So I read Enrapture, and honestly, I really enjoy it! It has its moment’s and honestly, it keeps a good pace going through the chapters!

I totally recommend reading it, be warned tho, it’s actually a Paper hat story!

I use to like paper hat, but now I just think the whole crew as one big weird family. but some of these are still cute to read!

This part occurred in Chapter 7, and I honestly laughed so hard at this.
This was the most dedicated thing I’ve ever worked on.

Thank you so much  @cambionnation for making the story and I would love to read more in the future

Edit: So, uh. I did a dumb and I totally forgot to link the story! I really thought I did. until someone mentioned it. (o-o;;) So I’m so so so sorry! 

Heres the link to the first chapter: