry…!  I’m sorry…!  I just…!”  She sobbed harder than she thought possible.  “My head is a mess!  I feel like I’m still inside that thing!  I’m pieces on the floor!  I don’t—”

Ava was stunned when she felt Odin put his arm around her shoulder and lightly pull her closer.  Her tear-soaked face met his shirt, and she knew it must have hurt him just a little to touch her at all, but her held her gently.  The touch of another person was so alien to her, she wanted to pull away.  But she couldn’t help leaning closer, seeking comfort in his arms.  But not even Odin’s warmth combined with the fire in her own veins could chase away the chill that kept her trembling.

Odin didn’t have any answers than she did.  All he could do was sit beside her as she let loose her fear and utter despair.

And that’s what he did.  Until her choking sobs died down to whimpers and hiccups.  Until her grip on his shirt loosed slightly as she gathered herself.  Until they both drifted off into a blessedly dreamless sleep.


The next morning, the twins went to wake Odin and Ava.  The door was locked, but Raven had brought her copy of Odin’s key card.  Opening the door just a little, they peeked their heads inside and peered around the room.

They shouldn’t have been surprised to find their brother and his fiery companion in the same place.  After all, there was only one bed in the room. 

almost is never enough

In which the saddest word in the whole wide word is the word almost.

pairing: akashi x reader

genre: angst 

note: if you’re not comfortable with character death, please don’t read this; i used the second person point of view in writing this because it’s easier. if you don’t want to be the ‘you’ in this oneshot, it’s alright (though it’s an akashixreader one nvm that okay)

Hello there! I did this oneshot because I finally reached 100 followers! Thank you guys for supporting me though I’ve just started this blog days ago. I am indeed thankful. This is just a simple treat from me. I hope you’ll enjoy this! (this oneshot’s inspired by x)

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NaLu Fluff: When She Smiles

A/N: A little present for my waifu @giupear because she’s been feeling a little down lately. I love you, my dearest Pear; I hope this message from me to you cheers you up! *hugs* ;w;

To everyone else: Before you can complain—yes. This is fluff. By me. Which means it’s not your typical sunshine-and-rainbows fluff. My fluff is different; you all know this, yes?

…Okay, awesome. Enjoy the read! :D

Rated: T
Genre: Friendship/Romance
Character(s): Natsu, Lucy
Pairing(s): NaLu
Synopsis: There is always at least one person in your life that makes you smile for no reason at all, and you love that more than anything else in the world. That means that you’ll go to whatever lengths to protect it—even if that person doesn’t feel that they’re worth any of what they mean to you.

Natsu sighed into his pillow.

“Ugh, I don’t want to get up today…” he moaned as he rolled over onto his back and stared at the bare ceiling listlessly. “But it’s too hot to stay in bed…argh…” He raised an arm and rested his forearm against the bridge of his nose as he exhaled sharply. “Why does everything have to be terrible in the afternoon…?”

Well, more like “whenever he woke up”, because Natsu was never awake before noon on the weekends if he could help it. It was technically the world’s fault for making him love sleep so much—every damned thing about it seemed to be purposely crafted to exhaust him…not to mention that he really had nothing better to do besides moan about his life on the weekends because there really wasn’t all that much to celebrate about it.

He felt a sudden buzz next to his head (well, technically next to the pillow, but who cared about technicalities), so he felt around for his phone, picked it up, and checked the screen.

Incoming call…

Lucy Heartfilia

Natsu blinked once in confusion and sat up, feeling utterly bewildered. Lucy was calling? And he hadn’t been expecting it? This was new.

Natsu realized that he’d been staring at his phone screen for way longer than what was normal, so he quickly swiped the screen to answer the call. He lifted it to his ear and spoke into the phone, “Hello?”

“Natsu?” sounded her familiar voice on the other end. “Hey, I—I didn’t think you’d be up right now…sorry if I woke you up.”

“Nah, you’re good,” Natsu yawned as he tousled his messy head of salmon-pink hair, grinning to himself. “So, why’d you call? You hardly ever call me first…” He paused and let his smile slip into a frown, awkwardly pulling his black wristband onto his right wrist. “Actually, I think this might be the first time. Is something up?”

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Author: d-aisys 
Rating:  K
Imagine: requested by anon! “Do you think maybe someone could please write a Drabble where the reader insists on decorating Reid’s apartment for Christmas and then end up kissing for the first time while reaching for mistletoe? Thanks :)
Notes:  SO FLUFFY YOU WILL DIIIEEE (well, okay, maybe I’m exaggerating). I’ve never written in this format before, so it’s probably a little rough. I did my best when editing, but I think I still might have missed something? I feel like I did… Anyway, I hope the anon who requested it likes it, and I hope everyone else does as well. :)


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To No Set Gauge They Make Us, Chapter 1

fandom: gravity falls
characters: stanley pines, stanford pines, soos ramirez, mabel pines, dipper pines
words: 4420
chapter: 1/?

Ford comes back through the portal immediately after an encounter that left him in critical condition, and the entire family has to deal with the complicated consequences.

(AU branching off during the ending of NWHS)

[AO3 link]

because when i mentioned some of my unfinished drafts last night the response as to which one i should clean up was near-unanimous

it just. also got away from me

(warnings for blood and major character injury)

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