ya know

i always wondered if optimus had kept his s1 and s2 look before being buff during s3 and ultra magnus was at the same height with him

i mean

they literally have the same type of body (other than the chest, shoulder pads and head) but i wonder if magnus ever felt like he expected to be the same height as OP like “yes i’m big now i can finally be intimidating and stuff” but nooooo 

OP had to get even bigger and i can just see magnus thinking “goddamnit prime you had to die”

you can even see he mentions “you’re looking…robust” (other words - yOU JUST HAD TO GET BIGGER)

idk the height difference he probably thought he was gonna get over is pretty hilarious


So many Magnus! (and yet there are still a ton I don’t have)

MP-22: Masterpiece Ultra Magnus, shown with, from left to right in the top pic, FansProject City Commander (3P), Robot Heroes (on MP’s shoulder), TFP Voyager, Generations Takara release ,TFP Cyberverse Commander, Beast Hunters Voyager, First 4 Figures SD #493/500, and my custom built MTMTE and Fluffbot versions just because. 

Bonus comparison shots with City Commander, and teeny little robot hero Magnus.