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it was knockout

Morning Breakfast
  • Bee - gets to the table and sits down but is half asleep eating
  • Bulkhead - gets to the table but passed out
  • Optimus - gets to the table limping
  • Arcee - quickly eats and leaves
  • Ratchet - makes sure he has his morning coffee before talking
  • Megatron - takes food and goes back to his room to eat
  • Soundwave - doesn't eat
  • KO - walks in saying that he's fucking perfect and shit
  • Starscream - locked in bedroom
  • Breakdown - fixes KO's paint while eating

anonymous asked:

I just saw Bird's ask about robots doing seasonal things... and I know you like gardens... can we please get some headcanons for MTMTE Ratchet, TFP Bee, and MTMTE Whirl doing some gardening with their s/o...

holy fuck yes this is my life, robots doing human things yes good SUMMER GARDENS  [@letsdiscussrobots​ this might be of significance to you]

Ratchet (MTMTE), Bumblebee (TFP), Whirl (MTMTE) (Mass-displaced)

  • Ratchet would love being outside with you in the warmth and sunshine. After being crammed on various ships for so long floating through space, it was nice to have his feet on the ground that wasn’t influenced by artificial gravity generators. He likes looking at all the bright colours of your garden’s blooms, asking you which are which so that he can learn about them more. He sits in the grass next to you, watching you pick some vegetables off of their vines so that you two can make a salad later! Ratchet is surprisingly calm and quiet and he realizes with a start that he… really doesn’t want to go back to the Lost Light. At least, not right now.

  • He starts measuring around your head and then asks you if he can pick some flowers. You give him permission, so he plucks up complimentary colours and weaves them together with lightning speed and accuracy, the swiftness of medic hands giving rise to perfect flower crowns. He perches it atop your head and beams at you, stunning you with how bright his smile was. He kisses you gently on the lips and helps bring you back to your senses… Right, you two were picking vegetables. Right.

  • Bumblebee would have the absolute best time with you. He’s just so stricken by all of the colours and life that this world has, it never fails to impress him at how much beauty exists on Earth. He’s already whirring and beeping at all of the pretty blooms he sees even though you two have only been outside for a few minutes. In the sunlight, Bee’s armour glows and it’s almost painful to look at, but the bees that fly around and inspect him seem to think otherwise. Bumblebee makes buzzing noises to imitate the sounds of the bees’ wings, optics spiraling excitedly to focus on the ones close to his face. He’d forgotten all about the garden at this point.

  • After becoming accustomed to the insects still buzzing around him, Bumblebee is actually extremely interested in what it was that you were doing. Harvesting? He’d never been given the chance to do that on Cybertron…! So he’s excited to help out. If you watch him, you’d notice that sometimes, when Bee finds a really good patch of crops to pick, his doorwings flutter and he lets out a string of happy beeps. You two have plucked the garden dry by the end of the day, with enough ingredients to make salads to feed the neighbourhood.

  • Whirl, though protesting the idea from the get-go, actually relaxes as he sets his sights upon your garden. He sees the insects and the stunning colours and the bright blue sky and even though he was overwhelmed a little bit at first, he comes to actually enjoy it. While you started harvesting foodstuffs, Whirl wandered off and got busy tending to the flowers and bushes. His claws proved to be effective as shears and he did two times the amount of work that you could in half the time with your own tools…! To Whirl, the intricacy of tending to flowers reminded him greatly of the skill and attention it took to make watches back in his pre-Empurata days. It made him… a little bit upset to think about, but it was okay. He was okay. Here, with you, right now, doing something that has made him happier than he’s been in a long time… it felt good.

  • By the time you’re done picking out the crops, Whirl had gone to pluck weeds. He turned the soil and tilled everything, revealing the black earthy dirt beneath it. You’d gone over to help and plant the new and delicate seeds in the moist ground while Whirl continued his work around the expanse of the garden. He wasn’t saying much of anything at all, and at one point he froze completely. You looked over at him, a little bit worried. There, crouching beside a rose bush, you saw him staring right down at a bird that had landed on one of the prongs protruding from the rim of his helm. He blinked and greeted it with a quiet “Hello.”