My reactions after watching last night's episode of The Good Wife

when Glenn Childs withdrawn his candidacy

when Diane Lockhart wasn’t dismissed as an equity partner

when Derek Bond was voted out of the firm

the final scene when Will and Diane danced together

The Good Wife Season 2 Episode 12: Silly Season

Becca: You seem…upset.
Eli: How is it that I can manage aldermen, judges and yet I still seem to have this ridiculous little mean girl thorn in my shoe?
Becca: Maybe you’re secretly inlove.
Eli:’s the thing. I’m not gonna ask ‘cause I know you only lie, that’s ok. But as to make things easier.
Becca: What things?
Eli: When you’re did not sleep with Zach, you did not hook up with him, you did not have an abortion. You don’t have to think just say yes.
Becca: Yes.And what if I did?
Eli: What if you did what?
Becca: Slept with Zach and had an abortion.
Eli: Then we’ll have to discuss what was provable.
Becca: Lake Drive Health Center, I was there on May 18th. Ooops, is that make your job harder?
Eli: Listen…
Becca: No Mr.Gold, I’m tired of listening. Have Zach phone me, I like Zach. I don’t want to make his life harder, I wanna make it easier.
Eli: May 18th? Hmmm..working back he won’t showing so that means March, April conception. That’s when you’re sleeping with Mr. Hack, your after school college prep tutor. Yes, appauling isn’t? I investigate my opponents, too bad you don’t have the resources to do the same. So, whenever anyone asks whether you slept with Zach..what d'you say? It’s very easy. I know given your history it’s probably a new word for you but say no. Let’s try it.
Becca: No.
Eli: Good. Always a lovely Becca.

This is one of the reasons why I love Alicia Florrick

Mr. Landry: Mrs. Florrick I have one more question. Did you meet with a divorce attorney on Feb. 23rd?
Alicia: Yes…I had a brief consultation with a divorce attorney a few days after the allegations against my husband surfaced, in order to weigh my options.
Mr. Landry: Are you saying you’ve ruled out the possibility of divorce?
Alicia: I have no plans to divorce.
Mr. Landry: But you haven’t ruled it out?
Alicia: I haven’t ruled out running for president. Probably won’t happen, but I haven’t ruled it out.
Mr. Landry: So, you intend to welcome Mr. Florrick back into your home?
Alicia: Yes.
Mr. Landry: Despite the sexual dalliances with call girls…
Alicia: My son is here, Mr. Landry.
Mr. Landry: Are you suggesting you’d give different answers if he weren’t?
Alicia: I’m suggesting you stop asking invasive and irrelevant questions.
Mr. Landry: Isn’t it true…
Alicia: What’s your goal here Mr. Landry?
Mr. Landry: Mrs. Florrick…
Alicia: To do your boss’ bidding? To embarrass me? Embarrass my husband? To goad me into some emotional public renunciation of him? The relevant question here is whether Peter has a suitable place to go home to. And I am stating under oath, that he does. Any further questions?

       SHE ROCKS!!!