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tge great british bAKE OFF is literally just this british baking show?? a lot of ppl over here watch it.  this popular tumblr post pretty much summarises everything you need to know about it (like it says “British cooking competitions” but im p sure it’s referring exclusively to bake off). i’ll probably yell about it for a bit every single wednesday for the next two months (only a little tho pfjdt). 

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How is your dog?! It's so cute and tge white around its face tells me it must be pretty old. I love your dog

Yessss!! Lemme tell you about my dog :) her name is Anouka and she is very old but still a puppy! We got her from the spca so we arent exactly sure how old she is but shes at least 13-14! She has no teeth cause she had to get them all removed but it was for her own good cause they caused her so much pain and now shes so much happier without them but we gotta make her food special for her to be able to eat it lol! I love her so much :))

(5:50 pm // 29.02) Class notes are messy and not pretty at all so today I passed all my General Theory of the State notes onto my notebook. It looks much more organized and it’s easier to study.

In other news: I thought my bus was scheduled to leave at 5:10 pm but it left at 5:00 pm so now I need to get the 6:10 pm bus (which is okay because I only have my 9:00 pm class today)