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did u hear they r going to replace rooney mara with alicia vikander and reboot the girl with the dragon tattoo???? why r they doing that? the first one was so successful it made money the cast was perfect and rooney wants to reprise her role! so why on earth would they reboot the franchise???

i can’t even contemplate that…. im going to pretend that this is fake and my father david fincher will not let me down

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Headcanon that when INDEV turned into Fin he kept moving his mouth into different expressions/positions for hours on end.

tbh??? LOL

he’d be like


[makes the :V face]

Also this “scary” youtube monetization thing with channel awesome? Not new, and not actually that hard to deal with nowadays.

So like, if you’re with a network and use clips/music edited to certain lengths, you will not get these kinds of claims. Since I joined with a network and figured out how to edit within reason, I have not received a single youtube claim for a new video. The only reason you’d get your account limited like that is if you got a strike, which you can avoid by being careful with how many disputes you have going at once.

Doug mentions in the video how it’s unprofessional to speak about behind the scenes things, that is unless it affects you or your money, and by you he means him. Would’ve been nice if he had our backs when all of those behind the scenes issues were going on, but if it affects OUR livelihoods it’s a whole different deal. “Youtube didn’t respond for three weeks!” Oh yeah? Well that was any time you tried to get ahold of Michaud, so cool business story dudes.

tldr; the channel awesome youtube “drama” is laughable and could’ve been avoided if they hadn’t fired everyone with business sense. No one should feel sorry for them.


This whole thing is inexplicable to me. This reel of American ads includes:

- Rosie O’Donnell singing (!!!) about Christmas at K-Mart

- Ads for Space Jam, Jingle All the Way, and Mission Impossible

- BB King gushing about Wendy’s (!?)

- Some kid wishing for Huggies with a lamp

- Bored people vox-popped at Burlington Coat Factory

This is why American culture is weird to me as a Brit.


Rooney Mara talks more about Carol

The first gifs are from Rooney’s response when the interviewer commented that the characters Rooney played in Side Effects, TGWTDT, and Carol were all “sort of sexually fluid” and that “their numbers on the Kinsey Scale are perhaps different,” and asked Rooney what draws her to figuring that out as an actress.

Last two gifs are about a deleted scene (we need more flirty Carol/Therese interactions - please be on the DVD!!).

Q&A with Rooney Mara after Carol SAG screening, January 27, 2016