Make Me Choose (2.5k Celebration) @mouseymodesty asked:

The Blue shirt of sexiness OR The Purple shirt of sexiness

No way I could choose between these two! The purple shirt, is the purple shirt!! And the blue shirt just came and stole my heart too… And this man can really wear any color and he will look amazing!

March is coming up soon, its time to share the Mogeko March Calendar! We would like to apologize again for the lateness of the calendar, however we do hope you enjoy!

  1. Obsolete Dream
  2. Ice Scream
  3. Poison Bugs
  4. Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea
  5. The Gray Garden
  6. Mogeko Castle
  7. Favorite Character from an upcoming series
  8. Favorite Character Not From A Title
  9. Favorite Main Character
  10. Favorite Villain
  11. Favorite God
  12. Favorite Devil
  13. Favorite Angel
  14. Favorite Demon
  15. Favorite Witch
  16. Favorite Familiar
  17. Favorite Human character
  18. Favorite Couple
  19. Favorite OT3 (can be romantic or platinic)
  20. Favorite Brotp
  21. Favorite Family
  22. Favorite character in Monochrome
  23. Favorite Cool Design
  24. Favorite Cute Design
  25. Alternative Universe (Au)
  26. Scene Redraw
  27. Species Swap (Ex: Shark Wadanohara and Witch Samekichi)
  28. Color Palette Swap
  29. Clothing Swap
  30. Mogeko Series Cross Over
  31. All Time Favorite Character

If you have any other questions in regards to the calendar, please let us know!

Last night was one of the worst, and then one of the best - if not the best - nights of my life. Too much happened for me to go into any detail, but we survived. As we always do.

To cut a very long story short we finally met this ‘Moriarty’ figure that people kept on warning us of. He kidnapped me and set snipers on Sherlock and myself at the swimming pool where Moriarty had killed Carl Powers all those years ago. We had no way out, and with a single shared look, Sherlock and I decided that to get rid of the evil that is James Moriarty, we needed to sacrifice ourselves.

We got out, thankfully - a well timed phone call can literally save lives. And I’ve never felt a rush like it. Sherlock had been… uncommunicative recently and I think he was pushing me away because he was worried that being together would be too dangerous. But the moment Moriarty left us alone in that pool it was like the air had been electrified. Sherlock was back and we were us again. Except it was more. And we finally acknowledged that it had always been more.

One thing led to another and… well, I think it’s sufficed to say people will have reason to talk about us now. God, we should have done this sooner. We should have made that leap because it is so worth it… he’s so worth it.

I’ll update more soon. I just wanted to let you know that we’re alright. At least, I think we are. For now, I’m just going to let him sleep. He looks beautiful while he’s asleep. I’m a very, very lucky man, in more ways than I ever hoped.