thank you so much for 500 followers!! i’m not entirely sure what i’ve done to make you all follow this mess of a blog, but thank you for sticking around anyway!!

i thought, by way of thanks, i would do some moodboards/aesthetics!!


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- send me an ask with what type of moodboard/aesthetic you’d like. I’ll do;

* characters (although not tina + queenie because i’ve already done moodboards for them!!)

* ships

* colours/colour schemes

* hogwarts/ilvermorny houses

* wlw/lgbt

* general requests like glitter, pastel etc. etc. (if you ask for one of these, please say a colour/s as well!!)

((if you want a moodboard i haven’t mentioned then just ask about it, i will probably be able to do it but i’ve just forgotten it on this list!!))

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Messerschmitt Tg500 Tiger (1958)

Besides having one of the most complicated names to spell in car blogs, the Tg500 was one of the most interesting cars ever to be raced. It featured one extra wheel compared to its predecessors, so it could have the stability of, well, a car.

With 4 wheels and an eager 500cc 20bhp V2 engine, a transmission powering a rear-wheel (yes you read that correctly), it was capable of giving a hard time to big daddys such as the Morris Minor. Not that it’s a great thing to brag about, but it just did.