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Heyy~ It's just a random thought but I love ur answers so I'll ask. Do you know when re: manga will end, like after how many more chaps?(It's not that I wanna end it =P ) And Do u think Ishida-san will bring a new book of Tg after Tokyo Kushu & Re:.... the third part?

I can just speculate, but because of Ishidas love for parallels sometimes I think :re will have 143 chapters like TG. Some people also believe TG :re could be 206 chapters long because  the first chapter in :re is called “bone”. On one side I think there’s still a lot of answers we need and chars like Itori (and tbh I also think Hide and maybe even Eto will come back) didn’t appear yet. On the other side Ishida is able to solve a lot of questions in just one chapter, so I wonder if a triology would make sense.  It depends really on what he plans. Like TG is popular so it won’t suprise me if the editor/magazine asked him to prolong the series. 


i’m scared! hold my hand, please? i’m scared. i’m scared… i’m scared!

I love how everyone’s low-key fave in the fandom seems to be Ui. It’s like we all banded together to protect him and say “no, not the Special Class Bowl Cut.”

Seidou referencing a biblical story before fighting Amon

I love how Seidou says he’s the king of sheep cause in many ways it reminds me of how Jesus in the bible would use parables of Shepherds and sheep to get his message across. One of the most famous is about a Shepherd who has 100 and one runs away. The Shepherd then leaves the rest of the flock to find that one sheep and bring him back to represent bringing a sinner back from sin. I find it interesting that Seidou uses that expression because of how Amon did that for him in the last arc when he gave Seidou the cross.

Which parallels Seidou returning the favor now that Amon is the one who is losing control now. Its just interesting that both Amon and Seidou are paralleling that story by trying to save one person, and Seidou makes a point to point it out. Which is extra funny at least to me when this is probably a story Amon grew up with and Seidou is using it as an analogy of the situation.

I honestly adore the fact that Kaneki’s companions are people that he had once been in life-or-death fights against. It’s incredible that they’ve all found a common ground and respect for Kaneki as their King. Also, I love the implication that Kaneki’s got such a close and trusting relationship with Ayato that they can wordlessly communicate. Probably of all of this group he trusts Ayato the most, which - to me - reads as “I love Hinami like a daughter and you are her boyfriend so I trust you” and vice versa “You were good to my sister even when I wasn’t, and you’re someone Hinami cares about so I trust you”. I mean, what else do they really have on a basal emotional level rather than the grand scheme of “we want to live safely as ghouls”? They met back up saving Hinami and she’s kind of what’s holding their group together.