upd8 fanfiction:

tge ectobabies r out and screaming

jake, holding one by the ankle: so, uhh. what the flabbergasting crikey is this?

jane: pardon my french but jake what the heck do you mean

jake: ???

jane: its a baby?

jake: ??????

jane: made with your and roxys genetic material?

jake: oh

jake: so uh.

jake: do you eat it???

deep concern from ever1 around.

dirk: jake i grew up in the middle of an ocean with only cheetos and ironically bad movies to sustain me and even i know that you DONT EAT BABIES literally What The Fuck

jake, trying 2 take a bite: lol sorry wut mate?

(5:50 pm // 29.02) Class notes are messy and not pretty at all so today I passed all my General Theory of the State notes onto my notebook. It looks much more organized and it’s easier to study.

In other news: I thought my bus was scheduled to leave at 5:10 pm but it left at 5:00 pm so now I need to get the 6:10 pm bus (which is okay because I only have my 9:00 pm class today)