tgg game


When your OTP is about to start another war over the last piece of dessert so you gotta break up the fight before it happens, as a responsible brother/ultimate shipper would

(I’m sorry I replayed this scene again and that was what I thought of at the time don’t yell at me XD I love these two way too much)

sherlock characters as hot drinks

sherlock - black tea w/ lemon n honey

  • balanced and complex
  • is actually very comforting
  • many flavour components amalgamating nicely as a whole

john - builders tea

  • warm and honest; a filler-upper
  • universally liked
  • is always sort of there but people really feel its absence when it isn’t

mycroft - earl grey

  • light, delicate
  • floral (lol)
  • unique and doesn’t need messing around with (no sugar, i’m sweet enough)

molly - chai latte

  • SO sweet
  • like a big cosy woolly jumper
  • disregarded in its field as a person drink

greg - hot chocolate

  • add a dash of rum or baileys go on
  • rich, yet soothing
  • what people want when they’re tired of nonsense

jim - barraquito coffee

  • extremely particular - don’t get it right and you’ll be skinned
  • cloyingly sweet yet bitter af
  • sexily elaborate

irene - espresso

  • dark and indulgent
  • adds a certain kick of vivacity to one’s imagination
  • knock it back in one if you dare