Matlock Police Dept. and the Stolen bikes case

The last events at the Bike Shop had left Matlock´s population in a deep nevous breakdown.. What was next?? THE BANK? wait we dont have bank yet

As a consequence the whole Police Dept. quickly started looking for suspects at the scene of the crime with the help of a bait: a whole set of shiny new bikes.

In no time the first simmies started to arrive, some curious, some intrigued. But thre was a sim that soon catched their attention. The barista at The Good Breakfast (TGB), located close by.

(BUT WAIT! That is my simself!!?? WHAT? Is she the thief? I haven´t educated like that young lady!)

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The police started a close vigilance around this lady, who to be honest didn´t look like an evil mastermind

Time passed and it was late at night when the thief stroke again stealing ALL THE BICYCLES. However it was not Victoria the Barista, it was….

our beloved NRAAS! (talk about betrayal)

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