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Kakoora, would you ever consider having kits again?

A wave of blood rushed into the cheeks of the Shadow Triber in response to the question spoken. His thoughts immediately went towards Zenobia, his one true love and current - hopefully last - romantic partner, and the fact that they had never properly talked about this topic before. However, there was something that kept him thinking. “Ah, that’s…” he began to say, before pausing again. “…I actually would love to have the chance again. I wasn’t the best father for my first litter, as I was far too young and inexperenced to take that responsibility, and so I regret not trying to keep everything alright back then. If I happen to get another chance, I would love to have it with the she-cat I love… And of course I would be more than happy for Aoba, Aiden, Khepri and Noiz to have younger siblings. I feel like they would be wonderful role models, as their connection as siblings among their own litter has always been strong, even if there are some differences that they still need to sort out…” The tom smiled, warm emotions streaming through his body at the thought of the cats he loved. “I believe they all love Zenobia as much as I do, and I also believe they would love to have her as step-mother… But if it wasn’t to happen, I would not blame her for that. I would want to stay with her regardless, and make my already existing family her own as much as I can.

“Unleash the myth living in your worst fears” - Alesana 

Lineart from a quick piece I’m doing of Zero \0/ I added colour and for some reason it looks better just as plain lineart than with colour?? So I wanted to upload just the lineart bit somewhere, because for once I actually like the lineart O: So he’s a tumblr exclusive Zero eue