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Rereading TG: vol 1-7

 Just some friendly reminders about things that we weren’t given an answer to yet, or simply stuff that are cool to remember. :)

The sugar cube that Yoshimura gave Kaneki to “curb his  hunger”:

we still don’t know what it was made of (though there are speculations, like the vials filled with ghoul fluids that Sphinx traded or the stew-like food from Cochlea).

Mado Kureo’s comparison of Touka to “Owl” of the 20th ward:

it’s emphasizing even more on all the parallels between Touka and Yoshimura in :Re.

Rc cells rates comparison between humans and ghouls:

“What kind of person is Itori-san?”

Take it as you want, it might be just a joke or there might be more to these two panels, but I can’t decide if the “what kind” is just Yomo being unable to explain how much of a pranker Itori actually is.
As for the “old lady” , considering what we just learnt about Roma, while I don’t think it’s that possible because of Uta’s flashback in vol 12, one can never be too sure.

The Nishikimi love story was relevant from day 1 to the coexistence plot thread:

So I’m sure we will see them interact again. :3

Random comment???

Does this panel mean that somehow as a member of V, Yoshimura was sent to Middle East at some point? Or did he travel by himself? Or did he just see it on television?

“That eye is no good, like that I can’t use you.”

Still unsure of what it means, but maybe I’ve simply forgotten that we got an answer for this.

Noro was a binge eater:

Like Rize and also like Roma, so who knows if that doesn’t make him related to the previous OEK, especially since he was a part of the 24th ward.

Things ghouls like Hinami, Kaya and Miza can do with their very developed senses:

About ghouls: there is an entire discussion about ghouls, kagune, kakuhou between Shinohara and Juuzou in ch53 p9-15

- What the kagune names mean:

(Rinkaku, like Kaneki = “Shining scales” = Dragon)

- What a kakuja is:

Rereading TG: :Re vol 1-4

Just some friendly reminders about things that we weren’t given an answer to yet, or simply stuff that are cool to remember. :)

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Some stuff related to (ghoul) biology:

- The QS’ and Sasaki’s initial Rc cells rates:

- Why Kaneki/Sasaki is so strong:

- The Quinx surgery:

- The treatment of ghouls locked in Cochlea:

- About Kagune marks:

- About Tsukiyama’s genetic condition:

The way I understand this, because of consanguineous marriages, the Tsukiyama family is more vulnerable to the “poisonous effect*” of Rc cell types different from their own, which is why cannibalizing is a “bad eating habit” in Shuu’s case, because he can’t become a kakuja and remains vulnerable to Rc cell interference*.

*(Remember how Shinohara described each type as being “effective poison” to at least one other type (Rinkaku -> Koukaku, for example)? If not, it’s explained in TG ch53) 

About the Washuu family:

- who created the Quinques:

- the legend of the Washuu family:

Now that we know that they’re ghouls though, I’m wondering if they didn’t simply feel threatened by the old OEK (the OEG before Eto, the one who took the ghouls to the 24th ward) which is why they went out of their way to create V to destroy that OEG (same reason when it comes to giving quinques to humans). 

That might also be why they kept V afterwards and pretended to be humans so as to remain the winning party by establishing the “equilibrium” (aka ghouls and humans “cannot live/mix together” and the fact that the ghoul kind was the one depicted as the enemy). 

About Shirazu:

I remembered that some patterns associated with him…

were also associated with Uta at least once…

And while I have no idea whether it really means something or not, I also remembered that Ishida-sensei drew a picture for one of their birthdays (I think it was Shirazu’s) with the two of them 

So it’s probably nothing but I felt like mentioning it, just in case.

Some more random things:

- Akira calling Haise “my Sasaki” :3

- Kaneki being a sub confirmed xDD

- Ayato changing and going from being a very bratty teenager to an outstanding young man, thanks to Shachi?

Though, I think that, since his motivations for joining Aogiri always were to protect Touka from ending like their parents, it’s quite natural that he ended up becoming such an impressive young man once he was done with his bratty phase, but maybe Shachi still had a hand in making him realize that he had an overwhelming potential (and that it was okay to care) between TG and :Re? 

- Still unanswered (important) plot point?

Touka visiting Kimi who was attacked by Torso?
Or Uta pretending to be her to visit Shinohara, in order to later be able to reproduce his face to mess with some investigators?

I’d rather go for the first idea though, I love the idea of Kimi and Touka becoming friends ever since they met back in TG (+ it would mean Touka supporting Nishikimi and that’s just how the Nishiki/Touka brotp goes for me). 

- Foreshadowing if things end well?

I really hope that these two will work together :3

- We still don’t know with who Uta was playing chess back then

Rereading TG: vol 8-14

Just some friendly reminders about things that we weren’t given an answer to yet, or simply stuff that are cool to remember. :)

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Friendly reminders:

- Difference of strength between a ghoul and a human:

- Ghouls can have more than one kakuhou:

one kakuhou allows the formation of one kagune with the Rc cells that it contains but, take the example of Kaneki in ch133, a ghoul can have several kakuhou which in turn will allow the release of several kagune (of the same types of course).

- The ghouls that were freed by Eto and Tatara from Cochlea in vol 8-9:

The 3 SS ghouls being Roma, Shikorae/Rio and Shachi.

- More hints that Eto can apparently eat human food (?):

- The necessary amount of food for a ghoul:

- The things that the company Sphinx traded:

the interesting thing is that it was useful for the production of both quinques and Rc suppressants.

- Old ethical problems about implanting a kakuhou into a human:

which means that not only did the CCG do the old ghoulification experiments (that got Kanou and Yasuhisa Nanao to “betray” them) somewhat illegally, but the ethical problems were solved at the time of :Re, which is how the Qs project came to be. 

A lesson about Quinques with Dr. Chigyou:

- About Dr. Chigyou himself:

- About the Quinques, ch82 from page 3 to page 6:

About Kanou, ch94 p1-4:


About the Rc cell walls in the 24th ward:

Banjou getting a kagune (or finally being able to release his) apparently thanks to Eto:

To go along with this theory.

About Uta’s flashback: 

- “Friends my own age”:

when we know how old Roma is, I’m taking this as a hint that Uta was already a Clown back then (and was referring to Roma and/or Donato, surely). 

- “How did you get so strong?” “I don’t know that.”

- Also I’m wondering if Uta meeting Yomo doesn’t happen after the Clowns’ annihilation, with Arima looking for ghouls affiliated with the “annihilated” Clown gang…

since Uta said that Yoshimura taking Yomo away lessened the CCG investigations.


- What she wanted to do through college:

- How much she listened to Yoshimura and how it triggered the character development that we saw in :Re:

More random things:

- Dragon drawn in TG xDD

not sure it’s foreshadowing, but here have a dragon drawn by Ishida :)

- Yoshimura knew about Roma being a Clown xD

- Washuu Tsuneyoshi was able to defeat SSS ranked ghouls (like Roma):

- Donato’s words to Amon in Cochlea:

not completely sure of what it means, but :Re ch55 is titled “Alice &” so maybe it has a link to it.

- Kaneki’s half kakuja form:

Smiling on the kakuja side vs not smiling on the human side on the same face.

- Fura (wherever he is now) was introduced back in ch81!

- Cute Touka with a cute hairdo :3

- Kaneki is the one who got rid of his mask in the sewers: 

and I can’t be sure of how Uta got it back to give it to him again in :Re (or if he redesigned it completely) unless Hide in the sewers was Uta.

TG:re volume omake 2

I skipped around a bit, so next is the two omake featuring Kaneki and Furuta and their battle of shiritori :) Starting off with the page spread of the illustration card, then to the usual half-page omake.

Also, shiritori is a word game where you say a word based on the last syllable of the previous word. You lose the game if you can’t come up with a word, or if the last syllable ends in “n”. I’ve bolded the syllables used below for convenience :)

Furuta: It’s break time, Associate Special Class.

Kaneki: I’ll pass.

Furuta: Are you not thirsty?

Kaneki: I’m fine.

Furuta: I wanna drink coffee.


Furuta: How does this sound? Let’s make this into a game, where the loser has to make the coffee.


Furuta: Shall we decide this with CCG shiritori? Anything’s okay as long as it’s related to investigators or ghouls!


Furuta: I’ll go first then ☆. “Furuta”. It’s “ta”!


Kaneki: “Tanakamaru Mougan”. Looks like I lost.

Furuta: Wait a-

Kaneki: …(sigh). “Take Hirako”.

Furuta: How sneaky…Ko…”Cochlea”! [”sneaky” probably refers to Kaneki saying the given name first instead of last name first]

Kaneki: “Akira Mado”.

Furuta: Do…do…”Donato”!

Kaneki: “Touma Higemaru”.

Furuta: Why are you so good at this…

Kaneki: “Ru”.

Furuta: Huh?

Kaneki: It’s “ru”. Do you have one?

Furuta: …………I don’t.

Kaneki: Coffee please. And make it black.

Furuta: Jeez, Associate Special Class really is a kid!

Furuta (as he comes back from making coffee): Alright, Associate Special Class, here’s your coffee. Since I lost at shiritori. Investigator’s blend.

Furuta: Enjoy~

Kaneki: Thank you very mu…

He notices a rubber duck in his coffee.

Furuta: Haha, isn’t this fun?

Furuta keeps on laughing. Kaneki gives him the “look”.

anonymous asked:

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Pajacyki - 42kcal, brzuszki - 87kcal, pompki - zależą od wagi, to wszystko już razy 7

TG:re volume 7 omake 1

I’m not sure whether I’m allowed to use the Baidu scans or not, so I’ll take the safe approach and just write the text instead…this is the first one featuring Yomo, Touka and Nico. Also, this translation is slightly incomplete since there were a couple phrases I couldn’t read (tiny text will be the bane of me;;). Please feel free to correct me for those phrases…

One day, an okama came to the shop.

Nico: …please.

Nico: Uta-kun comes here often, so I came by to take a look.

Nico (in smaller bubbles): Right, next is Uta and love. A coffee please ❤ Ahh…so when are you coming back? Oho.

Nico (leans in and whispers in Yomo’s ear): I like men with beards… ❤

Yomo (stares in a mirror): Touka, I’m debating whether I should shave my beard or not…

Touka: Isn’t it fine the way it is now?

Nico: Say…

Yomo: What? (I can’t read what it says after)

Nico (looks at Yomo flirtatiously): What kind of woman is Renji-kun’s type?

Dead stare from Yomo.

Yomo: …a woman who doesn’t have a cleft chin.

Nico: Then I must be okay ❤  Since I’m a man with a cleft chin.

Yomo: Touka…can’t we do something about that okama?

Touka: Eh? It doesn’t really matter, it’s not like the guest is being troublesome or anything. And he’s polite. 

Touka (with a smile): Actually, why don’t you go out with him?

Touka: What are you, an old woman (obasan)? You’re practically an old man (ojisan) already!!

Old Man Yomo’s heart is destroyed by his niece’s words