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Heya! Here is your gift @satsuci , I was your secret santa for @undertalesecretsanta.

I hope you like it, I’m not usually drawing Undyne and Alphys so I tried and did what I could, and sorry if it’s not fluff enough, I’m not really good at it…but I actually really enjoyed to colour the armor. x)

Merry (late) Christmas.

Bedtime Promise

This is a secret santa gift for @victoriasandres0599, thanks to the @undertalesecretsanta​ secret santa event! Sorry it’s almost a little late, but I have your Underfell story here for you - I hope you like it. 
(You can also read this here on AO3)

Bedtime Promise
An Underfell short story

Words: 903
Summary: It’s time for Papyrus to go to sleep, but the little monster doesn’t want to.

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Look who I finally made after all my blustering - @scribbly-z-raid‘s Pocket Fi! Of course I went and made her for someone else though - she was a secret santa gift (very belated, as the person I was backup for didn’t think to tell be they hadn’t sent a gift until a week into February…)

But delays aside, she’s arrived now safe and sound, ready to guide her new master on their adventures ;)

a very very very very very very very very very very very very belated xmas present for the lovely @lovinglapislazuli from your back-up lolirock secret santa :)

♥♥♥ as an apology let these ladies attend to you ♥♥♥


Secret Santa for @twindoodle! Sorry I’m late! 

They run across the rooftops, grinning excitedly. It’s been ages since they last got to hang out like this. She watches her partner, her best friend, laughing as he manages to stick a landing to a jump that nobody without a superhero suit would ever be able to manage. He’s a great guy, honestly.

She just wishes they could actually talk more.

Well, maybe they can! They have all night, so long as no akumas attack. So why shouldn’t they just talk, a little bit? It’s not like one conversation will reveal all.

“Hey, Chat? Want to play twenty questions?”

He nearly falls over. “What? Really?”

She laughs. “Really.”

He beams, and nods, leaning on his staff with a wide grin. “Want to go first, or shall I?”

She taps her chin. “Hmm… what do you want?”

“Anything my lovely Lady decides!” he beams. And… this. The flirting would be nice… if she even once thought it might be real. But honestly, who would be that candid with their crush outside of the movies?

She grins, an idea popping into her mind. “Okay, I’ll go first: Who do you like?”

He stares at her for a minute. “Um…  you, obviously? I mean, who wouldn’t fall for the lovely Lady of Paris?”

She laughs, slightly, and smacks his shoulder. “No, I’m serious! Who do you like? I want to know for real.”

He smiles, and shakes his head. “I’m serious too. I’m very serious about you, my Lady.”

“C’mon, really,” she smirks. “I know you’re a flirt, but there has to be somebody who’s capture your heart, right?”

She’s not sure why, but his smile seems to falter. “Yes. You.”

She frowns. “Okay, okay. If you don’t want me to know…”

He stares at her blankly, and then a sad look crosses his face. “There is someone.”

She perks up. “Tell me about her! Or him? Or them?”

“Her,” he says quietly. “She’s… amazing. Her eyes are like bluebells… and she’s just… lovely.” A sad smile plays at his lips. “She’s creative, and clever, and brave. And I love her, so much. But… well, I don’t know her as well as I’d like to. And she doesn’t know I love her, because every time I try to tell her, she doesn’t take me seriously.”

Her eyes widen. “What? How dare she? Who is this girl? I’m going to have WORDS with her!”

Chat gives her a slightly panicked look. “Nonononono! It’s okay! You do not need to do that! You do not! At all! It’s fine!”

“Just give me a name, Chaton,” she looks up at him with wide eyes. “Please let me play matchmaker?”

He shakes his head quickly. “Really, it’s fine, I swear!”

Meanwhile, her mind is whirling. “Okay, so you don’t know her that well-”

“Hey!” he frowns, crossing his arms. “I know her plenty well… just… not as well as I’d like to. You know?”

“So you don’t know her that well.”

He pouts, rolling his eyes. “You won’t figure out who she is.”

“Shh!” she puts a hand up. “Okay, and she doesn’t take you seriously… I’m assuming you flirt like crazy around her, right?”

“Yeah,” he mutters. “You got it.”

She thinks it over carefully. “And blue eyes… creative… Not Chloé?”

“NOT Chloé,” he confirms.

“So…” she rubs her temple. “Who have I seen you flirt with other than me…?”

He sighs. Nobody, he wants to say. Only you. But he can’t just say that. She won’t believe him…

And it’s technically not true, as she’s starting to remember. Suddenly, her eyes widen in shock. “Oh my god. Oh my god, it’s so obvious. Princess, why didn’t I see it?” she looks at him. “You like Marinette?”

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Home Alone: Lost in New York 

by Lara for Paceees

Starring Darcy Lewis as Home Alone and Bucky Barnes as Lost in New York. 

Happy Easter/Merry Christmas @paceees

Weekend Training (Zig X MC) Stocking Stuffer!

Here’s a Stocking stuffer for @choicesmyway
Enjoy this wonderfully written Zig X MC fanfic from your santa!

“How was your training?,” you ask Zig, giving him a kiss as he enters your apartment. He tosses the keys on the kitchen counter and gives you a big hug. He was out the whole weekend, and you missed him badly.

“Very good,” he said, caressing your cheek slowly. He brought his lips down to yours, deepening the kiss as he pulled you closer.

“Someone missed me,” you tease breathlessly after the kiss.

“You have no idea,” he grins, giving you one last kiss before taking off his jacket. “So, what were you up this weekend?”

You head back to the kitchen where you were washing up wine glasses and dishes before he had arrived.

“Kaitlyn and Zack came over yesterday morning. Then last night we had one too many,” you smile, nodding towards the empty wine bottles on the counter.

“Graduation may have been two years ago but everytime I’m with those two I feel like a freshman all over again.” You point towards the guest room where your best friends were nursing a hangover.

Zig opens the refrigerator door and grabs a beer. “Uh-huh. Anything else?”

“I fixed our sink clog thingamajig. Saved us money on hiring a plumber,” you say proudly.

“My girlfriend is so handy,” he smirks. You give him a rundown of your courageous foray beneath the sink, but notice he’s beginning to be distracted.

“Zig? Babe? You okay?”

Zig clears his throat and turns serious all of a sudden. “I didn’t have a training this weekend.”

Your feet turn cold. You hold your breath. “What?”

He lowers his head and puts down his beer. “I… I didn’t go to my manager’s training. There wasn’t one.”

You look at Zig with confusion. “Are you hiding something from me?,” you ask softly, folding your arms and leaning against the counter, feeling your knees go weak.

Zig looks at you, alarmed. “It’s not what you think!,” he says defensively, kneeling before you.

“So tell me,” you whisper, afraid of what he was going to say, unsure of what was coming.

“I met…,” Zig pauses, taking a deep breath as you hold yours in. “I met your parents.”

You look into his eyes, seeing a mix of love and fear. “What? Why?”

“For this,” Zig says. He takes a small black velvet box from out of his pocket and opens it before you. Inside it is a silver diamond, set against the box’s gray silk lining.

You gasp. You look from the ring to Zig, who was still kneeling before you.

“I asked for their blessing. To marry you. And they gave it,” he grins then reaches for your hand. “We’ve been friends for six years now, and going out for three. I love having you as my girlfriend, but it would mean the world to me if you became my wife.”

“Yes!,” you exclaim, wrapping your arms around him.

“I haven’t asked you yet,” he teases, then gives you a long, sweet kiss. “Will you marry me?”

You press your forehead against his. “Yes. Yes. A thousand times over. Yes,” you smile. Zig slips the ring on your finger. A perfect fit.

You hear a shuffling from across the room. “Zig? Is that you?,” Zack says sleepily, leaning against the door frame. He was followed by a yawning Kaitlyn. “What’s the commotion?,” she asks.

“Zig proposed!,” you grin, snuggling up against him.

Kaitlyn’s eyes popped open wide. “What?!,” she shouts then looks at Zig. “I thought you were doing that tonight at the coffee shop!”

Zig grins sheepishly. “I couldn’t wait! When I came home and saw her I just had to do it,” he smiles.

“Wait! What’s going on?,” you ask, looking back between Zig and your friends. Then it dawns on you. Kaitlyn and Zack’s sleepover. Zig away for two days, the longest you’ve been apart.


“Zig could not bear leaving you alone in the apartment while he went to your folks,” Zack grins.

“How long have you known?!,” you laugh, hugging your friends.

“We’ll tell you another time,” Kaitlyn winks. “For now, Zack and I need to get coffee.”

“But I want to tell her–,” Zack protests.

“They need to celebrate privately,” Kaitlyn spells out, pulling Zack towards the door. As they close the door behind them, she shouts,

“Congratulations! We’ll be back in an hour! ONE HOUR, hint hint!”

You and Zig look at each other and burst out laughing. “So that’s the quickest way to clear the room,” you laugh.

Zig wraps his arms around you. “I love you. So much,” he whispers.

“I love you too,” you sigh, your heart soaring. You press your lips to his. “What do you say we make that one hour count?”

“I could do with some honeymoon training,” he teases.

“Zig!,” you laugh.

He grins and kisses you sweetly. “Lead the way, fiancee.”

It’s like every force on earth conspired against me getting this done.  But here it is!  The Secret Santa gift for @shamanicshaymin! Who wanted a picture of Chara, Asriel, and Frisk as friends!

Apologies this is so late!  There’s kind of a funny story behind this one. When I signed up for the Undertale Secret Santa, I never got a notice for who my recipient was so I just assumed my application didn’t make it in for whatever reason.

LO AND BEHOLD THE GREAT AND GLORIOUS @that1nkyone was MY Secret Santa so I’m like SHIT, now I definitely know I was supposed to get someone!

After a frantic back and forth with @undertalesecretsanta I got my assignment and made this!

I hope you like it!

thwhmsclgryffndr  asked:

Hey! I asked a question a long time ago, and now, I'm gonna do it again, lol. You guys are just so reliable. I once read a fanfic about Hermione being Draco's Secret Santa, and she went to his house to sneak a peek so she could think of a present to buy for him, but instead she saw his son, Scorpius, and they ended up baking cookies together? And I remembered that Scorpius wrote a letter to Santa saying he wants a mother. Can you help me find this fanfic? It's a oneshot. Thanks in advance! :)

A Christmas Wish - R, one shot - Dear Santa, My name is Scorpius Malfoy, and I’m eight-years-old. I know I’m too old to believe in you, but I’m prepared to do whatever it takes to get what I want, and this year I don’t want any toys or games, or even a new broom. This year, I want a mother.


Loss and Revenge - A Whitlock Fanfic

Hey @lolbaegel! I’m your Secret Santa! Yippee! 😊😆 Anyway, here’s your gift..a Whitlock fic. This is my first time ever writing for TC&TF as well as for Whitlock so please be gentle. @choicesimaginesandmore tagging you so you know the gift was given. 👍 I’ll rate this T, I guess. And as a brief set-up, I would say this takes place right after the Foundry is destroyed in book 2 and Whitlock has told everyone what happened. So, yeah, I hope it does a little something for you and Happy Secret Santa day!!


Whitlock sat dejectedly on the bench. After everything that happened with his home and the person be considered his only family, he was reeling. Healers worked to bandage his badly injured legs but he barely noticed. He was too clouded by emotional anguish.


He felt a warm hand on his shoulder and shrugged it away. He knew he was being a petulant child but he didn’t care. Even if she was the queen, she didn’t have to treat him like he was this fragile, breakable thing.

“I don’t need your sympathy. I’m a big boy.” He snapped.

“I know. But this was devastating. You can’t pretend it’s not affecting you.” Kenna’s voice was patient and gentle. He’d always liked that about her…but not right now.

His throat worked as he stared straight ahead. So what if it hurt? It was his burden to bear…his mistake for being so damn naive and trusting. It would never happen again.

“I know you probably don’t want to talk about it but just know that I’m here if you change your mind.” Her hesitant interjection only inflamed him. He scowled.

“I have nothing to say about her.”

After a few more moments, a salve was placed on one of the larger lacerations on his left leg and he winced, inhaling sharply. Kenna tentatively placed a hand on his arm.

“Just relax. The stinging is good…it means it’s working.”

“I know how salve works, Kenna! I’m not stupid!”

She gazed at him, unflinching, and he looked away in shame. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to raise my voice. I beg your forgiveness.”

“No need. I did state the obvious, didn’t I?”

They sat in a comfortable silence until she spoke again.

“Did you really mean what you said? You’re willing to change your beliefs about killing just to take Hex down?”

“She murdered people. She wiped out my home. She has to pay.”

He paused, chuckling darkly. “She looked so upset when she discovered me at the Foundry amidst the destruction. What an act.”

Kenna looked thoughtful. “What if she wasn’t acting?”

Whitlock stared at her, dumbfounded, before his eyes narrowed to angry slits.

“You’d defend her? After all she’s done to our people? To me?!” His voice cracked on the last word and he swallowed hard.

“No, Whitlock, I’m not defending her. I just….I know you’re angry but I can’t imagine you not feeling sad, too.”

He frowned. “Why would I be sad?”

“Because the person who you were very close to betrayed you and destroyed your home.”

Whitlock glared down again. Suddenly images he’d suppressed for years began to overrun his mind. He didn’t want them but there they were. And he had no choice but to let them come. He saw the first time he met Hex…the many hours they spent studying and learning together. Her face would light up when he figured out a complex problem and enjoyed making her proud of him. She’d been a parent to him when he had none. When her icy, cold glare would harden while observing others, it always softened when it came to him. Now he was left with the reality that she couldn’t be trusted. It left a cold, empty dark spots inside.

“Whitlock? Still with me?”

Kenna had placed a hand on his shoulder again but this time he didn’t shrug it away.


“What’s troubling you? If you’re worried about Hex–” she began but he cut her off mid sentence.

“It’s not that at all! I need a second to think. Please just…leave.” He trusted Kenna but he was not about to completely break down in front of her.

Kenna paused, giving him a meaningful look. Then she motioned for the healers to leave. One started to protest, as if wanting to stay and work on the injuries. Kenna shot him a withering glare and it stilled his tongue. He instantly scurried away. Then she turned back to Whitlock.

“Remember, you have a place to belong…a home with us here if you want. I’ll be nearby if you need anything. Just take your time.”

He nodded curtly and then turned away from her. Once she left, he finally succumbed to the tears. They spilled hotly down his cheeks and he made no move to wipe them away.

“How could you do this to me, Hex? After everything…how?” His plea was strained but audible. He hated sounding so weak and feeling so helpless.

For years she’d been his support…the only reason he was where he was today. She’d been the one to take him under her wing when he had no guidance or direction. And believed in him when he didn’t believe in himself. Now she’d changed. She’d placed her selfish, deluded dreams over innocent lives, over him and over their bond.

He clutched his head in his hands, continuing to cry quietly. Then he fisted a clump of hair in one hand in frustration. Kenna was right…the loss hurt more than he was willing to admit. He’d probably never fully share the extent of the pain with anyone. But it was nice to know at least she understood.

Even through his tormented thoughts, he knew he’d get through this just like every other tragedy he’d already faced. Each day it would hurt less until it was numbed out completely. But for now, he needed this moment to release only a little bit of what was inside. This was the only way he could regroup and help Kenna win this fight and get the revenge he now craved.

Eventually, exhaustion began to overtake him. He rose gingerly and limped to the nearby bed, finally collapsing onto the sheets when he’d reached the bedside. As his eyelids drifted shut, he saw the image of his ruined home and of Hex before he sent her falling into the pit. Her tear filled eyes and desperate plea haunted him then and probably would forever.

Then, with a weary sigh, he slipped away completely into fitful slumber.