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#NJShutItDown Protest - Newark, NJ || December 10th, 2014

New Jersey college students collectively protested against police brutality and the systematic institution of racism. The Newark protests consisted of students from Rutgers Newark, Kean University, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Fairleigh Dickinson University, and Seton Hall University. Protestors chanted while marching their way through downtown Newark and staged a die-in.

This is only the beginning of the revolution.

If we don’t get it, SHUT IT DOWN!


Ladies & Gentlemen,
This is not your grandmother’s civil rights movement. This is our battle. This is not for games. This is not for jokes. We will SHUT. SHIT. DOWN! We not here for reform, we here for revolution. We want revolution of the mind.We want revolution of the soul. We want revolution of the body.

We. Are. Black. People. We have built this country up. We have worked. We have bled. We have put in our dues. This country took from us everything and has given us nothing. Not a goddamn thing. This is ridiculous. 500 years of this struggle. We just wanna be free. That’s all we want, is equality. Equality is a basic human right. Equality is a basic human right.

I’m not asking you for your car. I’m not asking you for your house or your money. I’m asking for constitutional changes. I’m asking for changes. Real changes. My grandchild will not be fighting this battle. It stops here. It stops here and they have killed too many of our leaders. Too many. So its time for us to all be leaders. They cannot kill us all. They cannot kill the idea.

As we are here, you have to fall in love with being Black. Fall in love with it. And its yours. You own it. You wear it, on your skin. Everyday. We are here because we are the new school. We’re gonna change things. Things are gonna change. And unless they hear us…

(They laughing) Who laughing? Who laughing? (Its a fucking joke to them. Don’t encourage it. They just laughing. They think we a fucking joke. They think we a joke. They think this is not real)

They think this is a game. They take y'all as a joke. They laughing at you. This is funny. This is funny. (Because we all stupid.)

College is the one thing that she hasn’t been able to experience that everybody her age pretty much has, and to some that’s a really big deal. She always knew that she wasn’t going to go to college. Some people are meant for it, and some people aren’t and I feel like I’m one of those that’s meant for it, but we can respect each other because she does things that I’ll never be able to do. So, it’s just like her taking me on tour with her, I’ll take her to college with me. So, I’m not surprised that she mentioned it really, because I know deep down she always wonders, you know, ‘What if I did do this instead of this?’
—  abiander, On showing taylorswift what college is like. (2009)