What I learned about Star Wars for the last 2 months (from tumblr):

- Padme is a Queen of the universe

- Skywalker women are cool 

- sand is the worst


- apparently “Leia and Luke are twins” traumatised whole generation

- Reylo shippers may suffer cause of it

- Matt the Radar Technician

- R2D2 and C3PO are a couple??? (if they are, their love story is even better than Anidala) 

-  Willrow Hood, aka Ice Cream Maker Man

-  Elan Sleazebaggano

-   Skippy the Jedi Droid

(- seriously, people)

- general Hux and his cat Milicent

- BB-8 is friendly shaped

- Anidala, Obikin, Skysolo, Reylo, Stormpilot, Kylux, Finnrey and so on

- running away on uncivilised planet after betrayal is old Jedi Master’s tradition


conclusion: being in a fandom is a crazy ride

New Linkshell: Tower Nerds

It’s a thing!

If you’re on Balmung and you want in, just drop me a line either here or in-game!

This isn’t a “weekly” event, it’s a linkshell for coordinating tower climbs whenever and with whomever you feel like.  Naturally I want this LS to be AS BIG AS IT CAN so that there’s a big pool of people to make tower climbs available as much as possible!

The whole point is to give everyone as many real opportunities to run LotA, ST, and WoD as possible, for ANY REASON, be it getting a new person through, fashion, nostalgia, lulz, weekly repeatable because screw grinding poetics this week, anything!

Yes, I know the whole “reddit does it on Sunday” thing but seriously not everyone has Sunday off or wants to run on Sunday, so here’s this!

And as anyone who knows me in game can attest to, I’m a slut for CT I fucking love CT.  (And I am constantly whining that raids should be more mechanical like that but hey I don’t write the game I just play it x: )

“Ngủ ngon” trong tiếng Trung là 晚安, phiên âm là wanan. Có lẽ cậu không biết, ý nghĩa của wanan chính là wo ai ni ai ni. Tớ thích cậu thích cậu.
—  Nhím Jung

Đến một độ tuổi nào đó, người ta chẳng thể làm gì khác hơn ngoài sự im lặng. Buồn bã cũng im lặng, hân hoan cũng im lặng. Thi thoảng, chỉ muốn ngồi ở một góc quán quen, thấy khổ hạnh nào rồi cũng nhẹ nhàng như mây trời. 

Cuộc đời cứ thế mà biên niên cô đơn…”