th at it friends

my favorite thing

is when people include davesprite in their aus

  • humanstuck au? davesprite
  • postgame au? davesprite (like. if ur conflicted about davepeta how bout this: have them both. its an au man go wild)
  • trollstuck au? davesprite
  • mythicstuck? davesprite
  • just. have davesprite. let the pure orange birb exist in ur aus. he is lonely and wants a friend

and have davesprite be separate from dave, too! they can be separate. let dem strider bois be separate

pls just….give me this one thing

6:th of December

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Warning: Fluff,language and a little sexual i guess

Pairing: Matty x reader

x-gifs not mine, always credits to owners

It took over three knocks before he opened. You had to sit down because of your dizziness.

“Y/N what the fuck?” Matty has wearing a big white shirt and his boxers. He dropped down beside you and helped you up.

“Matty, I’m tired and I can’t find home” He led you inside and closed the door.

“Are you drunk? “ He said as he took off your jacket.

“Maybe” You giggled. “Sorry, Did I wake you Matty patty?” He smiled and rubbed his eyes before saying “Yeah”. He guided you to the sofa.

“Say if you’re going to throw up an I’ll take you to the bathroom.” He went to the kitchen to get you a glass of water. “Thank you” You slurred back.

“So how come you’re drunk at my place at four in the morning?” He yelled from the kitchen. You looked down at the black dress you were wearing.

“I went out with my friends and I missed you” You said and laid down in his sofa. He gave you the water and sat down on a coffee table in front of the sofa.

“How are you feeling?” He asked and wiped away some hair from your face. You looked at him but stayed quiet.

“I’m sad Matty.” You said and looked down at your fingers. He got up and sat down next to you in the sofa, patting on his lap for you to place your head.

“And why is that love?” He said as he stroked your hair.

“Because I think I love you and you don’t give a fuck about me.” You whispered. His hands stopped for a minute before continuing. He sighed and looked you in the eyes.

“Well I guess you won’t remember this” He laughed a little to himself

“But I think about you all the time. Your face, your body and how much I want you.” You sat up and looked him in the eyes. He gave you a little smile. The smile you loved to see.

“Then take me” You said now a little bit too close to his face. His eyes looked like they were screaming for you so you kissed him. You could feel him relax as he kissed you back. His hands wandered to your hips and pushed your legs to the side so that you were now facing him in his lap. Your hands went under his shirt as your kisses turned rushed and wet. Your hands got to his boxers when he stopped you. He closed his eyes and bit his under lip.

“I-i can’t.” He said. “Believe me, I really want to but… you’re drunk, It wouldn’t be okay” You felt you heart sink as you began to trying to stand up, but he stopped you. You held onto his arm as you said.

“Would a cuddle be okay then?” You smiled at him as he got up and gave you a fast kiss.

“Sure, I mean if we can’t fuck than we can at least hug” He said and took your hand, dragging you to his bedroom.

“I’ll just get a bucket if you feel sick tonight” he said and walked out of the room. You took your opportunity to get undressed and sat down on the bed. He stopped in the door frame as he saw you, paralysed. You smiled and crawled down under the covers in his soft bed. You pat next to you as he took of his clothes. He laid down next to you. You thought he was afraid to touch you so you rolled over and half beside, half over him. You could feel him smile to himself after kissing your head.

“Goodnight” You said and kissed his chest as he stroke your head.

“Night love” He said in a quiet laugh. You had never been this happy before.

psychic: *reads my mind*

my mind: *Oh hey. Didn’t see you there. It’s your best friend. Terepy Pipes. BAck at it again. Recording live from,, Paradise, So, Uh, I don’t really remember when. Or how I got here. I was a little disraaacted. Here is a picture of me being distracted while a universe was Birthing in front of me. Anyway, I’ve seen better, so, a qwuickupdate, fr the fans. n th folowers. The deceased friends and family. Uhm. Still sad. I’m workin on it. Turns out, Can Land does NOT have Prozac. I’m still waiting for my girl, VASKA, to come back from the war… I’m hangin out with my friends: Stick, Tree?, and Dirt. Turns out my incapability to express genuine emotions aLIENAted everybody who was dear to meLETS TALK ROMANCE!!!!!!!!! So, I heard through the grapevine, and also by living with them for about three years, that,, CANYON, and, ROSS, stand next to each other. Under trees. karat an d eh,,,,,, Dont really stand next to each other. I havent seen them stand next to each other in a l- in EIGHTEEN MINUTESFFF HAAA anyway this concludes my lets play of SGRUB. All in all 7/10 game. All my friends died. 7/10 MAKE SURE TO LIKE COMMENT AND SUBSC*

psychic: what the fuck


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