Ginnifer Goodwin and Rob Lowe
“JFK sits in the backseat, on the right-hand side, patting his hair into place after his foray into the crowd. Jackie sits to his left. The First Lady was handed a bouquet of red roses upon landing in Dallas, and these now rest on the seat between her and the president.” - Killing Kennedy, coming on November 10 on NatGeo.


>> Margene Heffman, third wife extraordinaire

Margene: Hey? You awake? Maybe we could go to the movie theatre with the big chairs that rock back and forth? It’s more expensive, but it’s worth it. They serve salads. We need Windex.

Margene: Your father said we cannot call a plumber.
Ben: I know.
Margene: Do you think he’s a cheapskate?
Ben: Umm, I believe the word is thrifty

Nicki: Do you think she’s happy for me? About the baby?
Margene: Of course. She loves babies. Sometimes I think she wishes my boys were hers.

Margene: I am a terrible wife. I should’ve never married your father. And your mother.
Sarah: And Nicki.
Margene: Especially Nicki!

Margene: My husband abandoned me… I’m just a single mom with three kids trying to sell shiny things.

“We had plenty of sketches and concepts for incredible art, but we weren’t sure which would be ‘the one.’  So on day 2 of the shoot, which was going to be the big day for still photography for Rob and Ginnifer in the car, Joey started shooting. As Joey directed the talent and got them comfortable in the moment, suddenly something magical happened – and Ginnifer put her head on Rob’s shoulder and started to cry.  It was an incredible moment and Joey went with it perfectly – this was The Shot we had been looking for. As JFK was looking into ‘the crowd’, Jackie had her head on her husband’s shoulder, as if she was mourning her husband before he even died.  It was unique, impromptu, and brilliant.  In the end, Ginnifer found that moment we wanted.” - Senior Vice President and Group Creative Director for National Geographic Channel, Andy Baker talking about Killing Kennedy’s promo pictures production. [x]


I asked “Big Love” star Ginnifer Goodwin where she was when she heard she’d scored a spot on the cover of Vanity Fair’s annual Hollywood issue:

“I was actually in the loo,” she told me at EIF’s Women’s Cancer Research Fund benefit in Beverly Hills, honoring Hilary Swank. "My publicist told me there was conference call. I thought that if it was a conference call, there was bad news and that some horrible tabloid story had broken and that they were bracing me for something,“ Goodwin said. "And they said they had the offer of a cover of a magazine, and I thought great, it’ll be like another Memphis magazine or Organic Eating or something. And they told me it was Vanity Fair and I started crying. I was crying in the bathroom.”