th art

I wanted to draw… Semi-toonified Henry n Sammy but I also wanted to practice drawing bridal style so I combined it.

I didn’t… Look at a reference for this actually so yea. It looks weird because of that.

And incase you think this was meant to be cute:

Sammy drops Henry a few minutes later.

anonymous asked:

I saw an anti saying how kids seeing She/th art is a bad influence because of the pedo/age difference kids may think it's ok for a kid to date an adult. Kids are not that dumb or impressionable. ((And by that logic wouldn't it be bad for kids to see a ship where canonly Red and Blue argue/fight a lot and seeing that aspect of it being romanticized should be bad too right???)) That's the dumbest argument against Sha/adin I have heard

well u know antis….they think a constant bickering couple means they have “sexual tension” and that they’re “secretly in love” what a good example of romance to kids am i right like wow….okay….j f c


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I love when I have ideas of stuff that was supposed to be super quick to do and it ends in something super long and hard to draw. Goddamnit brain.

Also, Disneyland Paris doesn’t sell this kind of awesome Disney clothes, it’s a lie.

I intended to shade a little but take too much time so maybe I’ll do it later.