Even though it’s been over a month after the Tonys, I’m still bitter about the results for Best Score

Dear Evan Hansen’s songs are fine but Great Comet infused different genres together to make an addicting, energetic and gorgeous score.  And to weave in the story and dialogue from the original novel with original lyrics to paint the settings, show the strengths and weaknesses of the characters and, overall, exhibiting their change throughout the show is astounding.  I mean, isn’t this why Hamilton won the award last year?  For being this innovative and risk-taking?  Or have we moved on from it?

[TRANS] 170721 HWASA’s Fancafe Reply to a High School MooMoo who is Having a Hard Time

You’ve gone through a lot. I wanted to speak comfortably to comfort you, but if I were to consider you as a dongsaeng, I would tell you to think of these emotions you’re feeling right now, the worries and pains, as a natural process that you must go through in order to become stronger.

If there are only good things in life, when you are faced with difficulties, you won’t be able to overcome it. Also, what I am saying right now might sadden you, but this is only the beginning. You might think that your most difficult times is during your third year in high school (T/N: when students need to take the college entrance exam), but after climbing over this mountain, you will actually see other mountains waiting for you. We all say to try to live, but why is the world so intense? hehe Am I right? You are bravely striving right now too.

If there is something you want to do, do it. Even if it might not come true, there will be something left that is worth trying your best to fulfill it. Of course, your parents’ opinions are important as well, but your judgement is entirely up to you. Although there will be responsibilities that come with it, you must bear with them yourself. This is something you must experience. Think of it as a growing tunnel that leads you to somewhere further. 

Problems with your family or friends, these normal friendship problems must have hurt you a lot. hehe For me as well, no matter how hard I tried to be loved by all, there were only a few [friends] who stayed behind~?? But I was sufficiently happy with my friends even when there were only a few of them!
These people are the ones who will run to you when you’re having a hard time until you die. I’m sure it will be the same for you. If you look closely, you will realize they are actually the people you treasure that you have forgotten. I sound like someone who has lived for 50 years kekekeke ^^

The difficult times only last for a while. There are no unfortunate people for life. The one who can make you unhappy is none other than yourself. The fact that you are not avoiding the situation, are hitting your head, worrying and in pain, to me you look awesome! You are a precious person! To me, the standard of life is myself. To you, the standard of life is yourself. 

Looks like I have written a lot.. though I am still inexperienced to give advice ^^
But even just for a bit, I hope you were able to cheer up. Whatever people say, you are still the best!

Trans by tgc. (@tgcnim)

the year is 2084. ben platt has won his fiftieth tony for starting as his own original character in the fourth falsettos revival. hamilton is now the longest running show on broadway. lin manuel miranda has written eight more musicals and starred in six of them. denee benton and andrew rannells are no longer robbed and they lounge amongst their twelve tony awards. nic rouleau is still somehow in the book of mormon as elder price on broadway.


“I love mess, mistakes, the fragility of live performance. I try to build productions that feel on the edge of spiraling into chaos at any moment, though in fact my work is profoundly controlled.” Rachel Chavkin, director of Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812.

The company of Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812 performs at the 71st Tony Awards.

hey look it’s your daily reminder that it costs $0 to be kind and respectful to broadway performers