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“Doll, you can do anything you want.”

IMAGINE: Being Bucky’s soulmate.

Part two of “You always take such good care of us.”

You didn’t quite know what to think when a loud alert from FRIDAY woke you up. It was Thursday, one of the few days you had off, and you were utterly exhausted from patching up th. e Avenger’s various bumps and bruises. “What is it, FRIDAY?” you voice still scratchy from sleep, rubbing at your tired eyes.

“The Captain has requested your presence immediately, Miss,” came her cool Scottish voice. “He seems quite distraught.”

“Distraught?’ you repeated, your mind whirling as you got up from your bed quickly. You shrugged on a t-shirt over your tank top, and hopped into a pair of pants.

“Yes, Miss, he says that there is someone severely injured.” the AI replied, and you froze in your steps.

Severely injured? you echoed in your head, you eyes widening. The last time someone had been “severely injured”, had been at the Battle of Sokovia, was when Pietro nearly died, and after you had brought him back from the brink of death, you had nearly died. Without waiting for another instruction from the AI, you rushed out your room.

Almost tripping down the stairs, you barged into the medical room, your hair wild and your eyes wide. Steve stood up from where he was standing next to Sam and went to meet you. Immediately, you started to look him over, your hands tingling as you were ready to heal him.“Steve, what’s wrong?” you asked, your voice breathless. The blonde man’s face was a mixture of both worry and joy.

“(Y/N), we found him,” he whispered under his breath, and you gasped, peering over his shoulder. You hadn’t notice the extra body when you came in, but there was someone sitting on an exam table, while your best friend Sam talked softly to him.

“You found Bucky?” you asked, and he nodded in response. “Steve that’s great! Is he alright?” concerned laced your voice, as he hesitated.

“He is a little beat up,” he said slowly, scratching his head. “Do you think you could take a look at him?” you could detect the protective tone to his voice, and the hesitation in his blue eyes. You knew if you were in his position, the last thing you wanted to do was to introduce a new element to someone who had trust issues. But, you decided, you weren’t frightened, as you saw Bucky hunched over the exam table, fear clear in how his shoulders were slunched. He was just another patient and you’d do anything to help someone in need.

Meeting Steve’s trusting eyes, you smiled up at him. “Of course,” you answered, putting your hair into a ponytail. “Anything for someone in need.” he visibly relaxed, and squeezed your hand in thanks. Steve walked back to Sam and Bucky, as you got your supplies ready. You grabbed a clean pair of gloves, and sanitized your hands.

Taking a deep breath, you approached the exam table, snapping on the pair of gloves. Bucky’s fear filled eyes snapped up to you as you took in his appearance. Chin length dirty brown hair, warm brown eyes, and dark stubble visible on pale skin. Even from here, you could see visible wounds on his forehead, hands, but the one that concerned you the most was a wound peaking out from under his shirt that was still bleeding.

“It’s okay, Buck,” Steve told his friend softly, putting a gently hand on the brunette’s shoulder, Sam stood near him, a casual stance, but his hand near his holster. “(Y/N) can help. She can be trusted.” he promised, his eyes flashing up to yours. You nodded, a smile on your face. Cautiously, you sat next to him on the table, his dark eyes following your every move.

“Hey there cutie,” you said quietly, a sudden intake of breath from the two friends. “Can I put my hand your chest?” you questioned, wanting to make sure you didn’t scare him.

Bucky’s eyes widened, and he rubbed his right arm that was hidden under his jacket. “Doll, you can do anything you want,” his voice was raspy, and had a Brooklyn accent to it, but you didn’t. You only gasped, and your hand went straight to your ribs, where, in crooked writing, read Doll, you can do anything you want.

Steve and Sam seemed to get the jist of what was going on, as they both quietly exited the medical bay, as the two of you continued to stare each other in the eyes. You sat in silence for a moment, as you took in the situation. Suddenly, you remembered why you were there, and broke yourself out of your revere with a cough.

“Well, isn’t this just dandy?” you said with a smile, the tingling sensation growing in your fingers. “My soulmate being someone I’d patch up, and not one I’d meet in a compromising situation.” you joked, and he let out a small chuckle, which you thought was a rare occurrence for the man

“It kinda seemed that way, didn’t it?” Bucky murmured, his hand resting on your thigh, his eyes looking like melted chocolate. He seemed to have relaxed, his shoulders not as hunched as before, and the fear seemed to have disappeared. Bucky’s eyes roamed over your body, a hungry look in his eyes

Trying to ignore the other kind of tingling going on in a result of the handsome man, you put your hands on his head. “You may feel a slight warmth going through you…” you trailed off, closing your eyes as you started to heal him. Warmth flowed from your body into his own, patching up wounds, and the various bruises on his body disappearing. Opening your eyes (and thanking God you were sitting down, as you felt a little faint), you gave him a tired smile. He had a healthy flush to his face, and his skin was free from any cuts or bruises.

Breathing heavily, as if you just had run a marathon, Bucky’s eyes met yours. “How about we go get into a compromising situation?” he whispered into your ear, and you shivered as his tongue flicked against your ear.

You blushed from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. “Bucky, you can do anything you want.”


“I think, Beast, that Shell-head would probably say–”

“–He’d say ‘go!’”

“Wha–Iron Man?! Th-Then you’re—” [Avengers 191]

I’d never seen this moment before! @cap-ironman 

Tony gets turned to stone, so Steve takes control in the field, only to discover: the man beneath the mask is still flesh-and-blood! Huzzah! And look how hopeful and sweet Steve’s face is in the last panel at the end of the issue. Sweeties~~


NOT coming to a theater near you!