I played tennis growing up in high school and college and when they would call out names, they would always say ‘Matt’ and they could never get to that last name. When I was younger it was very frustrating to me, but my mom would always say ‘When you get better with your game, people will be able to say and spell that last name’. It was a point of inspiration for me to try and get to a place where I would have that last name as something recognizable. The same thing happened to me when I started as an actor twelve years ago; my first agent [in Los Angeles] asked me to change my last name. Because of my father and mother, I decided that I wanted to get to that place as an actor where it was a last name that was remembered. Hopefully I get a little bit closer every year. [Matt Czuchry on his difficult last name]


“It’s late.”

“It’s like old times, huh?” 

This movie’s just a PILL!

New NC Titlecard for the oddly familiar film Osmosis Jones! (x)

Starring Doug Walker, Tamara Lynn Chambers, Malcolm Ray, Taylor Chambers, Joanna Krynski and Beth Elderkin!

Again another film parody I’ve had to draw that isnt out in UK cinemas yet. Luckily it’s out this week, even I already saw it in america! Thanks goodness!

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