Just realised that when Sherlock asks in TSoT “am I the current King of England?” he knows perfectly well that we have a queen…in TGG he teases John for being ‘quaint’ for loving “Queen and country”. On the stag night he *wants* John to think he’s funny and cute and clueless and out of touch with the world. He *wants* John to giggle at him and rib him gently about it…an affirmation of their dynamic, their history, friendship, affection and love

Red wine or Water ?

I know we all are estatic because we got a huge #CONFIRMED on scotch being a sign of fear. I’ve been flailing for almost a month since the exact expression I used to define scotch in the drink code (COURAGE) was used in the dialogue. But it does not apply to the rest of liquors we see on Sherlock.

In this post @victorianlovers and @jenna221b‘s discuss the meaning of wine in the Landmark scene, the “almost proposal” specifically. What do we see in there?

I left out of this gif the frames with Sherlock’s close-up. While John is asking for some advise on the champagne, he gulps that last bit of red wine. It looks like he just drank a load of bilis. 

Remember the meaning of red wine? Romance? Well, HE HATES THE WINE HE WAS DRINKING WITH MARY. Meaning he does not like very much the romance he’s having with her. But, since is right there, he will drink it. He will take what he thinks is his last chance in life to have a ‘ordinary’ relatonship. To be normal. Oh my boy, my son, my lad…

Some would say he is scared because he’s about to propose. But let me show you a couple of times when John plus red wine means romance.

First in TBB, with Sarah. Beverage: Red wine sangria. He didn’t even get it, but Mrs. Hudson did. You don’t make sangria with a decent wine, you use the cheap stuff. He never got to drink it, either. 

Second, again with Sarah. This is after the domestic in TGG. John stays the night at Sarah’s, but he gets sent to the sofa. We can see an empty bottle of wine and just one glass. So one of them drank alone? What sort of romantic evening whas that? Clever girl Sarah, she deserves way better than John and his cheap sangria wine.

In neither of these scenes John has a reason to be afraid, but we do clearly see his romantic intentions. Therefore, the wine drinking in the Landmark can be linked to his relationship with Mary.

And speaking of the devil, does she reciprocates romantically, at the first moment we as an audience get to see her face? Nah. She DECLINES and says she’ll keep drinking WATER

So, he asks “more wine?”, wich means more romance? like -”I’m about to ask you to marry me, the epitome of romance, with this awful wine, in this expensive restaurant”. 

Her answer? MORE WATER. I don’t know if you guys have read my water related metas, but yeah, it is no good. Water means ulterior motives, plans, THE MIND (I previously linked Mary to water in the Sinnerman post). In case you want to go deeper (hehe) into the subject of water, I suggest you read the Redbeard, circles and water meta, why the hounds deduction post, the Still water runs deep I, and maybe go through my water tag.

Anyway, John romances his dates with red wine.

BONUS SCENE: Lestrade offers wine to Molly in ASIB, after he practically ate her with his lascivious eyes.

By the way, there was red wine there and John never offered a glass to Jeanette, but he did serve a cup of tea to Mrs. Hudson, even while she was holding a glass on her own. Jeanette, you never deserved such a trashy boyfriend.

BUNUS SCENE 2: remember in ASIB when John enters 221B with a bottle and Irene is in Sherlock’s bedroom?

A bottle of what? Could it be…




Gatsby believed in the green light, the orgastic future that year by year recedes before us. It eluded us then, but that’s no matter - tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther… And one fine morning - So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past. 


Not the best gifs but anyways, while I was watching The Great Game, I noticed some similarity between Sherlock watching after John and Mr. Darcy looking at Elizabeth through the window in Pride and Prejudice 1995 version.

And btw both of watchers are wearing a dressing gown / bathrobe.

Not suggesting anything romantic, just saying. ; )

anonymous asked:

I was re-watching TGG and I noticed a few... features of interest. First, when Sherlock receives the initial envelope from Moriarty, he deduces that the handwriting was clearly a woman's. This remark is never revisited later in the episode, and I'm now inclined to think it was Mary's. Secondly, Sherlock explains how the five beeps the phone makes are a form of threat, literally like "orange pips", a direct connection to TAB. Anyways, I just thought I'd share. Thanks & I love your blog :)

Hi Nonny! Thank you so very much! 

OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH You have NO IDEA how MUCH I ABSOLUTELY think Mary was involved with TGG. The envelope is just the tip of the iceberg, and YES, the pips, absolutely, I think were meant to remind us of TGG; there are lots of callbacks to TGG in TAB, if only to associate Mary with the episode. The envelope, absolutely. There’s also this exchange here:

MISS WENCESLAS (looking at him briefly): Well, nearly anyone. (She turns back to Lestrade.) But I didn’t know how to go about convincing the world the picture was genuine. It was just an idea – a spark which he blew into a flame.
SHERLOCK (sharply): Who?
MISS WENCESLAS (shaking her head): I don’t know.
(Lestrade gives a disbelieving laugh.)
MISS WENCESLAS: It’s true! I mean, it took a long time, but eventually I was put in touch with people … his people.
(Sherlock slowly begins to sit up in his chair, his expression becoming more concentrated.)
MISS WENCESLAS: Well, there was never any real contact; just messages … whispers.
(Sherlock leans closer to her, his face intense.)
SHERLOCK: And did those whispers have a name?
(She gazes ahead of herself for a moment, then looks across to Lestrade before nodding. She turns her head to Sherlock.)

Wenceslas never actually talked to Jim, but his people; I think this was Mary (or whoever she was beforehand).

As we know from HLV, Mary is not English; there’s some speculations on her country-of-origin: American, Russian and – because of this case here – Czech. But remember, Sherlock deduced she’s also a linguist, so she also fluently speaks multiple languages (none of which we are, I think, purposely not given any information about), so she could have easily “played” a Czech role as well. There’s also this here, from earlier in the episode:

OLD WOMAN: He was so … His voice …
SHERLOCK (urgently): No, no, no, no. Tell me nothing about him. Nothing.
OLD WOMAN: He sounded so … soft.
(The laser point from the sniper’s rifle moves onto the bomb. A single shot fires and the phone instantly goes dead.) 

Yes, it says “he”. But it’s an easy enough mistake to make when you’re under duress, and let’s be real, Moriarty REALLY doesn’t have a soft voice… but Mary does, especially when she’s speaking very low (”is John with you?”) and is attempting to be intimidating. I speculate she was the sniper who set off the bomb on the woman (Jim doesn’t get his hands dirty, after all) and she is the one who talked to the woman during her capture.

There’s been speculations that the fifth and final pip has never actually been given, and that is what Sherlock was deducing with the orange pips in the mind palace… ‘The Great Game’ was never a fully completed ‘case’. See, I never caught on to this because I assumed JOHN IN THE VEST was the final pip… except after I saw a theory about the pips in the palace hinting at the game not being over, I suddenly clued in that we never actually got a final pip noise on the phone. John in the vest was simply to reveal Sherlock’s pressure point, and to try to scare John away from Sherlock. That’s it. There’s still a game going on. The questions now are: What was the final pip that was sent, or is it still to be sent, and is this what Sherlock has figured out in his mind palace? Hmmmmmmm. 

But yes, Nonny, you are correct in your assumptions. I do not doubt for a second that the people who don’t analyze this show as much as us (ie, the casuals) are supposed to now be associating Mary with TGG. I really believe she was involved as a sniper at the pool, and I really honestly hope that she gets revealed as one.