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For a moment Jyushimatsu wondered, maybe he had made it to the great beyond; the baseball field in the sky, the place cats go when they get old, and other such descriptions told to him on what heaven is. He stared in curiosity at the sight before him, it reminded him of his brother Karamatsu’s words of nonsensical poetry, and he wondered if the situation was supposed to be painful. But it, oddly enough was not.

Monsta X reaction to you kissing them to make them shut up


You sigh quietly hearing Shownu’s worried voice non-stop about his first day of becoming the leader. 

“I don’t think I did well,” He mumbles, pacing around the living room. You stand up, approaching him without him noticing as you spin him around.

He shows no surprise, “Do you think I should  –” 

You cut him off by kissing him deeply, making him feel lost before you let him go. His expression is full of confusion, blank and just, nothing.

“You are a good leader, so don’t worry too much” You say, as you wait to hear more of his concern.

But you knew you successfully made him shut up when he’s just standing there, just staring at you, before his lips forms a shy smile.

“Thank you for the kiss” He say while rubbing his neck, as you chuckle at his silly comment.


“So like I was working out again, because I need to have a good build for the concert, but like,” Wonho continues to speak, making you grow tired.

“I just need to make them look, you know, better” He say, looking at you. You were about to reply him but he adds more of his reason. 

You hold his shoulder suddenly, as you plant a deep kiss on his lips. His lips form a small smile, his hands bringing you closer.

You pushed him away playfully, making you frown. 

“I thought you wanted to make out” He say, frowning too. 

“I just wanted to shut you up, Wonho”

“Ooh, I guess that makes sense… kinda, so where was I again?” 


“I was about to eat the snack, but someone stole it, like why??” Minhyuk tells you when you both are watching TV. 

You let out a soft sigh, couldn’t concentrate on the TV show.

“Then that day, when I was walking to the company, there was this bird, well– I don’t know if it is a bird but it does look like one,”  

You face him as he is still talking, before you kiss him with your lips matches with his perfectly. His eyes widen, letting you kiss a little more as you slowly pull away.

“Yes, Minhyuk, what were you saying?” You smile cheekily. His mouth goes in a circular shape, his eyes wander around. 

“I forgot…”


“The members keep on attacking me over such nonsense, do they not understand I am in-charge of the good looks in the group  –” Kihyun halts a brief moment when he sees you raising your eyebrow.

“Okay, maybe Hyungwon is in-charge of that but I am important too, right?” He says, making it as a statement instead of a question.

“I am Yoo Kihyun, I need to be confident –” Before he knows it, your lips are already on his lips, shutting them tightly. With a quick deep peck, you move away from him, expecting no sound from him.

“You know if you want to be kissed by me, you could always tell me” His fingers pinch your cheek.

“Kihyun, it’s for you to shut up” You pout angrily.

“Well, it’s not working, you could do better than that” He winks suggestively instead.


“I didn’t get enough sleep because of the schedules today” Hyungwon says, it’s the 5th time he had said that to you for the past 30 minutes.

“It was a busy day, but there was that time when Minhyuk was scaring Jooheon, it was funny but anyway, I was too tired to focus because I didn’t get enough sleep –”

You grab his arm, making him stop but his lips were about to speak so you place your lips on it. You kiss him softly, feeling his lips smiling.

He pulls away, instead of you doing it.

“You’re so cute” He manage to compliment you, his smile gets wider.

“I should talk more so I could get that often, huh?” He says, thinking about it happily.


“My rap has gotten a lot better, but I need to adjust something like something is off”

“You rap is already perfect, Jooheon” You try to make him feel confident, secretly wanting him to be quiet.

“Well, yeah, but I need more… more of something, maybe I should make a rap now,” He continues. “But I need to just –”

Your lips sneakily made its way on his lips, taking it by force to shut him up. His expression changes from shock to enjoyment, before you push him lightly.

“What’s with your expression?” You furrow your eyebrow, confused that he wasn’t affected by you.

“I just got what I needed the most” He smiles playfully, as he quickly dashes off away from you.


“Do you think I should buy this game or the other one?” He asks, but doesn’t wait for you reply before he scrolls down the game page. 

“I think I should get this one,” He says. “Or maybe this, Kihyun hyung said this is fun but hyung has a bad taste in game so maybe not” He continues to talk, his eyes focus on his ipad.

“I think this is fun”

You roll your eyes, getting a little irritated. You grab his phone, making him shut up with your lips. Your lips move smoothly on his, as you feel his hand holding onto your arm.

You move away from his face, gaining a small smirk from him.

“Are you telling me this kissing game is more fun?” 

“What? Ofcourse not” You retort back at his statement, in disbelief.

“Yeah, right” He gets closer to you as he wiggles his eyebrows.


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   Battlemode Studios and True Quality Entertainment are proud to state today that a new upcoming Reality TV show, not quite like any other, will be aired sometime in the up and coming weeks.  The Idols Survival Guide  (아이돌 생존 가이드) will be a unique experience for the viewers and the Idols participating. We have many things planned from both sides but we’ve decided to put out some early information to get people excited and maybe some future players!

Starting off, this show is going to be based off of a upcoming FIRST ever multiplayer platform game that Battlemode has been working on for months. The game takes place on an island and so said show will also be taking place on an island. The island beforehand will be set up in stations for each team of two in various locations. Each team will be separated by many miles on different parts of the island, each equipped with their own small cameras, five items only plus a small guide on how to basic survival and emergency phones that can ONLY be used to opted out at any time during the two week period that the ‘game’ takes place.

Behind the scenes as the weeks go on, BM will be able to monitor each team once the teams have setup their second camera pointing to their chosen camp ground for safety precautions, otherwise, they are completely on their own. They will have to learn how to start fires, fish, hunt, cook, setup camp and much more with just their hands and chosen five items they have brought with them each (ten total items between the two).

This show will be an ongoing reality series with only five teams per season. So in total, ten people will be able to try out and get onto the show for each season. But no worries, there will be plenty of seasons to get to seeing as each is only a two week period. At this point and time for the first season, idols from TQ only will be participating. For the next season, we have thoughts to have another Entertainment company allow their idols to pair up with idols from a different company. Following up, ANYONE/ANY IDOL OR WELL KNOWN FIGURE can join in on the show and experience Survival to the fullest.

Now that we have explained all of that, click read more to read up on the gameplay. Hope to see you all out and ready for this upcoming reality show. Hashtag: #ISG.

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I was tagged by @arystudies to do a handwriting tag so yeah, this is it!

My handwriting is not that pretty as I am improving it. There’s three pens I love and use (those above) and the most comfortable one is the Pilot BP-1 RT M!

Pilot BP-1 RT M is for lecture/speed notes.
Pilot G-2 0.7 is for re-written notes, assignments that involves writing and essays.
Artline Stix BP 0.7 is used for emergencies.

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DANDELION: Do you think you’re important?

I like to think I’m important to the people who matter most to me. My mother and father, my closest friends. I may not live long enough to make a big difference in the world and to humanity, but if I can make a difference in these people’s lives it would be more than enough for me.

At times I doubt my importance to the people I care about but then I get little tidbits like, “this reminded me of you today” or “hi, just checking in. how’re you doing?” and I smile and realise that I’ve somehow indented myself in their lives that I’m just automatically part of their everyday lives.



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Hello! Sorry uh that’s my face so…but uhm!! Mod TQ is kinda self insert trash, and so it got me thinking…in my own little daydreams I have my own Phenomena that I developed and such so uhmmmm

If you had a Phenomena what kind of Phenomena would you have?

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