Csethiro! Still figuring out the ~digital art~ thing, but I’m happy with this, at least. I have, uh, strong opinions about dress length in the elf lands and would happily write a post on that and probably will at some point? For the curious, the outfit depicted is my interpretation of this: “Dach’osmin Ceredin was austere and immaculate in pale green watered silk; cloisonné beads, crimson and gold, were wound through her hair and hanging from her ears.” I’d like to try drawing some of her other dresses as well; girl has a nice wardrobe!

(5:50 pm // 29.02) Class notes are messy and not pretty at all so today I passed all my General Theory of the State notes onto my notebook. It looks much more organized and it’s easier to study.

In other news: I thought my bus was scheduled to leave at 5:10 pm but it left at 5:00 pm so now I need to get the 6:10 pm bus (which is okay because I only have my 9:00 pm class today)