“The team was so frustrated. I came back into the pits and they expected me to just be throwing my helmet across the room because that’s what they wanted to do. For me, my response was ‘I need to see the footage. I need to know. I need to learn the lesson and figure out how not to do it next time.’ " 

Talking about getting T-boned by a competitor. (Life in The Foust Lane Ep 6 ‘Smoking Tires & Baguettes’)


“Heading into round two of the ERC leading the championship points means that you are on a lot of the posters, and it means you are the guy with the target. Everybody is kind of stopping by your pit, checking out your car, trying to learn what lessons you may have learned and trying to find out why you are fast. Because as an American driver they definitely don’t think it’s your driving.”

Life in The Foust Lane Ep 6 ‘Smoking Tires & Baguettes’