They are obviously two different accounts cause they can like and ask each other and one of them role plays while the other doesn’t but…

When they get fanart they both freak out in the same way

Can you both just help me confirm one last time,

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Hey I'm I was wondering if I could borrow you PewDiePie Speed painting picture? I'm going to make a video about him with it supporting him. If I can't then that's perfectly fine. Thank you :3

Sure if you like xD just leave a credut in tge description xD

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I didn't realize that someone would die until like episode 5, but when I did, I knew it would be Han Sung, cuz he's tge only character every single person who's watching would like. And they are always the first/ the only ones to die. That dont mean it hurt any less

Tbh I didn’t expect Han Sung to die protecting Sun Woo. I was expecting him to die protecting Dan Se (or even Yeo Wool). It’s a very nice scene for V’s first time acting in a drama. I actually didn’t expect him to die at first. Knowing that he’s a new actor, I thought the writers wouldn’t give him such an emotionally intense scene for his first time. Then I remembered he shanked someone with a glass bottle in “I Need U”… Huh…

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Csethiro! Still figuring out the ~digital art~ thing, but I’m happy with this, at least. I have, uh, strong opinions about dress length in the elf lands and would happily write a post on that and probably will at some point? For the curious, the outfit depicted is my interpretation of this: “Dach’osmin Ceredin was austere and immaculate in pale green watered silk; cloisonné beads, crimson and gold, were wound through her hair and hanging from her ears.” I’d like to try drawing some of her other dresses as well; girl has a nice wardrobe!

(5:50 pm // 29.02) Class notes are messy and not pretty at all so today I passed all my General Theory of the State notes onto my notebook. It looks much more organized and it’s easier to study.

In other news: I thought my bus was scheduled to leave at 5:10 pm but it left at 5:00 pm so now I need to get the 6:10 pm bus (which is okay because I only have my 9:00 pm class today)

just saying if you believe

• ppl can use the lesbian label as a joke
• ppl can use the lesbian label when they are willingly and happily in a relationship w men/can happily be in a relationship w men
• the lesbian label means anything other than the exclusive interest btwn women and women aligned ppl to other women and women aligned people

ur a lesbophobe and Stay The Fuck Away From Me