TOP CHARACTERS OF 2011: Kalinda Sharma, The Good Wife

As much as I loved Kalinda’s season 2 storyline for how deeply it showcased Kalinda’s emotions, the surprising depth of her feelings for Alicia, it broke my heart. However, what breaks my heart more is the horrible way the writers have treated her character in the last part of Season 3. She’s been all but erased from many episodes or utterly wasted on the abomination of a storyline with Cary. The storyline with Cary and Dana has reduced my poor Kalinda to someone she would have had no respect for in previous seasons and it’s utterly heartbreaking. I’ve found the show itself in decline by the writers’ complete inability to manage to write either Kalinda or Alicia without the other; they both act yet the viewer is given no reason or emotional explanation of why they acted so without the bond between the two women. I suppose that’s what happens when you have two women so used to keeping their true emotions inside while displaying a different face to the public.

I want Kalinda to be the old Kalinda again in 2012 but I don’t hold out much hope from the teaser trailer that was released. I’ll always love Kalinda, I just wish she’d get her self respect back. 

i don't give a fuck. i really like celeste serrano.

Is anyone surprised? Bitchy, difficult, complicated characters are my absolute favourite. 

If a female character gets in the way of your OTP, if she’s unapologetically ambitious, if she’s snarky or someone you would call ‘a bitch’ then there’s a 95% chance I love her.

Because, let’s face it, if she was an attractive white boy, she would be fucking adored.  

discardedtracesoflove replied to your post: I love the way you think. ;P I’m actually glad the writers did this. I know it most likely will cause an outrage from the ‘shippers. (I want to make that distinction since not everyone thinks the show is over now that everything is not roses and wine). the show is about Alicia first and foremost. she needs to be free! and it’s not about who she ends up with! I’m just not sure if Will is really in love with her after that convo with K at the bar… maybe Will is a sociopath. lol.

WELL SAID. after this ep, would you say that last part about K applies to Cary? I know you hate him and all but I do recognize there might be something there. but at the same time I just think it’s a BAD COMBINATION.

In regards to Cary I think that tonight’s interaction with Kalinda was more that Kalinda was annoyed that he caught her. Every interaction she had with Cary over Season 2 related to her wanting something from him and considering how he had thrown himself at her in Season 1, she used his desire to fuck her to her benefit. I literally cannot think of a SINGLE SCENE in Season 2 which wasn’t about her getting some information from him.

Maybe she’s convinced she’s had some feelings for him but that is more bad writing then anything else. Girlfriend should not want to be friends with someone who, while she was at her weakest, was a total shit to her. She was completely falling apart after Alicia found out about her and Peter and all Cary could think about was him getting a leg up with Peter and then insulted her.

I honestly don’t understand why they keep putting Kalinda in scenes with Cary. It makes Matt look like a one note actor and Cary like an asshole. And it completely negates the much more important relationships Kalinda has/had with Will and Alicia.
Which is a long way about to saying that I think that Kalinda is unable to make the leap and go for it, but not with Cary because that’s nothing scary. He’s a rich, whiny brat. She could have him in any way she wanted in a heartbeat without risking much of anything. Her inability to make a leap is the same as Will’s, it’s about Alicia. Not necessarily romantic (although I do think that Kalinda is attracted to Alicia a little, and maybe a little in love with her, that is something she would never do) but she won’t push the issue with Alicia, she won’t take the risk and open herself up to Alicia just a little bit more in order to try to get Alicia to forgive her. She’s much more willing to have Alicia be angry at her and avoid her than admit that their friendship was something really important for her, that Alicia’s trust was something that she genuinely cherished. Kalinda can’t do a knowing smile and tilt her head and swing her hips and have all sins be forgiven like she can with everyone else. The only way I can see that she can get Alicia back is to make herself vulnerable to Alicia in a way she probably hasn’t before and certainly hadn’t during their relationship, no matter how she felt internally. My personal feeling is that it’s not something Kalinda feels she’s even capable of anymore.

I used to have a lot of confidence in the writers of the show but now…not so much. I really would like to see them develop Kalinda significantly in that way and not in relationship-with-Cary-OMG-feelings-and-love sort of way. I hate hate hate HATE the ‘difficult woman is redeemed through the love of a good man’ trope because it’s bullshit. I would much, much rather see the journey back to friendship and the importance of that friendship as a defining moment for Kalinda and for Alicia. 

slybrunette replied to your post: i don’t give a fuck. i really like celeste serrano.

I haven’t seen this ep yet but I actually really enjoy her too.

She’s excellent in this episode. I thought she had some really interesting scenes with Alicia and I ended the episode wanting more scenes with them. I like that she knows stuff about Will’s past because I think that’s a very interesting place to go. I’m not wild about Will/Alicia but I like the way they’ve played it so far and I like the wrench Celeste throws in, though I know a lot of shippers hate that about her. I don’t think she’d be able to break them up but I think she could spill some interesting beans.

 mareeana replied to your posti don’t give a fuck. i really like celeste serrano.

How can people not like Celeste? She is flawless.

I know, right? The last two episodes I liked her but I thought her scenes felt a little forced in order for the show to get their money’s worth out of Lisa Edelstein. Now I am absolutely in love with her. Her character would one who could quickly run out of stories as a regular but as a recurring character I think she could work really well so I hope she’s brought back once or twice more. I like having lots of recurring characters with a small core cast, it gives writers more wiggle room to create based on what will create the best stories rather than trying to force a character into every episode.