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Like ginny weasley is a girl who went on to become a star chaser for the holyhead harpies and you cant tell me that quidditch isnt a traditionally male dominated field along with journalism like there were probably so many people who told her that she was just this small girl who wasnt good enough and was only getting anywhere on her boyfriend’s (and eventually husband’s) fame 

like she would be such an advocate for equality in the work place and her and hermione would would start a new wave of intersectional feminism in the wizarding world and im so for that 

like ginny choosing to take her husband’s name but hermione not and ginny taking james to work after he was born and rose going with ron and sometimes harry would take the kids to work with him once he was head auror and doing less field work and just publicly breaking down family gender roles 

and ginny who becomes an advocate for girls who were abused and went through trauma when they were younger and her and harry spreading awareness about abuse and toxic relationships and how child abuse is real and both of them advocating so much for children because they dont want anyone to grow up like harry did or for someone to have their own tom riddle

and ginny weasley who runs a summer camp in the summer for boys and girls who are interested in quidditch to foster equality in a generation starting from a young age and breaking down gender stereotypes and making girls feel comfortable in playing quidditch and making sure that boys play fair with the girls and dont go easy on them just because theyre girls

and ginny potter who found out that someone in the wizengamot made some racist misogynistic remark to hermione and ended up using her fame and popular quidditch column to call out the old members of the government and wrote a scathing review of todays legal system backed up by up to date facts that were provided by an anonymous source *coughharrycough* which almost gets her suspended but it sparks enough public out cry that members of the wizengamot must be put through sensitivity training and if they cannot control themselves then they will be removed

and ginny who immediately shoots down anyone who makes fun of women who stay at home to raise the children because she knows that what her own mother did for he and her siblings was worth more than any salary in the world 

and ginny who was constantly facing ridicule from the tabloids, especially after james was born and she didnt immediately “get her pre baby body back”
she ends up working with pavarti patil to create a line of womens clothing for all shapes and sizes because everyone deserves to feel amazing in what theyre wearing no matter their size or price range 

and oh gosh theres so much more but i just really love ginny weasley 

The Internet Reviewer Blip Shutdown Super List

Alrighty! Now that Blip is shutting down, us internet reviewer types have been posting where you can find our stuff, so I thought it’d be helpful to have a list of what folks have posted. I’ll update it as I get more links, so please send them my way if they aren’t here!

Links under the cut!

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Bliply Going Where No One Has Gone Before

As it is the day of Blip’s demise, you’ve no doubt read a number of articles from various video makers about where their content will be. Here is another one.

To be brutally honest, the writing was all the wall for a long time, and if I had one regret, it’s that I probably should have gotten my act together regarding this a little bit sooner than I should - I did open the YouTube channel several months ago, but grew so frustrated with that I didn’t properly explore my options. It’s funny how your view of things can change when you have no other choice. I’d like to thank Blip, because it offered me a lot of opportunities with it’s space, and did endorse my work on several occasions. Blip did offer me to become part of the League of Super Critics, but that was mere days before the initial Maker buyout and that offer disappeared. Perhaps things might have been different if I had that, but there’s no point spending time wondering what may have been. That was out of my control. What’s happening right now is not in my control. What I am in control of, on the other hand, is how I choose to deal with it, and that requires a lot of hard work and perseverance. In this time, I’d like to ask the same from my viewers.

So here’s the situation as it currently stands, in full. As you know, several months ago I opened a YouTube channel that I have since resumed posting to. This is problematic, however, because of the ContentID system that effectively punishes movie reviewers for doing their job. In spite of this, I’ve gotten quite good at working around the system, but there’s a bigger issue for me - the grey exclamation marks. The reason this exists is because at present I am not supported by a network like Screenwave or Maker, and although messages have been sent in their direction, I have not received word from either for now. This is not an intentional snub, I don’t suspect: the closure of Blip has sent a considerable shockwave, and many of them are struggling to keep up with the considerable influx of creators and their considerable back catalogues. This may change in time, but it will likely take a while. These grey exclamation points are far more irritating because they prevent me monetizing my videos, even though these have actually passed the Content ID system with no issues. Once I have a network these would disappear, but for now there’s a lot just queued up waiting. At least with a match I can dispute it and get a clean slate if I win, and there are several I plan to fight for and see what comes of it.

Luckily YouTube is not the only place that I am posting videos too. I have also opened a DailyMotion channel that serves as a back-up. DailyMotion is better with regards to this sort of thing, but it is not perfect by any stretch - if anything, it’s worse if you’re caught because it outright deletes the video with no recourse, as I discovered with my Kickboxer in 5 Seconds clip. (I suspect Lionsgate works are particularly susceptible) It’s a place to put them and see what happens. DailyMotion also restricts the amount of content I can upload at one time, and I run into the block like Wile E. Coyote every night. Oh well.

Neither of these are intended to be permanent homes, and hopefully a network deal will allow me to use their hosting space for something a bit more stable. There’s also the small matter of having to replace and re-edit numerous videos to remove Jet Black Stare’s Ready to Roll and other problematic elements. Even if I get a new host, the theme song is not going to magically re-appear, and I have something in the works regarding that. This is not entirely a bad thing, however: I have been using the time to make the videos better than they were previously, improving their pacing, the volume of the film clips and gags that might have be fine several years ago but are definitely not now. If anything, watching back through these videos has shown how well-made a lot of them were back in the day, and are still effective to this day. It’s a period of considerable change and transition, and it may be turbulent, but it isn’t completely a bad thing.

For now, patience is key, and I will let you know of further developments. I would like to ask you to not post my content on YouTube, as I have copies of them already and other versions take away from exposure I could receive. Private copies are fine, however, and you’re more than welcome to retain what you wish. The best thing you can do to support me, or any other video maker, is to spread the word. You see a video and it spurs an opinion, talk about it, link it, start a conversation and see who hears you. A big enough chorus of voices may spur some interest from entities that may want to capitalize on it, and that’s often led to bigger and better things. Subscribing to a number of my active channels will also help, so feel free to subscribe to the following:





I apologize if I have been somewhat light on content lately in the face of all this, but I need to work out where I exactly I can call home to do that, and I’ve been working on the aforementioned revised versions above. I do have projects in development, however, so it’s not all quiet.

Take a deep breath, and make the plunge.

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Pretty Smurfed up.

New NC titlecard on the smurfiest movie to hit the screen ‘The Smurfs’ (x)

Starring Doug Walker, Tamara Chambers, Malcolm Ray, Jim Jarosz and The Black Nerd (Andre Meadows)!

I’ll be honest, the best thing about this movie is Hank Azaria. And I’m saying that as a Neil Patrick Harris fan!

Thanks as always to my Patreons Andrew Hernandez, Andrew Suydam, Shannon Gold and Michael Levesque!

See you guys next smurf!  xx