tg's acting appriciation


- Little Hotch Moment: 6.07 Middle Man “vs LEO”

“It’s not a show.  It is your case.  You can watch from the outside.”

He is calm.  He is corrected.  He wears authority with grace.  He can make alfa males obey without yelling.

This encounter with the sheriff is interesting.  I couldn’t make it to GIFs, but if you watched the scene before the 1st GIF, you can see Hotch watched and listened the sheriff’s interaction with his subordinate.  Then he greeted the sheriff and listened what he had to say.   His face, was not the one of just waited and listened.  He was profiling the sheriff.  The way the sheriff handles his subordinate and the way he handles and talks about the case.  And he kept profiling the sheriff as they were talking.  I think this is the showcase of Hotch’s ability of handling people.  One of the evidences that why he is a great leader.  He profiles people as it goes and finds best way to approach and handle them in an instant.  And great thing about this is that I can actually see him profiling from TG’s facial expression.