Cuando alguien desaparece de tu vida, puede que no vayas a ver a esa persona nunca mas, o si podras decirle todas las cosas que te quedan o que te gustaria decirle, cojes papel y lápiz, y escribes una carta, puede ser eterno o puede ser una palabra, se lo escribes a esa persona que se fue, entonces la doblas y la acercas a una llama y la quemas, se la lleva el viento y asi el dolor no se te quedan tan adentro
—  Gin (Tengo ganas de ti)
  • Cinema Snob episode 1:Snob reviews Burial Ground: Night Of Terror and is uber grouchy towards it
  • Cinema Snob episode 300:Snob now revealed as Craig tries to make a big grand epic special with lots of cameos and memorable moments but his agent's assistant goes over budget and the entire episode is a race to not only get through all of Heaven's Gate but to also keep everything affordable (and it unfortunately involved having to rid part of Craig's eyebrow.) But then in the midst of a few other random cameos, more of the budget is lost when Christopher Walken angrily calls in to tell Snob he misconceives his relationship with wallpaper. And later on a documentary is made about how Snob has fallen and how this review was a gigantic disaster with both the budget and the critics. Also there's something involving bros and how a new one has been auditioned. Also Snob's dick talks.
The Ginny Weasley Defense Squad!

You’ve seen the post: “Reblog if you’re a member of the Ginny Weasley defense squad!”

Well, now there’s an entire blog, dedicated to defending Ginevra Molly Weasley. (In reality, aren’t all of our blogs dedicated to defending Ginny, I mean really…)

We’re all really dedicated to this project and are all hardcore Ginny fans who would destroy barriers to defend her.

What you’ll find here are mostly text posts where we’ll try to debunk years of years of pure hating and simple forgetfullness and clean Ginny’s name of all the falseness that surrounds her name.

Important note : THE MOVIES ARE NOT CONSIDERED CANON FOR THIS BLOG. A lot of the misinformations about Ginny come from the movies and we won’t agree with that.

What will be considered canon is : the 7 Harry Potter books, all information given by J.K. Rowling in interviews, and also Pottermore.

Also, if you want to join our team, don’t hesitate to message either ginnydear or feelsandotps and it will be a pleasure to consider adding you.

The review is open!

New Nostalgia Critic title-card of the recent released Dino-flick ‘Jurassic World’!

Starring Doug Walker, Tamara Lynn Chambers and Malcolm Ray.

Oddly enough while drawing this title-card before going on holiday the movie wasn't even out yet!

Thank you to my Patreon supporters again Andrew Suydam and Andrew Hernandez and Shannon Gold!! 

See you guys next time where I will be home safe and sound! x

Commissions Open!

Okay, uh…I’m in some serious need for money so…I’m opening up commissions. Cuz I really need help here…

Anyway, so here are some prices:

Sketches: up to $5 (less depending on intricacy):


$5 = headshot/bust:

(Btw, that was completely unintentional. I grabbed these two drawings at random and realized it as I was saving the file, but when I noticed it, it made me laugh…)

$10 = Full body (this is technically the same character, just at different ages):

$15+ = 2 or more characters (+$5 for each additional character):


$15 = 1 Character:

$20+ = 2 or more characters (+$5 for each additional character)

**When I get a new computer, I can go back to digital art, but for now, all will be traditional. Therefore any and all coloring will prolly have to be done with colored pencils


$25+ (No, I’m not posting an example with this)

**I don’t LIKE doing NSFW. But I’ll negotiate something if you really want it. Just know it’ll cost ya.

Things I’m not very good at:

  • Robots/mecha (there’s a reason you are seeing NONE of that here)
  • Backgrounds (they’ll be SUPER simplistic)

It doesn’t have to be EEnE-related or in that kinda style. These are just what I’ve been drawing for a while.

Message me here on Tumblr or email me at:

PayPal or Google Wallet payments mostly. I don’t have many other options…

If you email me, please be sure to include:

  • Subject: Commission
  • Name
  • Commission description
  • Contact information you want to share other than email (if you want)

If you can’t buy a commission, it’d be great if you could reblog this at least to spread the word. I could really use the money.

I don’t have any certain number of slots that need to be filled at this time, so please feel free to message me.