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Talia Winterborn wore a wedding gown, but she felt like she was going to her funeral.  Today, she was being sent as a sacrificial bride for Vayn the Dragon God - in hopes he would end the merciless heatwave devastating her country.

Vayn is cold, arrogant, and frighteningly beautiful.  It’s a mystery to all why he has chosen to lock himself away in his castle for the past decade, but Talia is determined to uncover his secrets.

However, that means playing at the politics of the Gods.  Casual treason and shameless backstabbing are common amongst the pantheon at the City of the Gods, and among the most ruthless is Kayn, Vayn’s twin brother.  Talia must choose her alliances carefully in this new world.

As threats loom around them, can Talia be any help to the Dragon God she was sent to marry?  Can a human make any difference in a world of Gods?  

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Life with his new alphas is like nothing Evan had ever dreamed possible. It’s just… wonderful. While Chad and Peter couldn’t be more different, they fit together perfectly. Chad is playful and exuberant - like an impulsive puppy - while Peter is stern, steadfast and always in control. They’re just what the other needs, and Evan slots into their relationship like a dream.

Can Evan’s future really be as bright as it seems?