It’s the most terrible thing thinking about the idea that most girls’ natural instinct is to look at others as their main competition. This has somehow been ingrained in us since we were little girls – ‘She’s more competition for you than he is over there,’ when really, when you go out into the real world and you’re trying to accomplish things, men and women are your competitors.
But when girls are thinking too much about getting boys to like them or getting a boyfriend, I think that is when this natural competitiveness instinct kicks in and they start to look at other girls as their competition. It’s so unhealthy. I think having grown up, lived through it, having experienced it and having felt that way about other girls at certain points of my life, I now look around and I just love girls. I respect girls and admire girls far more than any of the men around me. You have to stick together and, whether you label yourself as a feminist or not, it’s important that we address equal rights.