Art Critic: the skull in the corner is artfully placed on the periphery of vision to symbolise the omnipresence of death, important thematically to the artist’s conception of life and mortality.

Actual Artist: aw shit, I got all this negative space, guess I’ll stick a skull there that looks pretty rad.




It starts with “Dad’s on a hunting trip and he hasn’t been home in a few days”, and then, you become part of the adventures of two brothers, a fallen angel, a grumpy old man and a car, getting to know the people that become part of their lives, from The Roadhouse, a badass nerd, a phophet and to the wayward girls. And suddenly, you become the invisible passenger of the Impala, and you fall in love with the show, the characters and the cast. And even though the show breaks your heart, it brings you an incredible joy, because for a moment, this show and these characters make you forget about the terrible aspects of your life and it makes you go on even when you don’t feel like it. You find a place where you finally belong, a place where there are more people like you and for once, life doesn’t seem so scary anymore. And yeah, these characters don’t exist, and I will probably never meet the amazing cast of this show because I’m broke, or the people I met on the internet thanks to this show, but it’s still there. I’m part of this and we have built this. And the best of all is that I found my family. Happy Supernatural day.

I literally feel like Molly Weasley at the end of every episode.

“Dean, Sam, I cannot BELIEVE you went after Amara unprepared like that. You could’ve died! … Castiel, how wonderful to see you dear! … Lying to each other again, letting Crowley and Amara both go free? … Of course, I don’t blame you, Cas.”

season 12: a concept

mary follows dean back to the bunker as he bounces around showing off all the cool stuff. mom lookit we got books and cursed objects and magical weapons and honestly i really only know what about half of this stuff does so maybe don’t touch anything. god sat in that armchair btw. come see my room!!! 

there’s an emotional moment where mary laments over the fact that dean and sam ended up becoming hunters even though that’s what she never wanted for them. but then castiel shows up on foot, frantic and windswept. before he can get a word out he and dean have to embrace emotionally and do that whole ‘i thought you were dead’ routine. mary butts in for a second to hug cas as well - turns out he’s been coming to visit her every thursday up in heaven to play bridge and keep her company and they’re actually very good friends. dean is ???? and mary mothers the heck out of both of them.

castiel explains about some lady abducting sam and dean, of course, panics. mary suggests a roadtrip search-and-rescue. she’s gonna get her baby back, yes siree. dean regretfully informs her that sam has his keys and a roadtrip is out of the question. castiel looks at him hopefully. ‘we could take my car,’ he suggests. dean whines all the way to the garage.

mary rides shotgun. cas introduces her to his rap cd collection. she digs it. dean picks at the upholstery and grumbles a lot.