tgs for likes

A concept: tgs pirates au/sort of pirates of the caribbean au

Ok so I was talking about this to a couple people  and I had to share it with the world because oh god its so good

Think about it:

  • Devilishly handsome pirate captain PT Barnum
  • His badass pirate queen Charity
  • And their crew of misfits slowly taking over the oceans
  • Rival pirate captain Jenny Lind and PT just literally fucking with each other
  • Until
  • She kidnaps governor’s son Phillip Carlyle
  • Who is very in love with one of his dads maids Anne wheeler
  • But she knows that they’ll never be able to be together and she doesn’t love him does she??
  • He’s just handsome?? And kind?? And funny?? And ahh
  • He’s secretly obsessed with pirates and is,,low key friends with pt and charity,,, and has awful parents, and pt and charity kind of adopt him
  • When they find out Jenny took him,,, they get mad,,,real mad
  • Because no one touches their adopted pirate son
  • Governor’s maid Anne wheeler realizing
  • Oh shit I’m in love with this man
  • And oh god I have to get him b a c k now, WhaT If TheY HuRT HiM PT HelP 
  • She knows them through phillip so she goes and tells them
  • And boyyy is charity pissed
  • Meanwhile Phillip is the most annoying prisoner ever
  • Because he will not shut the fuck up
  • About Anne
  • And Jenny being like
  • “Oh my god I wanted ransom but at what cost? If I have to hear another word about how amazing anne wheeler is I stg. Please stop talking.”
  • Literally she can’t stand him like none of the ppl she kidnapped before talked t h is much
  • And Anne, pt, charity and the squad team up to hunt down Jenny and save bb boi
  • Because Phillips parents don’t do shittt
  • Jenny and charity have a swordfight-charity kicks ass
  • Anne fucks some shit up
  • PT just stands around insulting her and making bad puns
  • eventually she just gives him up and leaves because shes so done with these people
  • And Phillip just watches her with puppy eyes because look at his bb go
  • And after they save him,,,it’s like that one scene in Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Where will bandages Elizabeth’s hand
  • Anne does that for Phillip
  • And then Phillip and Anne are like wOw this whole pirate thing is kinda really fun and we’re very in love,,, and if we go back we won’t be able to be together
  • So pt is like hey… wanna join my pirate squad??
  • Umm hell yes??
  • So they just leave the country behind and join the pirate squad
  • Eventually, pt and charity retire from pirate life to raise their pirate princesses Caroline and Helen and leave Phillip and Anne in charge
  • And Phillips parents are like “hey Phillip how bout you come back?”
  • And Phillips like “how about I don’t ok bye.” 
  • And Phillip and Anne live happily ever after as pirates with their badass pirate crew

Why do people find weird tg characters having fantasy hair colors? Yes maybe the manga has some realistic tones but still tg has a manga/anime style. Not all the mangas and animes have characters with fantasy colors but mostly do because more colors give more personality and make the characters different from each other. Tg uses that, and its fiction anyway, you can play with whathever you want on fiction.

I couldnt imagine Saiko with like black hair or something her blue hair is iconic