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Hello I have a question about your "acceptable and unacceptable" post about Tokyo ghoul. I'm new to the fandom. When you say that it's not okay to tweet spoilers at Ishida, what does that mean? He wrote it so I'm a bit lost.

Sure thing, Anon.

Here is the thing you need to remember:

What we are reading are Fan translations, done from pirated/stolen copies of the magazine Young Jump.

The week before the magazine goes onto stands, the copies are shipped to stores. This gives them time to get everything prepared, and is typical of any retail scenario.

So someone(s) get their hands on one of these copies of the magazine, and then sell it to people online. These groups then translate the chapter, edit it to have English text, and post it online.

Young Jump comes out every Thursday in Japan. That is the official release date.

So we are basically getting to read the chapter several days before the Japanese fans that purchase a copy of Young Jump. Ishida is aware that this is happening, and has only commented on it by essentially asking Western fans to RESPECT Japanese fans. If you send tweets to Ishida or Japanese fans about a new chapter, you are SPOILING THOSE THAT PURCHASE IT LEGALLY.

Ishida has explicitly stated more than once that he DOES NOT want this to happen.

So basically, it’s about being respectful. By tweeting Ishida about the chapter, people are doing two things are once that are shitty:

  1. Rubbing in Ishida’s face that they are reading a STOLEN copy of his work.
  2. Spoiling the fans that wait to purchase their copy legally.

Both of these things make Western fans look really bad.


Kaneki: I get cold easily and Hide is basically a human heater, so it’s nice…and it’s calming to hear him breathe, if that’s not weird…

Hide: Kaneki is like a little teddy bear, I love snuggling him to my chest! He’s the best human blanket you could ask for!

if u truly loved kaneki u would be happy that he finally found a place where he belongs too. he is happy with a person he loves. i didn’t know that it would be this hard for some people to accpet touken as a canon couple. just chill and stop ur hate. it’s pointless. ur salty, empty, hateful, pointless opinion wouldn’t change the fact that touka and kaneki are happy with each other. btw u can have a FRIEND and lover at the same time. stop creating anti touken blogs that realy is pathetic

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Hey! I think your thoughts on Hide make sense, I just feel like, if Hide is just an ordinary clever human, then why don't we know anything about his past? Compared to everyone, we know very little about him. I just find him sketchy. Doesn't have to mean he's from the Garden haha, and of course he wants to help Kaneki. I don't know, in chapter one, especially in the redraw, he acts very suspiciously. Especially after seeing Rize. Of course that's just my opinion xD.

We don’t know anything about Yoriko’s past or parents either. It might just be that they’re not relevant to the plot, and since Hide functions more as an extension of Kaneki’s character - the manifestation of his humanity - rather than as a proactive character in his own right (although he has been edging more towards this recently), they would kind of be unnecessary elements. We only meet Takizawa’s parents so that he can eat them later on, after all. 

I’m guessing the “Ghoul closest to you” was just a joke on Hide’s part. If he genuinely was hinting that he’s actually a Ghoul, then why would he risk his cover so recklessly? I think it was just meant to foreshadow the reverse scenario in Kaneki becoming a Ghoul, or else Hide’s future as a Half-Ghoul. I don’t really see the suspicious behaviour myself. I’ve heard people say he was trying to either encourage Kaneki to go with Rize or stop him from going with her, in both cases because he knows she’s a Ghoul. I think the former is disproved since Hide starts off by discouraging him, and the latter is disproved by Hide not being adamant on the subject and letting Kaneki do what he wants. He jokes around and then gives serious, friendly advice afterwards, just as Hide normally would.

In any case, it’s the original first chapter and not the redraw that is the true canon. We should definitely pay attention to hints in the redraw, but also keep in mind that it’s not the true version of events.

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About the blanket thing doesn't kinda look like kaneki is picking touka up at the start then places her on the Blanket? Like kaneki said they should rest so maybe there was already blanket in the room? idk just a thought.

Possibly? But it seems more like it’s Kaneki moving up to her lips and then positioning her onto the floor. I don’t really know why there would be a blanket in that room anyway, it seemed pretty stark and I can’t see one in the image below. 

I think Ishida would have made it more obvious if Kaneki was moving her onto a blanket in the room. As it is, I think it’s just symbolic.

luzzyfrit mentioned you on a post “so i have been rereading re and i noticed that urie was never super…”

The thing is, Saiko is the one who bully/tease Urie. There is a lot of this happened in Omake and Calendar. For example, she drew a depiction of Urie as hulk in her manga and put it on his room. The other example is she drew on Urie’s face with marker when he’s sleeping on the couch. That was from the Omake. Omake was known for showing characters interaction behind the main story, like their free time. @pseudocitrus

ohh, you’re right! until now, i hadn’t really thought of all of the instances of saiko “bullying” urie all together….that’s a really good point and kind of funny. i like the idea of saiko being pretty self-confident and immune to urie’s mean-ness — just another example of him really trying hard and not quite getting his intended result lmao.

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ayahina is so pure and healthy i some times wonder if this is even tokyo ghoul. i can't think of any r/s in tg which is as pure as them even hidekane has issues since kaneki left hide alone. ayahina is like a really sweet and supportive relationship. i hope they do get more things as well *prayer hands emoji*

I mean, not to say they don’t have any issues at all but I seriously do think they’re one of the healthier relationships in Tokyo Ghoul because they do genuinely care for one another and they present this in (relatively) normal and healthy ways. Sometimes I wonder if it was an intentional choice on Ishida’s part to have that one really pure relationship despite all his messed up and questionable ones and having it be Ayato and Hinami is really interesting because we all know how damaged they were and how young and immature they are as compared to the rest of the cast upon introduction. And this sweet, mutually-supportive relationship developed when they were in Aogiri, which is one of the most toxic environments in this series (eg. Eto and Tatara’s manipulation of Hinami and Ayato respectively). It’s like he’s trying to show that there’s hope for his characters despite all the shit that’s going true. Like they may be really troubled and questionable now but there is still a chance that they can find goodness in them and form meaningful relationships. I mean, if the kids can do it, why can’t the rest? 

I mean I know people say that it’s one-sided and all but it’s not. It’s mutual, honestly. Hinami and Ayato genuinely want each other to be happy and they try their best to do that, either through small acts like making coffee or big things like staging a prison-break, and like they’re always ready to jump to protect the other. And there’s a deep sense of trust– Hinami turns to Ayato to voice out and Ayato is there to support and listen to her when no one else is. And… Ayato… I mean the extents he’d go for her… Like idk what kind of canon relationship they have but whatever kind of friend/love/family thing they have is something I am really envious of.