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Oh snap, snap! Spark, spark! It’s time to light up the diggy-diggy dark! I’m the Flame Alchemist and I’m gonna be Fuhrer My beats are hot and my rhyme’s are purer! I like the ladies in the miniskirts I’ll be posing in the mirror without my fancy shirts I’m gonna set your heart on fire, whoosh whoosh! And, you know my heart burns bright, too! Kaboom, kaboom! My firepower tonight is feeling just right. Kablam kablam!

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Headcannon time! What if Eijun went to the bookstore to grab some shojo manga, but accidently grabbed a yaoi book instead because he was in a hurry? He realized it wasn't what he originally wanted when he was back in Seido but since he was already halfway through the volume, he just finished it. When he was in the shower one day, Kuramochi found it and flipped to a random page, which was filled with (ahem) them doing the do. He has been using it to embarrass Eijun ever since.

i sorta feel like kuramochi might secretly read eijuns shoujo manga while eijuns out of the room so he just kinda picks up the yaoi manga on automatic and is just like 

i just finished the bang fic! (\^__^/) well sorta, still have to write an omake and finish up some of the scenes i kinda gave up on. and edit. bleh. but at least i can relax a bit more and focus on the art project!

on another note i am so sorry for all of the birthday posts ;a; totally didnt expect this omg. pls remember to savior BIRTHDAY 2K15 if you get tired of seeing them!

okay but if eijun has ass privileges does that mean miyuki also has ass privileges?

because just imagine his hand on eijuns back and he just slowly slides it down and squeezes eijuns ass and eijun accidentally shudders and moans and the entire team stops practice to stare because ew gross you guys ur so gay

its still august 21st in my timezone ;a;

i wanted to do something for fanfic appreciation day so heres a really shitty edit and an incomplete list of amazing daiya authors and my favorite fics by them!

arbitraryallegory - kaleidoscopic
bakamura-eijun - whats left unspoken
cheetahing - the feeling kind
cinnamonrollwannabe - our moment is now
corteae - reluctant revelations
dessertarianism - in all the towns in all the world
elfnovember - adapt
erendyce - on the amazingness of social networks
fallibleflakes - volatility of balance
harmonization - stages of trompe-l’oeil
kuroohina - just a little bit
liazim - catch me if you can
mandraked - scar tissue around your heart (honestly my fave fic)
meridiangrimm - genre savvy
robotmenace - the devils boys
southpaws-catcher - the warmth within trust
starrwinter - guys night out
torikagos - aria
valoirs - a word for almost-home
whythehandbasket - royal blue

the rest of my fic rec list can be found here  

as someone who writes i can tell you that sometimes it can be super disappointing to work really hard, to pour yourself into something, and to get pretty much nothing in return. it sucks, and yet we continue to do it because we love it. writing is a form of torture sometimes lmao. 

anyway, you guys contribute so much to fandom and whether you get recognized or it or not youre amazing ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ thanks for sharing your creativity!

hey guys so this is kuramisawas 2.3k follow forever!

this time around i (mostly) decided to focus on mutuals with whom ive interacted and become friends, though to be quite honest youre all super special and i wouldnt be following you if i didnt appreciate you! so please go check out my blogroll!

some of you are new and some have been with me through more fandoms than i can count but either way i just wanted to thank you for sticking with me and making my dash a nice place!

no special notations bc all but one of you are mutuals hehe


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kuramiyusawa scenario where eijun and mochi were out being little hooligans and get picked up by the cops for doing somethin borderline illegal
and miyuki comes to bail them out and eijuns in his cell wailing about being a coldhearted criminal and living on the run and mochis just like shut up this aint my first rodeo and miyukis just like….ill take the one with snot dripping down his face
and eijun instantly brightens and is like kazuyaaa~ and mochis like wth what about me and miyukis just like sorry bro only boyfriends get free passes and just leAVES HIM THERE

oh god im having so many battery feelings.

like even if you dont ship miyusawa at all you have to admit their battery is fucking mighty. when theyre on the diamond together and everything just clicks its like they become drift compatible.

aggressive drift battery.

author appreciation week!

so i finally decided to get my butt in gear at the tail end of author appreciation week and actually appreciate some authors!!

this post is going to be pretty long because there are a lot of you to appreciate, and i can only pray that i didnt forget anyone deserving of praise. everyone who writes (whether you put yourself out there by posting or just keep it to yourself) is absolutely amazing. you channel something of yourself into every one of your works -your time, your effort, your frustrations, your pride- and you all deserve to be acknowledged!

(everyones in alphabetical order just fyi if youre looking for your own name!)

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the cake i ordered is angelfood so theres gonna be a hole in the center bc of the pan shape, so like. im not sure what they can do for images? i think they will have to put them around the side of it. but idk i just handed them a bunch of images and said ‘surprise me’ lmao so we’ll see

anyway im picking it up tomorrow night and there will be pictures xD